What occurs when night takes it’s stranghold on the world
In the early hours as rain is constant unrelenting
As coldness forms a barrier on once a lightened day
How many are awake I ponder as sleep evades
Are they warm and comforted under cotton sheets
Or lie on concrete with cardboard to protect
Are their mothers waking to feed their young
Animals huddle amongst barren trees
Who dies tonight who lives who cries as new life enters
I stand listening as it hits the perspex
The outside light shines from the house next door
And the rain falls in patterns heavier at times
No reasoning clouds are joined as one
I drink warm cocoa knowing others are cold
Not asleep yet not fully awake as the hour clicks to morning
Rain I hear you yet I cannot see you only if I look towards the light
You drown the earth giving it sustenance
The drain pipes echo as you cascade down
Many thoughts as sleep evades I listen
And wait for a new day to arrive

Mr S and I escaped the cold of Melbourne

To come here to Palm Cove. A three and a half hour plane trip up North. Leaving 8 deg C this morning  arriving in 28 deg C this afternoon.  We are away for 10 ten days. (Phoning my penguins each day to check on them).

Possibly won’t get to that ‘back story’ to Down By the River for a wee while…

The mountain is the view from our front door. The sail covered pool in the grounds at the back.

The mountain is the view from our front door. The sail covered pool in the grounds at the back.



A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. ~Robert Orben

How did you celebrate ? Chat time

Here I sit 11:00 pm on the first day of 2015.

I woke okay as did the girls (2 of my girlfriends) and Mr. S.

Our celebration began with watching some TV and the countdown to 12, watching the fireworks over and on Sydney Harbour Bridge. As we drew to the last minute, out came the sparklers, which we struggled to light in time! The sparklers though not having the same panache as the fireworks, at least didn’t scare the poor pets around us in neighbouring homes.

While I’m on this subject pet owners, if you haven’t learnt that you need to take measures to ensure your pets are safe and protected whilst fire crackers are raging around them, then please take note!

Whilst the four of us (yes the party was booming) waved our sparklers on the decking we counted down the last ten seconds.
Then it was kisses and hugs and messages of let’s hope for a better year.

Back inside, the coffee table spread with food and bottles of champagne and sparkling strawberry wine, we decided we wanted to sing. Our new TV is a smart TV, where we can watch youtubes and the Internet. So it was … Yes you guessed it KARAOKE TIME!

We all took turns in choosing songs to raise our voices too and there were some hilarious choices made, but there were also some emotional choices and not seeing my girls that night, got me teary.

We sang, we laughed, we ate, we sang some more, till our voices were croaky and our throats hoarse. Checking the time it was 4:30am.

I haven’t stayed up till that hour since I was a teenager.

This morning I got up and cooked bacon and eggs on the BBQ for everyone, as each bedroom door opened and 3 bodies with tired eyes sat down for their first breakfast of the year, there were smiles and “What a great night…morning”.

I hope you all had a wonderful celebration as did we.




How could sips from a glass change the way they felt
holding eye contact, longer than a passing glance
The wine chilled, the heat between them obvious
he with lashes longer than hers
her eyes more emerald than the gem itself

The attraction of first love
one without the other could disappear
and letting go too hard to bare
How we lose ourselves in romance
standing alone, the other gives us strength
so intense in what they feel

Let that feeling remain throughout the years
a blanket that is wrapped around
till only one heart beat is heard
As their fingertips touch cottoned sheets
bringing memories of first meeting
and their kiss goodnight.

Copyright JMTacken 31.12.2014

Morning time


the world stirs
light pushes towards earth
eyes blink
closed from longs night sleep
all that were settled stretch
branches open wide
their feathered dwellers
cry the morning song
flying off from nestled homes

I could have written of the darkness
as I saw it
in so many hours past
digital click to warn me of the
minutes passing by
of life

eyes that wish to close
yet drawn to nature wakening
the sounds, the calls
bringing rhythmic pulses to the air

and nothing changes
night to day
sleep or not
with memories of yesterday
thoughts of tomorrow
we start again
the day is what we make of it

copyright JMTacken 28.12.2014

Christmas countdown

Less than 7 weeks till Christmas.
There I said it.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news..
Are you organised?

Have you
started dragging your bottom around the shops for those must grab bargains, or are you already that organised that you have been purchasing since last year when the sales started?
do you know where you are having your Christmas Day lunch or dinner, if not in a home, have you booked the venue?
have you decided what egg nog recipe you are using?
have you started scouring recipe books for ideas(come on live a little) or sticking to old favourites?
have you bought any ingredients in preparation for the big day?
have you dragged out and dusted off the plastic Christmas tree and checked all the branches are in tact?
have you organised the buying of your real tree?
have you checked your decorations to make sure the ‘hangy up thingies’ are not broken?
have you gone to your local liquor store and purchased the assortment of drinks required from bottom to top shelf for the relatives who like a wee drop?
have you looked at your tablecloths to ensure there are no last year wine stains?
have you purchased and frozen all the boxes of extra custard you will need, knowing the supermarkets will have run out?
have you checked your Christmas music, knowing the 1980’s chipmunk CD just doesnt cut it any more?
have you pulled out your tangled Christmas lights making sure all bulbs work?
have you bought your Bon bons with the paper hats, jokes and must have plastic toys inside?
have you bought your Christmas candles?
have you bought your Christmas napkins/serviettes?
have you got enough left over Christmas wrapping that’s not crinkled in the back of your cupboard and need more?
have you enough sticky tape to wrap your presents?
have you enough Christmas present tags to put on your presents?
have you purchased your Christmas earrings, ties, t shirts from the $2.00 shop?
have you bought your Christmas cards ready to send out?
have you started your Christmas pudding?
have you written your Christmas wish list?
and most importantly….
have you bought your car antlers?

No? then best hop to it, the clock is ticking.






try to understand

if silence decends

they want your arms around them

though words often unspoken

read their soul

as you walk side by side

and winter holds the stars

they want your hand in theirs

they may not say directly

how are you to know

their needs and wants

even after time

as blossoms paint the hills

if signs are missed

take the chance, reach

and do it anyway


copyright J Tacken 25.9.2014


I shall post some holiday pics next week, I have missed writing poetry though.






Winter not so wonderland


Coats soon will be discarded
They’ll accompany the scarves
Alone they’ll wait until the
Day they’re desired again
Winds will blow dragging winter
Cold to other hemispheres
The sun waits gathering strength
To burst through clouds
Her temperatures bringing warmth
We long for strappy sandals
With sand touched toes
Bare shoulders, the sun against our backs
The days that never end
Balmy wine kissed nights
Lying on sheets counting stars
Through open windows
This time will soon to be ours again
To close the cupboard on winter
Knowing that its taken residence
Elsewhere in the world

Copyright JMTacken 7.8.2014

Summer in a winter

women sweating

Fermented golden as the sun
Not as the silver oyster
On a clouded day

I think of wavering ammophila
Tossing, turning to the wind
Birds cry overhead

With drops of nectar
I escape, no thoughts of present
or of past

In the moment, granules
anoint my feet, I hear
the ocean call

I care not that winters here
sand cold and scratchy against
my soles

Allowed to be alone in thought
I’m there with summer
where troubles are released
I’ve taken myself beyond

Copyright JMTacken 8.7.14