Sizzzzzzzlin’ (Prose to Music)


un-button that shirt
see your sweat drip down
ya bodies hot
kick ya shoes off now
let it all out
shake it all a~round

let me swoon
show those sizzlin’ abs
I want some flesh
there is no doubt
…….you have
~ so come over here

give it to me ~ give it to me
come on o~ver

don’t be shy
I will not hurt
you’re my kinda guy
and I’m just a flirt

wadda ya
wadda ya
wadda say ~
give it to me
hey  hey 😉

let ~ me see your pecs
let ~ me see your ‘V’
I can’t control
myself right now
I’m sw~oon~in’ b~ad

your body’s hot
the heat I have
we’ll set this room on fire
we can
we’re good
we’re right
we’re made
get ~ get
get ya’self here!!!!!

©jmtacken Feb 2014

Sharing with  Gay has set the challenge to write song lyrics. For those who can’t play the music it’s set to The Stripper.

I started serious – with Moon River and ended up with this. I can’t stop laughing..hope you enjoy ..oh and thanks for Michael  for kick starting me. 😉

images..just coz I got in the mood….and thankfully a little more lifted than yesterday’s.

Train Ride (Prose with Music)

hands held
leather handles of bags well worn
weight heavy, as my heart
I stood helpless glancing towards
mountains, close as you
to touch
bitter cold
no words forthcoming
we held glances
on the empty platform

waiting for the train
time suspended, tears were shed
how far was it you’re goin’
till you reach your destination
call me, can you ~ will you
tell me if your happy
found your way

I’ll be here should you return
if home is where you’d rather be
you want to find yourself ~ you said
will I lose you if you do
a train pulls in
a last embrace
a tender kiss
doors close
my heart held silent
begging you
to stay

©jmtacken Jan 2014

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Over & Over again (Prose)


we repeat
tasks not learned
the first time
the try again
we repeat
love that bites
the first time
the try again
we repeat
parents lessons
the first time
the try again
we repeat
making mistakes
the first time
the try again
we repeat
cruel remarks
the first time
the try again
we repeat
going to war
the first time
we repeat
spilling blood
the first time
we repeat
cruelty to animals
we repeat
destroying the earth
we repeat
not watching
and a five year old
close to home
lost his life today
let’s not repeat
R.I.P little one.

©jmtacken Jan 2014

Shared with      dVerse Poets Pub

ManicDdaily  has us using repitition. I was a little tired tonight, but this is my submission.

we disappeared


right hip swung out, be/tween stove and stainless sink
she wipes the tear that rides her bottom eye-lash navigating her jaw line
perhaps the onions/perhaps not, rut cycle, clothes in the machine begin theirs
the timer shrills, oven is hot, grabs the carcass (poor thing) wishes she was vegetarian
hot meal on table by six thirty daily/routine never changes,longing for summer rays, salads, she casts her mind to crisp lettuce leaves grown from earth/not a pulse or breathing to be sliced and diced – door opens/wipes her hands, checks the clock, takes a breath/puts on the smile, footsteps, briefcase slammed down/hi-hi/bedroom,change of clothes/another ritual, same old same old, how was your day, asked if she cares – she really doesn’t any longer, swearing/footsteps/how was your… that incompetent Frank/her eyes glaze, for a moment her mind retraces the yesterday’s, the kisses/ her face cupped within his hands, compliments – both said it wouldn’t happen/both promised, but it appeared before either knew/took the time to change/stop the process of the spiral, oven hot/she remembers when his leg locked around hers/dipped her – tango style and told her she was

©jmtacken Jan 2014

For Sam’s ‘last post’ at  we were asked to write a prose poem, my attempt with a nudge and a poke from the fab B.Miller.

I remain your puppet (Prose)


If I focus on my environment
I hear glass shatter
never broken window panes
behind closed doors
off narrow hallways
silent hues of amber
and dark red
the frailty of me

I remain

I could run
vanish from my sanctuary
desensitise encounters
but my mind a web
of gnarled branches

I remain

My path
a narrow road that bends
sharp against the
sheer rock face
edges crumble downwards
as do I
my fate solidified
hoarse voice that screams
no more

I remain

I stay secluded
I stay quiet
wait till voices pass
watch the woods
hold on to what I know is real
adults teach their children
what have I been taught

I remain

©jmtacken Jan 2014


As my brain could only work once this evening I wrote the above which I share with Angela at – Visdare

and the team at DVerse OpenLinkNight of D’verse Poets Pub

come here ~ go away (Prose)


be gone with ye

words that steal my slumber

as I lay my weary head

be gone with ye

images and visions

what you ask of me

be gone with ye

I cast you out

my mind needs to be a blank

consumed by you


I must say this or that


be gone with ye

so I may rest


days, weeks pass

writing has been blocked

my muse has wandered off

words where for art thou?

I’m distraught

inspiration do not forsake me


I cannot sleep!!



….oh ye

are you there?


This is shared with the wonderful folk at

 dVerse Poetics   ‘On the other hand’ – one of the examples given by Mary is

How about poetry?  Are there two sides of that coin in your life?  Is it both a blessing and a curse sometime?

A lighter side of the trauma us poets experience.

A Calling


how I have grown to know them
the short hours that we had
questions asked

the one they lost
my heart goes out to them

as with each I’m nervous
wanting to portray
the essence of their loved one

on this ~ their saddest day

music plays
shuffling feet ‘cross carpet quiet
seats slowly fill

eyes that dart
silent nods
a quiet hallow place

hugs to those who mourn
I wait

walk slowly to the coffin
I bow my head


music stops
a quiet hush
I’m watched

breathe uncontrolled

sea of faces before me
family in front
eyes red rimmed with tears

tissues held in laps

I begin, glancing at my notes
watch forlorn faces
relax, begin to smile

heart beat slows
regular rhythm
I am at ease now

speakers stand
who cry and cannot speak
a gentle hand on theirs

It’s okay I whisper ~ I will finish

I clap for the strength
that they have shown
as others do

they aren’t alone

poems read
prayers sometime follow

I ask voices to be heard
sing out loud to the song
as photos viewed

hands sometimes held
broken and clear
they sing for the loved one
they held dear

with great reverence and love

we commit the body of….

may your grief be liberated

we farewell you now…

as you take your leave from us

life, like the curtain closes…

my words are read
hugs are received

thank you for the beautiful Service
thank you  ~ for what you’ve done

smiles exchanged
hands are held
my pleasure
you are welcome

how I love what I do

©jmtacken Jan 2014


The above is photo of where I have conducted 5 of my Services.

Story telling for

Unwanted Rivulets (Prose)

women sweating

Like a mouthful of
dried crackers
heat builds
glasses of
liquid cold

soak me
like a baptism
appreciate my hemispheres
languishing now

those who shiver
us who scorch
sun burn our pale skins

I melt under an
Australian sun
my relief
to bathe with you
in waters cool
you are my escape

I deliquesce as
hot winds
brush my skin
I invite the chill
eddy of icy winds

my body in beads
trickle down my throat
delivering me
from the battle
I must accept

Shared with   Victoria has set the challenge Banish Boredom: Rx: Verbs!

Please pop in and read some brilliant poets or get your fingers to the keyboard and join in 🙂


Where do we go from here (Prose)


Blood dried under nails coagulated
as my heart ~ for whispers of love
have egressed from inside these walls

once there was laughter, merriment
they eroded like sand, passing through
the hour glass of our nightmare, grain by grain

a time our love was made on rugs, tables
lust for bodies, desires that ached
thirst that could not be quenched

times change, people change, we have
you and I, forgotten who we were, lost
spoken words not of yearning but of despise

and we let it, with our private rationale
nights shoulder to shoulder, silence
is what broke us, neither knowing how to mend

neither conscious if we should, who was to blame
be accountable to sew up the pieces of what we had
we let it unravel, stitch by stitch

blood that stains my fingers, the scratches
on your face, as you yelled that you were leaving
that someone else now has my place

I won't fight any longer, my resolve, I have none
I've grown weak but gained more strength
knowing this is not the life I chose, nor the life I want


For D’verse Poets Pub – OpenLinkNight
They are back!!!

Lighting My Way (Prose for Dverse)


“I am growing weaker, my time is coming to an end, please will you light a candle, when it’s time to leave this earth”

“I will light a candle I promise – one of thousands”

“Help me find my way – so I won’t be lost, I am frightened of the journey I face ~ please tell me I’ll be safe”

“Please do not be scared, I know you are ~ I will guide you, with my candles, with the light, they’ll brightly burn,  through this night and every other day and I promise, I’ll keep them burning, till you are safe and without pain”

“One shall be lit on your Birthday and at Christmas time, to symbolise my love for you, as a remembrance of your life”

“I will seek out the glowing flame, I promise, from wherever I may be, smiling and sending love to you, for you remembering me”

“Do you think I could forget you, you are a part of me, the candle flame is as much for you, as it is for me”

“I’m ready now to journey, light it now so I may see, my tired eyes will watch the glow ~ till they finally close”

As I light the wick, my head turns away from you, just for a brief moment as my strength diminishes and tears run down my cheek. The flame burns bright, the dark so silent, closes in, I hold your hand, to comfort you, but your eyes have closed and you are gone.

©jmtacken Dec 2013

For the fabulous Dverse – The Pub – I have chosen a ‘significance’ of candle lighting ~ perhaps not to cheery for this time of year ~ but it is where my muse took me.

For this prompt, the lovely Mary has asked us to write about:

–’lights’ or ‘candles,’ either their significance for you in regard to holiday celebrations or their uses in a secular way.
–the stars, moon, sun which provide our natural ‘lighting’ at this time of the year.
–winter solstice — the shortest day of the year, the day we most need additional light.
– the light of the world, however and wherever you find it during this darkest (in Northern Hemisphere anyway) few weeks of the year.

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