Come here my Pretty (Prose)


he melts into obscurity, holds
knife close to his chest
have you eyed the devil
moments rational or crapulous
he slices

hearts from breast
kidneys laid bare
alluding to be one of us
licking lips savouring
the next victim that he hunts

misty early mornings
blackened night
in alleyways
deleterious his intent
he haunts the weak, the frail

exposing wounds, but not himself
eyes wide open, disemboweled
calculating lust and slaughter
heart beat quickens with his blade

popping sinews a surgeons skill
wets his appetite
obsession for the frightened
beware the devil you can’t see
he could be anyone you know

… even me

©jmtacken Feb 2014

Shared with  Prompt 43 Supernatural Lust    I chose serial killers.

Some people experience an amplified lust for life (some times it’s drug or mania-induced sometimes it comes from a more internal/innocuous source)

Hypersexuality, Zeus and his sexual conquests, Bacchanalia, Vampires and blood lust, The sick twisted lust of serial killers


Patience crazy – I have not (Not for the serious poetry readers)


impatient ~
yes I am ~
I am said I
~ I am
queues/irritate/must you pay in coins??
some of us have things to do/oh yes I’m so annoyed
hanging on the phone/my body now gets restless
listening to your greensleeves/gawd have mercy on us
I mean seriously/do you think this is worthwhile??
it’s out of date you know/and if you could see my expression
well it certainly ain’t a smile
dinner guests/who clearly/cannot read the time
yes I did say seven/now it’s bloody nine!
waiting for most anything/gets me really wild
bumper to bumper/freeways
what the hell’s with that/what’s the point of
calling it/something it’s clearly not!!
doctor’s appointments/my blood boils
oh what we have a life/somewhere else to be??
our times is not as precious/as those we’ve
come to see??
conversations that drag on too long
can’t you see my eyes glaze over/I know you think it’s
important honey/but I think my life is over
instructions/do it like this/no it’s fine like this you say
no it’s not/just hurry up/I haven’t got all day
trams/buses/trains/any public transport that you choose
standing in revolting weather/what time table do they use??
don’t get me started on that coloured wheel
when my MAC decides to freeze/or when WP has a hissy fit
and kicks me out when it so pleases
I want it now/NOW I WANT
I wont wait a minute more
stop thinking all you semiconductors
and you wired little diodes
I have to write/and you stop me dead/in my tracks
yay for whiz bang computers/if you were in my employ
you’d surely get the sack
writing/yes that must be right/but my inner muse
says NO/tis a constant battle/as at times/she’s awful slow
how it does get up my nose
maybe I should chill a little
to stop and smell the rose

©jmtacken Jan 2014

A whimsical look at my impatience, I possibly could have gone on, but I didn’t have the patience to write anymore.  🙂

Shared with Day 41 ‘Consuming Impatience’

I remain your puppet (Prose)


If I focus on my environment
I hear glass shatter
never broken window panes
behind closed doors
off narrow hallways
silent hues of amber
and dark red
the frailty of me

I remain

I could run
vanish from my sanctuary
desensitise encounters
but my mind a web
of gnarled branches

I remain

My path
a narrow road that bends
sharp against the
sheer rock face
edges crumble downwards
as do I
my fate solidified
hoarse voice that screams
no more

I remain

I stay secluded
I stay quiet
wait till voices pass
watch the woods
hold on to what I know is real
adults teach their children
what have I been taught

I remain

©jmtacken Jan 2014


As my brain could only work once this evening I wrote the above which I share with Angela at – Visdare

and the team at DVerse OpenLinkNight of D’verse Poets Pub

Sheer Wonder ~ of You (Prose)

protected cocooned

within soft fluid

I held you

dreaming dreams floating

circling in the space

you held your own

to do with as you pleased

attached only by umbilical

gravity unknown

no centre universe

attracting you to earth

content to linger

till your time came

my hand held across my belly

felt you squirm and roll

punch and kick

watching as my skin popped

a visible sign of you

and there you were

through pain and squirming

of my own

bringing you to the world

saying my first hello

cradling you in my arms

kissing every inch of you

I will protect you

I  can’t cocoon you

I would give my life to save yours

my sheer wonder

my girl/s

©jmtacken Jan 26th 2014


Daughter # 2 Kayla

EPSON scanner image

Daughter # 1 Beck and her husband Eug

Shared with –  Prompt 40

Writing anything on – Sheer Wonder

come here ~ go away (Prose)


be gone with ye

words that steal my slumber

as I lay my weary head

be gone with ye

images and visions

what you ask of me

be gone with ye

I cast you out

my mind needs to be a blank

consumed by you


I must say this or that


be gone with ye

so I may rest


days, weeks pass

writing has been blocked

my muse has wandered off

words where for art thou?

I’m distraught

inspiration do not forsake me


I cannot sleep!!



….oh ye

are you there?


This is shared with the wonderful folk at

 dVerse Poetics   ‘On the other hand’ – one of the examples given by Mary is

How about poetry?  Are there two sides of that coin in your life?  Is it both a blessing and a curse sometime?

A lighter side of the trauma us poets experience.

A Calling


how I have grown to know them
the short hours that we had
questions asked

the one they lost
my heart goes out to them

as with each I’m nervous
wanting to portray
the essence of their loved one

on this ~ their saddest day

music plays
shuffling feet ‘cross carpet quiet
seats slowly fill

eyes that dart
silent nods
a quiet hallow place

hugs to those who mourn
I wait

walk slowly to the coffin
I bow my head


music stops
a quiet hush
I’m watched

breathe uncontrolled

sea of faces before me
family in front
eyes red rimmed with tears

tissues held in laps

I begin, glancing at my notes
watch forlorn faces
relax, begin to smile

heart beat slows
regular rhythm
I am at ease now

speakers stand
who cry and cannot speak
a gentle hand on theirs

It’s okay I whisper ~ I will finish

I clap for the strength
that they have shown
as others do

they aren’t alone

poems read
prayers sometime follow

I ask voices to be heard
sing out loud to the song
as photos viewed

hands sometimes held
broken and clear
they sing for the loved one
they held dear

with great reverence and love

we commit the body of….

may your grief be liberated

we farewell you now…

as you take your leave from us

life, like the curtain closes…

my words are read
hugs are received

thank you for the beautiful Service
thank you  ~ for what you’ve done

smiles exchanged
hands are held
my pleasure
you are welcome

how I love what I do

©jmtacken Jan 2014


The above is photo of where I have conducted 5 of my Services.

Story telling for

asylum (Prose)


imprisoned, boundaries held strong
I was weak
or so they said
a past i can’t forget
I walked these halls

I crave the life
the taste of chocolate on my tongue
cloistered in a world I wanted
not one they thought I needed

shackled to ensure complacency
battling inner thoughts
succumbing to taunts
of those who glared and sat alone

my every move watched
‘guards’ patrolled the halls in pairs
noses turned down to the likes of us

I knew who I was, yet did not
tears spilt on linoleum
nails scratched walls
digging deep
willing my escape

waiting for release
“God I screamed if you exist”
how much can I stand
cease the pain inflicted

rubber forced into my mouth
volts that surged, my body jolts
left in comatose like state
passages of time not clear

save me
let me breathe
vacant eyes
no one visits
enslaved to persecution

pushed shoved at their discretion
my footsteps slow
across the floor
jacket buckled at the back
give me courage

I tried
I did
succumbed to those
who forced the pills
they killed me in the end
inside unhallowed corridors

©JMTacken jan 2014

Shared with  Prompt 39 – Unwanted Reality


This piece was produced with the help of Brian Miller who runs in conjunction with others Dverse. Thank you Brian for your guidance, support and encouragement.

One,Ein,Un,Uno,Een,Um….First (Prose)

the first time I made love/erm
NO hell ~ not love
Sex~young/disjointed hmmm kisses ~ yes
you will love me afterwards???
~ who was I kidding
behind the shelter sheds/- a teenager
that’s all I’ll say/ I won’t reveal my age

the first time I hitchhiked ? dangerous~
girlfriend and I thumbs up to the sky
travelled far that day
Until a ‘coupla’ lads ~ deviated behind some trees
tried to/Well you know – we were just kids~
we escaped and ran away

the first time I left home?
Yes there was more than one time
I thought that I could make it on my own
bah-boom ~ only to return

the first time I drove a CAr ~ red it was
the colour hot & fast
I drove up to our hills not far from here
and just ~ well sat

the first time I was MArried – no it’s
only been the once ~ it lasted 19 years
gave me my girls~ made me a mum

the first time I gave birth/ ARGH!
you must be KIDDING me ~ give me an epidural
can’t you see the pain I’m in??

the first time I fell really in LOve
many many times-
Ech/ Lust or love hmm scratches
head – CRap too many rhymes

the first time I found my soul mate
yep Mr. S you know him by
my rock~ my everlasting
hmm his kisses in the night

the first time I sold a book/OK
so it’s not the paper kind
~ the SP type electronic
but it simply blew my mind

the first time I started ‘blogging’
I still HAte that word so much
scared of what would be said
now I’m **ADDIC-A-TED**

the first time I conducted a Service
for the bereaved family
/I knew I found my calling
my life mapped out for me

First times that I have had a broken heart – a blade twisting in my gut
First times of shedding tears over loving WAY too much
First times for knowing my life was going to change
First times of seeing my elderly parents – knowing nothing would be the same

Many many 1st times – some good & not this is for MLM’s Prompt simply about Firsts.

Nature Kills (Prose)


Nature Versus Man

Boats battling treacherous seas
wheels held within blistered hands
Tornados lash fury against the homes
windows, doors battened down
Droughts parch sunburnt lips
cries for water, to quench the thirst

Fires eating up their path
trapping those that can’t escape
Tsunamis rise like devils hands
consuming all ~ the aftermath
Earthquakes split the ground in two
lives fall through the open cracks

Avalanche gains momentum
suffocating those who ski
Volcano gases, lava erupts
burning all that lie beneath
With all that nature does provide

….man still insists on killing man…

©jmtacken Dec 2013

For Mind Love Misery’s Prompt this week – The Outline – You can take that to mean man versus his own nature or man versus the wild. While this prompt could easily illicit a serious intellectual/emotional discussion about man’s destruction of the environment and the need for conservation I believe it could also lend itself to comedy. Have you ever had an interaction with a wild animal? Ever been camping? Hiking? Skinny dipping in what you assumed to be a private lake? As always I leave the interpretation of the prompt to your imagination.

Photo Credit

To return – only to escape (Prose)


the door prizes open, no knock or key required

no permission needed to go inside

sweet goodness

chocolate the significant

in her children’s world

memories of her childhood

a mother’s offering

frozen mornings, bleary eyed as they rise

as she sits,  the porcelain cup of her sweet

goodness held gently in her hands

unnoticed pool of tears

they the most important, yet she daydreams

the Mock Turtle on her wooden kitchen chair

presents not forthcoming the day the last door opens

she struggles

perhaps the rabbit hole, escape

her door to fantasy

gifts under sweet smelling pine

as it use to be

©jmtacken Dec 2013

I have decided to encompass both suggestions – and I hope it works. Advent Calendar leads the way….

For dVerse The Callenge from Claudia       so… it’s your choice… you can either write a pre-christmas Advent poem… preparation… tradition…decoration… share your Advent story with us or even give the christmas decoration a voice

or… write an Alice in Wonderland poem… about her, one of the characters or in the style of it.. off-beat conversations.. poems which tell a wondrous story… let’s fly a bit… smiles