A Review of my memoir The Empty Nest – A Mother’s Hidden Grief

I have just met Michael on WP and he very kindly bought my Memoir and may I say read it within a day or two. He has been absolutely gracious by submitting a review on Amazon which I post below.

Those who know me, also know that I do not push my book onto you, this is not why I started this site, for I feel uneasy about self promoting. I post this because I am humbled knowing that people have read my work, read the words that I had written, this is an absolute joy for me, whether they like what I have written or not, I have pride that I can call myself a writer, something I have dreamed about for so long.

My penned words about what I experienced when my girls left home, have now been read by 72 people – this may seem small – to me it is huge. Large profits – I make not – knowing that people can resonate with what I have written – that is worth so much more.

To Michael I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for this review.



The Empty Nest

A Mother’s Hidden Grief

J M Kadane

Jenny Kadane’s book chronicling her life bringing up two daughters is an excellent account of her life exploring the journey she makes with them from birth to the present time. She takes us through the good and the bad moments of parenting with great honesty and clarity.

Her writing is straightforward, accessible and at times you find your self laughing at the funny things she recalls but there are other times where you find yourself expressing your own emotional response to the stories many of which, as a parent, you relate to.

There are features within this text that give it a universal appeal.

As parents we all have to deal with the day our children decide it is time for them to leave home.

We often agonise over them leaving, fearful of what they will have to deal with in the big wide world and always we want to be protective of them.

No parent ever wants to see their child suffering and we go to great lengths to provide support and back ups for the times when they do break free and leave the nest.

All of these issues are dealt with in great detail and the reader is able to easily empathise with the writing and sentiments being expressed.

There are times in this text where Ms Kadane comes across as a highly emotional woman. (In fact she does make the point at various times in her work that she was aware of her emotional outpourings.)

Rather than being a text, which could have descended into a study of emotional angst, she is clever in reflecting constantly on her own emotions, and on the significance of the events that occur in her life.

Ms Kadane’s daughters, like most children grow and become their own persons.  As a parent we know our children do not grow up to necessarily reflect our attitudes nor do they always do what you would wish for them to do.

The factor for me, which made me connect so readily with her words, was the attitude that she was always there for her girls. It is easy to say these things but as a parent when your children transgress from what you consider the norms of society and test your patience and fortitude ‘hanging in there with them’ can take great courage.

‘The Empty Nest” is a record of the love of a mother, the fierce determination to be the best mother she can be along with her own reflections and understandings of how each development in her daughters lives impacted on her.

As a male reader I was immediately taken by the depth of her writing. I could relate so well to the emotions she was experiencing.

Fathers also feel a sense of grief when their children leave. We like to have our children ‘within’ arms length’ so to speak. Like Ms Kadane we also crave a regular contact with our children.

You finish the text thinking what a brave woman she is to have sat and reflected as she has done on her life. She owns all the mistakes she admits she’s made, there is no glossing over the truth and for this reason the book has great value to other mothers and I might add fathers as well.

No reader will regret the time spent on this excellent book. A great read.

Michael Grogan



July 2013.


Back in April, Meditating Mummy also read and wrote a review, to her I am immensely grateful. I am ‘chuffed’ that people have taken the time to read and to write their thoughts. You may see her review on the below link.

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Rambly…simply Rambling…delete if you wish.
I have no challenges, no photo or word prompts…nadda…zilch…tonight/this morning at 1:09am Saturday morning 23rd of March 2013 I sit in my study, I contemplate the events of ..yesterday.
Totally boring and un-news worthy to those that follow me. No poetry, no words of love or inspiration, no deep and meaningful of world events (not that I have EVER written this) or lost loves or heart ache. Yet I write …to share…cathartic, words to get off my chest for the world to see, that I alone, only feel.
I didn’t conform
my voice was heard
they did not wish
to hear it
stand alone
like the empty
bottle of vodka
that sits beside me
thrown away
like trash
can I be
time to write more
than what I have
to bore the pants
off everyone
forgive me for I will
I need this
to give me back my
Dear Followers,
I wrote this tonight, because today at 4.30pm I was shall I say politely ‘fired’ from my job. We have a 3 months probation period over here and in that time the employer can cease your position without much or any justification as to why. I spoke up in the 2.5 months of being there. I job that I was given from my girlfriend putting my name forth. There was bullying, ignoring and I wasn’t part of the ‘cult’ demographic, I would not reform. Yay me,  you may say for standing up for myself, unfortunately this is where it has got me. Speaking up, saying it wasn’t right, to be treated like this. I was told in my last meeting with the Manager this afternoon, that I am an extremely hard and conscientious worker….however it seems that meant very little if I wasn’t going to abide by their ‘ways’ (my words not theirs).  Yes I am out of work and Mr. S is my rock, but what hurts the most is my girlfriend of 6 years who works there…has not contacted me since I left this afternoon.
Rambly has pledged to be honest and upfront about her feelings and her journey.. this is what I do now. So I ask for your forgiveness for I will have a lot of time on my hands in the next few weeks…months whilst I try and seek employment and I shall be more prolific in my writing – to heal myself. PLEASE feel free to delete the email notifications or if you so wish to un-follow, I will not think badly of you for doing so. I need to do this for me and I apologise in advance if I irritate the ‘crap’ of you. This is not my intent.
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I thank you for saying thank you

By Isobel
This book was obviously written for women and mothers but is such a touching story that men will enjoy it as well. A well prepared and formatted EPUB.
4.0 out of 5 stars The Empty Nest, September 20, 2012
From the cradle to the empty nest. I passed through that journey myself so I understand the emotional roller coaster ride that this author takes you through. I think all daughters and daughters-in-law should read it – O, yes the boys too. I am the mother of two boys! There are tears and laughter, joys and sorrows in this very honest tale and it helps us to understand how we can support each other as mothers as we go through life together. Shirley Chalmers
Shirley is one the blogs that I follow – so thank you Shirley 🙂
5.0 out of 5 stars Really enjoyable, easy read, September 5, 2012
Despite not having any children, I really enjoyed this book. It was funny, light and easy to relate to. Being one of 3 daughters, it has helped put some things in perspective and understand why my mum does/says the things she does! Will definitely be recommending this to all the mums I know!

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