My weekend that was

Saturday, took the dog we are minding for his walk, went to the movies in the afternoon with Mr. S and saw Gravity… I’ll let you decide what you think (the visuals are amazing) (Sandra was Mr. S’s eye-candy and George – well hello Mr. C – he was mine)  Back home we watched some more episodes of Breaking Bad (yes I am addicted to this show)  then I finally caught up with my darling friend and poet extraordinaire Miriam E on line.

It has been 2 months since we both collaborated and wrote from pictures or words given. If you haven’t seen what we get up to and you’re a tinsy bit curious, please take a wander over to  words… from here to there

Tomorrow I view another Funeral Service to see how a Celebrant ‘performs’ conducts, I shall let you know my thoughts.

Short ~ sweet ~ tired ~ complete.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend


You gave me life (Prose)


everything once was

clear, concise, a barren path

no rocks to climb

no battering waves

cocooned perhaps

veiled against the harsh realities

sheltered within your arms

the upbringing of me

your life, beside me

mine beside yours

my love unblemished

two who showed and shared

never wavering sunrise to sunset

asking for nothing, supporting

from the cradle till the age I am

the veil lifted, the tasks at hand

now more evident

and I shall try, I shall be those rocks

those waves for you

to climb, to ride upon

let me clear your path again

give me strength to give you

the years that you gave me

for you are paramount

my existence your role reversed

I am here, for what you need

whatever it takes


for as long as it takes


©jmtacken Oct 6 2013

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Time for My Weekend That Was. (Pull up a chair)

What a few days it has been, I have been absent all weekend until now.
Pop wasn’t well on Thursday, I won’t go into the details…but put it this way – he needs a proper diet and to move around more than he is doing at present. He also fell out of bed 😦 2nd fall in 9 days. I spent Friday with them, giving him juices to drink and trying to get him better for the Saturday (yesterday) and his youngest Grandson’s Wedding.

Friday night we had plans in place, they were booked for the hairdressers (early 7.30am) god awful hour to be up, but they are early risers. We, Mr. S and I were to pick them up at 2.45 Saturday to drive them to the Wedding.

Later that night it all turned sour, we cancelled the taxi for the hairdressers. I tucked Pop into bed, putting a hot water bottle on his tummy, putting a wheat pack on his back to help his discomfort. I told him I would trim his hair if he was able to go and also blow wave mums (last minute strategies in place). I sat down along side him on the bed and he said “what would I do without you, but I am so over living like this”. I told him, he isn’t going anywhere yet and to work to gain his strength back.

Saturday morning and the phone call came saying he’s not any better and they couldn’t go 😦

Mr. S and I drove up to the Winery, a little windy but the sun was shining. My nephew Shaun standing nervously in the gazebo waiting for his bride to appear. The bridesmaids walked down and then Emma his gorgeous bride. I watched my young nephew, put his hand to his chest and mouth WOW. Yes, I started with the tears then. She looked stunning (as all brides do). They exchanged vows, they placed the rings, their photos were taken. We were asked for the family shot, with heals sinking into the lawn we smiled and tried to balance.

We then went stood on the decking overlooking the beautiful Winery and had canapes and champers. I could go on and on about the night how perfect everything was, but I would possible bore you all to tears even further.

I phoned mum and Pop throughout the night to see how they were.

The next door neighbour answered the phone, then got mum, who then couldn’t explain and put Pop on the phone…. he had another fall in the shower. She tried to lift him up but couldn’t. The neighbours couldn’t as they have bad backs, so they called the SES…. now for those who don’t know the SES this stands for State Emergency Services… they help out in storms etc removing fallen trees and the like. I DO NOT KNOW why they called them and not the Ambulance.

Poor Pop was then lifted out of the shower with some device onto a stretcher, they then called the Ambo’s and back he went to the Hospital. They did the battery of tests as last time and nothing showing as to why he fell. I was in tears outside at the venue, as I spoke to him, friends and daughters came to my aid. They were wonderful.

Today I went over there at 7.45am…got to sleep at 1am…. I am so tired right now. He has no injuries apart from his pride a little from being ‘hoisted like a tree trunk’ as he put it from the shower stark naked.

So there was so much happiness mixed with sadness yesterday. We (my brother and I ) have instigated talks about more care being required … tis a good thing.

2 other things upset me yesterday – I have a beautiful marquee set gold diamond ring, I had it enlarged a few weeks ago to fit another finger and wore it out once 2 weeks ago. I went to put it on yesterday and…no diamond. I cried, I bought this for myself as a 40th birthday present. I don’t know if it’s possible that the jeweller did something to the claws that held the diamond, but I am visiting him tomorrow to ask.

The other thing… both my girls looked amazing at the Wedding and mum didn’t take a photo 😦 Hopefully when we get a copy of the group shot I shall be able to put up. So disappointed, but I guess it’s not like they aren’t going to ever ‘dress-up’ ever again.


A little interlude from Poetry – my weekend

and it’s time my good readers for my WEEKEND PAST post, we will resume with current broadcasting of poetry, 3 word prompts and the like tomorrow.

My weekend  ~ well let’s see.

  1. Out for dinner on Saturday night to a Chinese Restaurant. Since we discovered Thai & Vietnamese cuisine sometime back, we don’t frequent the Chinese Restaurants as we have in the past, but in saying that we were pleasantly surprised with the quantity, quality and price of the food. 6 of us, entrees all round, 6 main dishes plus the fried rice (have to have the fried rice) with a total cost of $220.00. I shall let you do the math, but it was very reasonable.
  2. Saturday afternoon (which I really should have written about first) I completed my recording of my Eulogy reading that I had to also write.  Now apart from the fact (mere technicality really) that I perhaps mention the words, death, die and dying too many times, I was very pleased with the result. Yes, readers I am patting myself on the back. I shall be handing in the USB to the trainer in the morning for her to assess, which she said could take anywhere up to 2-3 weeks… I am not happy about this as I have been out of work since the end of July and I am wanting to make headway into my new career as soon as possible, but will my grumbling hasten the process, no, so I shan’t.
  3. Today (Sunday) Mr. S and I took Pop to the Caribbean Market (remember the one that sells the machetes and blades)  as we purchased some ink cartridges for our printers last weekend and of course…they don’t work. Mr. Vendor behind the counter was wanting to offer us $5.00 back (as he had never had any complaints before) erm we paid $20, so I stuck to my guns (no I don’t own one, don’t be silly) and said no we want to exchange them.  A disgruntled Mr. Vendor swapped them over and we were off to the fruit and veg stand.  What I haven’t mentioned is that the market car park is some considerable distance from the entrances and Pop had told me he wanted to go. When we arrived at their place to pick him up I said to Mr. S it will be quicker if I just grab his cartridges and change them. Opening the front door, there he was all dressed up ready for his outing…he looked so cute, how could we say no. Fortunately we were given a wheelchair that Mr. S’s mum used, so Pop sat like the King being pushed around by a puffy face Mr. S and we finished the shopping.
  4. Lastly on the weekend agenda, I have started writing a book, the title (at this juncture) How I became a Funeral Celebrant. Now if that isn’t going to spur me on,  nothing will… I figured this is what I have set my heart on doing and hoping to succeed so why not start writing a book about the how’s, why’s and wherefores’ of how I started in this industry.


That is it dear readers, if you got through my Weekend Past blurb again, I thank you. Tomorrow is Monday in Aussie Land and Spring is finally showing with an expected temperature of 27C – yes I am excited ..another day of writing (and possibly weeding) ahead and trying to seek out part time employment ( that I am SO not interested in obtaining) but which may be required to help my depleting bank balance.


Hope you enjoy my tags 🙂

My weekend – sorry it’s long (drink and patience possibly required)

Where did my weekend go? Zip - disappeared, vanished.
Possibly because when you are busy it flies and the times when you are bored out of your brain (not that that can happen) the time drags.

Friday night we went to dinner Mr. S and I - just the local Chinese and we started with San Chow Bow (lettuce cups with mince and veg) followed by garlic prawns and cantonese beef and special fried rice (as let's face it, no chinese meal is complete without it).

Saturday hmm shopped for my penguins at the Deli for their small goods and then went shopping for nibbles (dang I didn't take a photo of my fantastic nibbly platter) which consisted of prawns, fresh salmon, cheeses, Kabana, dips, watercress, crackers and fetta stuffed baby bell peppers (tiny little red peppers that cost $32.99 a kg! - but so yum)

Two dogs arrived for dog sitting in the morning - 2 extremely obese dogs that I had previously minded 2 years ago. One a Staffy and one a bull-dog. The poor poppets, the bull-dog already has a hard time breathing due to her squashed in nose, but the weight this poor old girl had on her..well it got me angry, because in truth dear readers, this is abuse, just as much as my insane neighbours and how they treated their dog.

I took them for 3 walks each about 20 minutes each. They weren't dragging on the lead in fact the opposite, but when we returned home, the drink bowls were emptied, drooled and dribbled all over the kitchen floor and they sounded like steam trains. I 'gently' told the owner (when she phoned asking how they were) that she was pretty much killing them with kindness. Her reply "I know", said with such a who cares attitude (which shocked me as she seems quite lovely - though possibly a tad ignorant when it comes to 'how much should I feed and walk my pets).

We are due to mind them again in 2 weeks, it will be interesting to see if she cancels. I honestly feel like saying to her, let me have them for a month - Mumsy's boot camp and I shall have them fit again for you! They have chicken and steak for tea a normal portion, but she also gives them breakfast and treats throughout the day and they get walked for 30 mins each morning, but she clearly needs to exercise them more or put them on a stricter diet.

A friend of the owners came to pick them up this morning and he said "yes I have told them to stop feeding them, but I do the same with my dogs". I said why, his reply "well when do you know when they have had enough".

My jaw dropped readers, let me tell you.

Maltese Shitzus, he said that he leaves 2-3 bowls out of food ALL DAY, he also gives them treats, he even takes treats when he takes them out walking!! I simply don't understand, I said "you put one bowl of food down for each, if they haven't eaten it within half an hour, you remove the bowl". I got a dumfounded expression and a "Oh..really, but I feel so bad".

Anyway enough of that, Saturday night we tottered (well drove) to pick up the penguins as we were celebrating Fathers' Day (which technically for us down under is today 1st September) but we were doing the dinner at my brothers as he was working today…I am raving here aren't I? So anywho..the night went well, plenty of wine and food consumed. Speeches for Pop, more food :-( more wine :-) and I walked away with the button of my jeans undone because I ate..then had cake… oh dear mybad.

Today we went over to Mr. S's dads, as it was his first Father's Day since his wife passed (Rose). R.I.P Rose 29.6.2013. We had a BBQ lunch as it is the first day of Spring for us ( I am SOOOO excited) and the temperature was 25degC.

Today was also the day that us ladies (Mr. S's 3 daughters and Mr. S's sis-in-law and I) decided it was time to clear out Rose's wardrobes and cupboards etc. Armed with garbage bags, we all tackled different spots and it took us a good 3 hours to remove everything. What we didn't choose for ourselves, some now 'retro' clothes, make up etc, we have bagged for the Charities.

It was a little surreal, as if we robbing the grave as we held up items and then agreed to keep or to give away. The charity people will be very happy I am sure, as many clothes still had tags on. Rosy loved to shop though wheelchair bound, she had 2 wardrobes full of clothes and shoes and bags, many not even used.

So Rosy I thank you for letting us take your belongings the items that you loved - we shall put them all to good use.

On the way home we called in to see my Pop and mum again to officially wish him Happy Father's Day.

So that's why it went zip folks, before my very eyes, thank you if you actually read any of this. So now here comes the question which is a subtle way of saying you have to read to answer - or take the fast way and just scan down to this part - how was your weekend?

It’s been 3 days since I last blogged!

Call the Paramedics, check if I'm still breathing??

I am? Not only I,  but it seems all of you can now relax. I have not passed to the other side (don't know why I thought of Fettuccine when I said that).

How is everyone? I have missed my daily, nightly blog  (how I hate that word) sounds like something we should be doing in the privacy of our own bathroom. I have missed my writing and sharing. I have been concentrating on my assignments and you will be pleased to know that…no I'm not finished, but almost.. sort of..

I have 2 Eulogies to now write and also record myself reading one of the 3 that I have to pen.

So tomorrow I shall be concentrating on those and also possibly dragging a poem that I have fiddled with now and then over the last couple of days to put into The Poet's Pub at DVerse for their open link night which is on a Wednesday. It is Wednesday tomorrow isn't it? Being at home, one loses track of time and days so easily.

Nothing really exciting has happened in my 3 days absence ( I was waiting for my beloved readers to check in on me, to make sure I was breathing ) but *sniff sniff* no one did, which leads me to the conclusion that you have lives.

In which case you are forgiven.  :-)

In fact it's been fairly quiet around the site, so I guess that must be true, that you all are pre-occupied or busy little beavers.

It was Mr. S's birthday last Saturday.  How was it spent? Glad you asked.  Mr. S is not one to have a fuss made over him (unlike your good self) who thinks birthdays should be celebrated for more than just one day.

We woke up - the day was fairly dismal outside but not raining. Mr. S LOVES his golf..I waited then asked if he wanted to play a round (not play around that came later)  anywho he said would I like to play a -round of Pitch and Putt. Which is a game of golf but on a smaller scale between tees. (Yes readers I have played before but I'm not good at the caper).

Obliging and dutifully I said okay, so off we tottered and played, then after that the thrills didn't wane, we went and hit a bucket of balls!!! I kid you not, I could hardly contain my excitement!  After that it was a nice lunch and a little shopping and back home so he could watch his footy team lose again (which they did sadly).

Sunday passed with us taking back the casual shirt I brought him for his birthday as he doesn't do checks. I liked it on him, it suited him..but alas nope he didn't think so.

So that is me up to now, with 3 days off and hope that I will find the inspiration required to get back into writing soon…if you want me back that is (of course you do) ? ;-)


Till then Adios Muchachos

or Catch ya's later








Friday 28 – 29th June 2013 – R.I.P

the book is signed, piece of folded paper
handed, with words of prayers and hymns
a photograph of the loved one passed
holds firm between shaking fingers
family in procession, relatives
friends of some, others unknown
the music plays

warm smiles and hugs of “I’m sorry”
whispered as if in the room of knowledge
people take their seats, others stand
faces forlorn – just before the music stops
to stand for the first hymn, a message is received
followed by another, of urgency of haste
apologies from us – us?
“I’m sorry – we have to leave”

doctors scurry, we are shuffled to
a smaller space, a quiet room
with couches of blue vinyl
doctors opening doors with hesitated voices
words we do not wish to hear
within minutes, though what is time?
numbers flash and sounds beep in time to breath
that’s heaved out from the soul

holding hands cold & blue amid white
starched sheets and plastic pink curtains
listening to others cry or talk in sleep
not of their own, whilst we sit at bedside
listening to the whooshing of the breath
that’s forced through tubes
and penetrates the skin, surreal

I feel disjointed to the outside world
not knowing shall it end or how
life – like a splinter under our skin
painful to remove, we sit and wait
return to darkened rooms where we pace
and hug and shed our tears
till we are told nothing more…
nothing can be done

I hold to thoughts of after life
while we wait for a person
of the cloth, us who don’t attend the church
the need for simple words
I kiss her forehead and tell her ‘spirit side’
she does not hear, she does not feel
and the fog lies heavy in the outside world
as it does within our hearts
metal, numbers, graphs and sounds
that hold her and echo in our heads

we say a prayer hold hands and cry
and wait till her last is drawn
watching numbers reverse
life retreat
numbed, the final grasp of life, I stare
at the clock upon the wall, the grief takes hold
strangulating like a python
the what if’s and the could haves as we
kiss and say goodbye
the drive home,  no heads on pillows for 2 days
the emptiness inside, I gaze into car windows
as we drive the highway cold and grey and ask myself
did someone you love die today?

We attended a funeral Friday afternoon 28th June, 2013, the mother of my girlfriend and we were called away.
Mr. S’s ( my darling partner in life) mother was taken to the hospital Friday afternoon passed 9.30am Saturday morning 29th June, 2013.

Apologies if this upsets anyone, I ‘had’ to get this out, these words were written into my phone over the past day… a day… and it seems as if it was a life time ago.

R.I.P ‘Rosy’

Sunday in Olinda Melbourne

This afternoon we went for lunch with Pop and mum, some of the family and 20 of their friends.

The restaurant is called the Cuckoo – it is in Olinda.

This German establishment has been in business since 1958, my parents and ‘us kids’ have been there SO many times over the years I have lost count. It is nestled amongst the beauty and nature of Olinda which is about a 20 minute drive from where I live.

A smorgasbord (buffet) with delights as fresh prawns, seafood salads, cheeses, oysters, pates, breads, salads  and soup – that is your choice for entree.

For mains it’s a variety of about 15 different salads, hot meats – ham, chicken, beef, pork. Then you have your snitzels, potatoes, crumbed seafood, chops, continental sausages, pork ribs, cabbage rolls, chips, sauces, gravies, goulash, sauerkraut…in fact the menu is so extensive I cannot list all that is on offer. Open fire places compliment the ambience and also a floor show with a guy who involves the crowd (he is the one holding the microphone when he gets the woman to sing in the clip).

The band I think are pretty much the original band, this place holds true to the ‘If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it rule’.

The occasion was a thank you from my parents to their friends who have supported and helped them of late, as they don’t entertain anymore with lavish dinners or parties,  this is how they repay the kindness of others.

It wasn’t without incident however, because it was very chilly outside, everyone rugged up and though cosy with the open fires and the heating on, the temperature soared more than expected for one of dad’s friends (also in his 80’s).

George was dressed in a jacket, a jumper and a long sleeve T shirt. He got too hot – he passed out. He recovered but the Ambulance was called ‘just in case’ to give him the once over. Not what the other patrons would have expected to see 3 paramedics coming into a restaurant on a Sunday afternoon I am sure. Thankfully George was ok and he sat quietly with his wife until their son came to take them back home.

My Pop LOVES his food, due to his lack of mobility I sat next to him and was up to forage for his first plate of entree, then up for his first plate of mains (hot meat) he is somewhat of a carnivore my pop. Then up for the 2nd plate of hot meats etc, which he couldn’t get half way through by the way. Yes his eyes are bigger than his belly 🙂

I cut his meat, I poured him a glass of beer, I tucked the napkin across his chest so that if he spilt his food it wouldn’t land on his clean shirt for mum to cast the evil eye telling me I should have tucked the napkin around his collar.

He wanted to stretch his legs after he had eaten, so I held his arm, whilst he stood with his cane. This Restaurant is extremely ‘busy’,  the total areas fit 450 people. I think pop was frightened a little by the commotion around him  which had never previously worried him and he stood transfixed once again, as though his brain couldn’t tell his legs to move. I prompted and encouraged and what would have been a 3 minute meander around the tables took us 20 minutes, ducking and weaving children, waiters and patrons, all the while dad apologising for holding people up.

I got him back and settled once more and at 2.30 all the guests were starting to make their way home. They came up to pop and mum and thanked them for treating them to the afternoon. I sat holding pop’s hand. One woman came up and gave me a hug and said “You are doing a marvellous job, you know that don’t you, we can see how much you love him”.  Yes there were tears, as she finished saying to pop “We want you around for a very long time, you are such a good man and you are so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter”. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and tried to smile my goodbyes to her through my soggy eyelashes before helping pop into the car.

I was sad, I will have sad moments, but I know deep down that I am giving it my ‘all’ to make him as comfortable as I possibly can – and that is what being a daughter is all about.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.


Warrnambool Pub – Anzac Day 25.4.2013

Three old diggers were they heroes or not
I cannot say
Anzac Day in Australia twenty fifth of April just passed
Did they fight in the trenches defending our country or perhaps were they flag bearers for their Unit
Looking closer
They wore medals on smartly pressed suit jackets, hair washed and neatly combed
Celebrated with a Dawn Service
Heads bowed in prayer laid flowered wreaths against stone monuments
Thought of the ones they left behind who did not return home as they did
Thought of those lives they knew and were lost so young

I stood in the bar on my recent vacation and watched these three distinguished old gentlemen
As they sipped their beer
Reminiscing and possibly shed a tear of sadness for the terror that they saw
Or hopefully a laugh with a fellow comrade of a happier moment they recalled
I opened my purse
Telling the bar tender, three beers for the ‘lads’ please and he smiled
He poured three beers and said these are from the young lady and pointed to me
They looked up
One by one they came through the door from the opposite lounge and walked towards me

Thank you they politely said
Thank you
No one has done that for us before
I looked into their tired watery eyes
I looked down at the medals they proudly had pinned
I said you are most welcome
Happy Anzac Day boys and
Thank You

Possibly wonky photo placement of our little vacation

4 days away from the computer – our little vacation.
How did we spend our 4 days away?  Our destination unbeknown to me was Warrnambool.
Just under a 4 hour drive from where we live.  Mr. S bless his cotton socks had arranged this vacation. Instead of booking straight into the Motel, we drove towards the beach for me to smile very widely (after waking up from my sleep that is) and gasped at the sign – Horseriding – down the beach. Now Mr. S has only ridden once before and knows how much I love riding and hadn’t been for a while…so *hugs & kudos* to my man for arranging this added surprise for me.

The horses look a little stumpy..bad angle photo. Don't we look stunning in our helmets...

The horses look a little stumpy..bad angled photo. Don’t we look stunning in our helmets?? Mr. S does not like photos of himself – hence the forced smile! Oh and it was cold!

We visited a replication of an old town that existed in the 1800’s. This area was also where the ship the Loch Ard sadly ended it’s voyage from England in 1878

Replica of a school room in the early 1800's.

Replica of a school room in the early 1800’s.

Teachers Rules

Teachers Rules

Newspaper clippings in the 'Pub'...

Newspaper clippings in the ‘Pub’…

Old books in a library

Old books in the Library

The clothes....

The clothes….

The bedroom

The bedroom





An original grave - yes I love walking around cemeteries.

An original grave – yes I love walking around cemeteries.

We stopped to admire the views

2013-04-27 12.55.09

On the way to Port Fairy

Portland The Blowhole
Portland The Blowhole- Site of many Shipwrecks
2013-04-26 11.35.46

Yes – I have only played golf 3 times, hence the way I am holding the club…

and as Mr. S was kind enough to go horse riding with me I did the following –






and what did I buy on the way home for winter comfort? None other than the iconic Australian Ugg slipper.

2013-04-28 16.36.00