The Holiday with Pictures

This is what greeted us as we walked up the 17 steps into the tree tops. photo-7 The inside as soon as we walked in was photo-20  to our leftphoto-8                 to our right photo-11

(also included complimentary champagne, port, chocolates and fluffy robes)

then looking out to the deck

photo-10   then opposite the bed photo-9

This is what we ate quite a bit of every morning, on our own little BBQ on the deck (hence the diet now) photo-17  this is who came for leftovers IMG_0488    IMG_0490

these arrived for late night snacks of apple and bread (5 at one stage) but one was a tad nasty and kept trying to steal the quieter one’s food or race into the open door. They will miss me now. photo-5  photo-3  photo-15

Aboard step lightly, one and a half hours travel past the heads to sea, in search of whales me hearty shall we see a pod? They didn’t disappoint, up they rose majestic from the ocean floor. Fins and tales putting on a show two, three, magnificent beasts slapping the surface of water beneath their fins. There were “awws and oohs” as another was seen, take care you beauties of the deep look after your babies as I do mine. This ocean so wide, let you not be touched, nor harpoons thrust in your back. Run free, run wild.

The below pic is when she came close to our boat IMG_0416   IMG_0450  Truly a magnificent day, watching the whales show off for us.  I have a video of 2 jumping, but I can’t get it to download, keep getting an error 😦 and we saw some seals on the way back. IMG_0468 Then a quiet dinner in a cafe near the marina, surf and turf (steak and garlic prawns) glass of sublime. The below is moi outside the Marina in the morning before the whale watch, grumpy face as

#1 He didn’t say ‘ready?’ #2 Hadn’t swallowed a mouthful of coffee yetphoto-13 Today woke early, holidays..and we don’t sleep in. Ferry ride across to Tea Garden Island. Lunch in the local pub, grilled fish and walked around. On the way back saw 2 dolphins but they didn’t surface for long 😦  then drove to Anna Bay and saw magnificent sand dunes. Like the Sahara desert, the sand stretched as far as the eyes could see. IMG_0482 IMG_0480 We didn’t partake in the Camel rides as we had both experienced them before. That night a cafe at the Marina for tea, no pics was just a cafe. Yesterday we climbed Tomaree head look out,  2km straight up… My legs, my calves my glutes cried out in pain, but the view was pretty awesome. Below are pics from the top. IMG_0492   photo-18Then to the bowling club for a late lunch, then back home. No pics – a bowling club’s a bowling club.

Had a spa to cure my aching bones and muscles. Quiet night in.

Today Mr. S went for an early round of golf – I tagged along. This is what you call a half selfie taken along side a serious golfer. photo-6 On the Monday, I was picked up by a fellow blogger friend – ‘ Summerstommy’, Michael and we drove to his home. I even saw where the fairies lived too. 🙂 Michael showed me Morphet, then Mr S joined us and we went into Maitland to a lovely old pub for lunch. It was a lovely day – thank you my friend.

This was the cutest foal I spotted whilst we were seeing the sights, so naturally Mr. S had to stop for my photo. photo-14   Our last day we drove around to a few different beaches, some nicer than others, we then went out for tea..all we seem to have done is eat…the joys of holidays is it not? photo-12 This was the last night, as we sat on the foreshore, eating our hot fish and chips from the paper and occasionally me feeding the seagulls, we watched the sunset…awwwwwww.   Hope you have enjoyed my holiday pics, sorry for the long post, but you have the 6 days in one hit now 🙂 x


PS I had the photos al lined up nicely with the writing, if they are everywhere after I post… I tried 🙂

It’s the holiday chat…see I can’t leave you alone..sorry

Hello everyone,

the holiday thus far…

One and half hours flying, arrived to a cool breeze but sunshine. Trying to take photos inbetween my phone dying.

The apartment is gorgeous. I will post the photos on my return as I can’t download them onto my IPad.  Ascending 17 steps, the wooden studio perches amongst the gum trees. We settled in, then went for a walk down to the local beach of golden sands and blue surf. It’s a little chilly, but it’s sunnier than Melbourne.

Went into the local town, bought some supplies…yes wine. 🙂

Then back to change and go out for tea, cheese and garlic bread and a seafood platter, consisting of mud crab, oysters, fish, calamari, crab, scallops, salad and was yum.

Back to the studio and a glass of complimentary port that was left for us, as well as a bottle of champagne and chocolates….romantic.

We had two visitors though, possums, Mr. S said don’t feed them they’ll keep returning. I ignored him and got out some bread, which they took from my hand.

Back inside I watched a bit of a TV and promptly after that we both fell asleep. I will keep away any gruesome details if we don’t fall asleep. 🙂

Awoke this morning with the calls of the local bird life, hot shower above the spa which I will be trying tonight, dressed and out to the golfing range.

As I write this, I sit in the buggy, driving around the course whilst Mr. S is not having his best game, the bunkers are looking very attractive to him this morning it seems…

Home front, mumma penguin is being moved into a Rehab facility today, as she hated the Hospital. I don’t think she knows what has happened to her, breaking her arm, as she told Pop that we have abandoned her and according to my brother, Pop didn’t sleep well last night because of it.

I cannot change the situation, though I am thinking of her and Pop constantly, but this is time for me  and Mr. S (though I do feel guilty writing that).

So that is the holiday so far, I’m better off writing as I go, otherwise the post when I return home will be too long to read.

Trust, that I am not spending all my time on my IPad, but enjoying and trying to relax as much as possible on this little get a way.





The young man (Series – Part 2)

Where did your life go from childhood days, cast out, moved about
one family to the next, enlisting in the Army, in the hope to leave
the country of your birth

How many times ~ how many? Three you said, when a gun was pointed
at your head, but a guardian angel held you close and let you
breathe another day

Thrown in jail, hard wooden beds, a cell for three fits twelve, facing
court your penance, for trying to escape, you revisited eight years ago
it doesn’t look the same

Bomb blast, the SS and their cohorts gathered round and you and friends
were ordered to pick broken bodies off the ground, how hard this would have
been for you

The head of the girl you knew, had spoken to that afternoon, your friend
that served you drinks ~ and you were told put ‘it’ in a pail to throw amongst
the pile of corpses

~ did you scream then Pop?

Running, forests now your home, European winters so cold, threadbare clothes
for covering, partially frozen lakes you had to swim across, that chilled you
to the bone

Empty tin with water from the stream, covering an old potato this is all
you ate back then

Is this why you love food so much?

Trains, twice, you were nearly caught, as guards stood eyeing civilians
a password given ~ freedom called

‘Professor Schmidt here’ you yelled as you confidently walked past those who
carried rifles, who didn’t give a second glance

Far from the border where you hid at day and scoured through night, until a group
of smugglers helped you and your friends plight

The escape plan had been hatched, a man who hid you in a truck and told you to move
quickly, when he whispered coast was clear

Into a grocery store and up the stairs you fled, waiting for a day and night
till in the morning you were called, when an officer with a gun marched to
the cabin door

Danny with a knife in hand, ready for the kill…. but

This man was in on ‘the act’, this ‘good samaritan’ helped you both escape and as he plunged
a tape into your hand said ~ ‘Make sure you give this to the Americans ~
when you reach your promised land’

©jmtacken 11/11/2013

Dad in the Middle

Dad in the Middle

This has been difficult, as it is a story and I have tried to condense it as much as possible.Pop

For the love of Cemeteries


I have a love of cemeteries. I always have done, always will have.  Some of you may think strolling through a cemetery and this past time quite macabre, whereas I find it fascinating.  I know some of you may share this 'hobby' of mine.  To walk amongst the dead,  gives me reverence for those who have lost their lives and inner tranquility.

Because our country (Australia) is relatively new (243 years) or thereabouts when Captain James Cook first landed declaring it Terra Nullius, we do not have the historic cemeteries of Europe, or indeed other countries.  Regardless, I never tire visiting or reading the loving words etched in stone.

The picture above also depicts the sparseness of the land, with the sugar cane (that is abundant in Queensland) and the picturesque mountains in the background, this is because as of 2011 there were 1733 people living in this small town of Mossman, so to put it politely, they have space.

As I strolled from site to site, I noticed vases with plastic flowers that had been blown or knocked from the grave. I tended to these, I could not walk past without doing so. I refilled any rocks or pebbles that had been spilt out of the vases and arranged the flowers or ornaments back on the grave as they were intended. On some sites, I would say a few words to those that lay beneath and wonder about the families that have either passed away, moved town or do not care to pay homage any longer.

When we were away, Mr. S played a round of Golf, I on the other hand wanted to visit the small cemetery.

The oldest grave was 1938, the majority of them were in the 1960's to current. I took the one below because they were a Czech couple (my Pop/dad) is Czech. They both escaped the War as he did, I stood and thought of him when I read this.


When I was in the UK I remember visiting Highgate:-

Some graves, yes admittedly have brought a tear to my eye, especially when I see the graves of little ones,  but as I read the words (some barely visible) I am transported back to their time and stand absorbed and pensive, thinking of who they were and what their life was like before they passed.

At Highgate there are approximately 170,000 buried.  Some of the people laid to rest here include, the parents of Author Charles Dickens and some of his family. Jean Simmons the actress , Karl Marx, poets, painters, soldiers and more.  Below is one of graves with a fallen Angel.  Who lies beneath her I wonder?


Also in the UK, we visited Grasmere in Cumbria and saw the grave (below) of William Wordsworth the poet.


When we visited France in 2001,  my daughters and I went to Pere Lachasie Cemeteryère_Lachaise_Cemetery .


Here lies Sarah Bernhardt, Frederick Chopin, Isadora Duncan, Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison to name a few.

Which brings me to my last photo taken at Mossman Cemetry.


and I am lain beneath hard earth
I feel no pain, nor cold or heat of sun
I hear no voices, or hear the distant waves
nor view the sparkle in your eyes

and those that witness where I lay
my name revealed to you and how I passed
spare a thought for me, for I once
stood above this earth as you

and if my name's invisible
please stand and honour me as my loved
ones have moved on and leave an
unmarked cross, to show that I once breathed

Perhaps this is why I feel I have the calling to be a funeral celebrant. Maybe my love of walking around cemeteries has something to do with this(in a Freud type of way) Do you walk around Cemeteries like I?

Last photos of Queensland and general rambling and updates

I could possibly bore everyone for a few nights with photographs, but I thought I don't have that right (insert Aussie humour here). So this is the last I shall put up. Captions explain where we are or what it is. Spring is just around the very large corner, we are still in the thick of cold fronts, low temperatures, storms, wind, rain here in Melbourne. Anyone contemplating coming over here please be aware of our 'nice climate' which usually runs from mid September, heating up in December through to some times March. So there is a wide scope of months to choose your visit to the Land Down Under, though in Melbourne we have had severe storms icy winds and hail at Christmas time (but that's rare thankfully).

Which reminds me if anyone has any questions about where I live or anything they would like to know about Melbourne - please do ask, I will be your virtual Travel operator.

Ah yes the holiday has finished and I have my work cut out for me doing the assignments (I want to thank everyone who read and commented and liked that post). Your words have given me that extra boost and encouragement that I needed to continue.

Oh whilst I am here, thought I'd give an update on my Penguins (mum and dad) as I haven't for a while. Mum bless her, is getting crankier by the day. They have a huge lemon tree in their backyard that is full of lemons. Now mum uses lemons umm probably 1-2 a week. Their elderly neighbour who does so much for them now that dad isn't driving came round this morning and took a bag of them (he did ask). By the time I arrived mum was quite indignant that he took some of lemons and had to trot (well waddle) outside to see how many were left on the tree.
What can I say.. it seems the smallest of things now irritate her, especially that she is so confined to the house. I can't blame her I would go stir crazy myself.

Pop stopped taking his medication the last month for his shaky hands (because the script ran out)but I have noticed as has neighbour friend that he seems to be walking better. He can lift his legs and doesn't seem to 'totter' as much. Turning around is still difficult for him however, but he made comment today that they don't feel as heavy. Were the tablets that helped his hands, causing his legs to become weak? That's my theory, so I have told him to not take them for a while.

I have ranted on again and I am tired, amazing how tired one does get when one doesn't do anything all day. No that's a lie I made my Penguins a hot lunch and some home cooked vegetable soup for their dinner, so the day wasn't completed wasted.

Thank you again for all your support guys, it really means a great deal to me.


View from our balcony on the pool in Cairns

View from our balcony on the pool in Cairns

Mr. S and I on the train to Karunda.
Mr. S and I on the train to Karunda. Do we like the guy in the green shirt yawning? Manners anyone?

Cruising down the Daintree River.

Cruising on the Daintree River.

At Mossman Gorge

At Mossman Gorge

Just another lazy beach

Just another lazy beach

Dinner at the Raw Prawn (prawns, barramundi fish, octopus and mud crabs) oh and salad.

Dinner at the Raw Prawn (prawns, barramundi fish, octopus and mud crabs) oh and salad.

Sunrise in Cairns

Another sunrise in Cairns

Body Parts – Prose

two arms
that I can wrap around you
like creeping vines
anchoring on the forest trees

two legs
I use to walk with and beside you
but never behind you
for we are equal

two ears
to hear your voice, the whispered words
your laugh that cracks the deepest
of silences

two eyes
that see the man you are
the good, the kind
the rock I need at times

two hands
entwining with yours
I can touch you, feel your skin
warm you when you’re cold

one nose
the smell of you after a hard days work
to smell your scent, fresh from
the shower and the aftershave you wear

one mouth
with this I say I love you
kiss your bottom lip
let’s me smile at what you say

two feet
to walk, step by step my life
with you, one foot at a time
one journey after another

one brain that let’s me know
how lucky I am
to know you, to love you
to have you in my life

here and now- The Daintree for DVerse

I apologise if I can't get the link to work 😦 connection and this new toy of mine are not wanting to co-operate. 😦  

open fig trees bent boughs roots entangled octopus arms submerge into mangrove mud as lizards run tails quivering dancing in the 1960's memories of

tree snakes slithering hide and seek – coiling under cranberry coloured leaves whilst crocodiles drift sleepily eyes popped over gentle waves

stretched legs along the boardwalk rainforest canopy umbrellas protecting insect frenzy, back legs rubbing and darting fish confused swimming upstream

country town atmosphere; slow pace coffee to go; window shop along the river bank – no city pace friendly waves "good morning"

with the lapping of the Daintree, catch the tourist boats shuttling visitors back and fro – sugar cane dances on the breeze hawks circle for the cut spying

mouse or unsuspecting rabbit as their prey – mountains soar to touch the clouds; could I write this in a darkened room nay the visuals are what I had today ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I apologise Joe if this is not in keeping with the Theme for this week, but I'm holidaying and not staying indoors. This was my day and I wanted to share.
The structure even went askew…I'm giving up …goodnight…adieu.

after the day – prose from Port Douglas

no unsettling macabre tales
as deep within these grey cells
lies beauty – a captured picture
not through a lens
but taken through my eyes

gone the wintry blustery grey
the dark as dungeons, the shutters
of my eyes the camera holding
what I see and feel and smell

for it’s me that takes the candid
shots, though years may travel on
if I never see the photo printed –
in my mind I’ll see it clear, I’ll
remember what it looked like what
was captured here


Calling it a night though only 8:30pm…must be all the fresh air 🙂 We had a lovely tea. Pasta Carbonara for Mr. S and I have a yummy Surf and Turf (thick med-rare steak with garlic cream sauce topped with king prawns, salad and chips) oh and a Mojito …can I tell you how lovely that was… 🙂 So it’s over and out from me for another night (and here I was thinking I wouldn’t blog whilst away…yeah right Mumsy) I figure if I do this daily I won’t have so much to catch up on when I get back. 🙂 xx

and so the joy of Port Douglas

waterfall..rain not from the sky
cascading down the mossy rocks
swirling eddy ..darkness falls
peacefulness a shooshing sound

insects hide in variegated fronds
calling out into the night
I smell the scent of meats
cooking on the BBQ swept up in the
aroma of frangipanis

and the night is otherwise still
the odd car on the highway far in
the distance, brushes past the road
air warm like an opened oven door
smells as sweet as hot cooked cake

this is paradise silhouette of palm trees
standing still; their backdrop
a darkened night illuminated
by twinkling stars; in the distance
a bird calls that’s yet to sleep

beautiful, tropical, blue waters to be
explored, forests over one hundred million
years old, this is where love is, this is
paradise in our dreams; I sit on the
balcony absorbing..drawing it in like
the breath I breathe

Wasn’t long before I wrote it seems…can’t help myself, this place calls to be written!

550th Post – This will excite you beyond your wildest dreams!!!

No… no it won’t,  I’m fibbing.

However it is exciting Mr. S and I as we shall be here as of tomorrow afternoon –

Then after 4 days we shall be here   can’t grab a photo unfortunately.

I need warmth, I long for warmth – I have to have warmth – here it shall be warm.

I shall be taking my IPad so my writing won’t be as manic as it has been of late, but I shall still post now and then I need to use my new toy. As I relax poolside while Mr. S is playing Golf, sipping a cocktail or three, I promise to think of you…no I will…honest..

So you see – it’s a win win all round,  I get the warmth and a holiday and you also get a holiday from me not cramming your inbox up for 7 days!!  Whoot Whoot for that!

I shall try and read what I can before I close my eyes tonight – but now I’m off too pack (summer clothes) as we leave at 6am …and I’m just a wee bit excited about the whole damn thing.

Take Care all, keep writing.

Love to you all




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