Faye and Tommy (Prose)


ocean coloured eyes, auburn curled hair
nestling on her shoulders, stuck with him
the restaurant, crushed napkin folded
kept safe in his worn wallet

her phone number
scribbled in ink, bled from his
sweaty palms over weeks
yet he hadn’t dialed her number

small town, back woods, trying
the best she could, to get out
leave the trailer park, an inner strength
held behind her cerulean eyes

words spoken of her existence
showed determination, he felt weak
amidst her charms, her softness
his a different pain to hers

the napkin dropped near his plate
alongside remnants of mashed potato
beans and meat, he stared at it a while
did she find him attractive

then left, closing the door to her world
to begin again with his, yet
she kept dragging him back, without
a word between them

just this napkin, he couldn’t throw away
she wanted out, she told him so
was he her meal ticket to a better life
to get somewhere, was this his doubt

and then he threw her number away
‘coz he knew he didn’t have the courage
to find out, the risk of being hurt again
to try and make it work

until one summer’s afternoon
when she played so badly on his mind
like a sweet violin
he made a sign

nailed it to the pole
in the street where she worked
and he waited near by
waited and watched for Faye to see

how much she meant to him
how proud he was of her
and how, with lives so different
they were meant to be

©jmtacken Feb 2014

In a bit of a gushy mood today.

Sharing with Jude from http://raisingthecurtain.net who inspired me to write from her latest post – a fellow Aussie who wrote a piece of fiction, please go visit her and thank you for the inspiration Jude 🙂
and also http://dversepoets.com for OLN.

Also a shout out to the wonderful Brian http://waystationone.com for his nudges in all the right places.

PS I have read and commented on other writers linked into DVerse for some time now and in return they kindly read and comment on what I have written . Please show common courtesy by reading and commenting to other writers,  it’s a two way street. If I offend anyone by this – I apologise.

Chat time once more ..I am SO bored

so unfortunately readers you shall have to bare the brunt of my boredom.

It is 4:27pm Tuesday (I think it’s Tuesday) staying at home every day makes me lose some days..ok even weeks of what was my normal 9-5 existence. I so need more work.

I sit here writing (or trying to at least a piece of prose/poetry) hell I still don’t really know the difference – even though Brian has told me (and I thank you Mr. M) … to me prose is pretty much a short story…I am sure I will get it eventually/hopefully … ‘anywho’ so what is happening around me right now, that would make it interesting enough to hold your attention?

Erm…ponders… outside we have a haze, I can smell the smoke from bush fires 95.6km away from us.
It’s an eerie feeling, as I walk out onto my deck and smell the smoke in the air. This is Summer in Australia unfortunately, we get used to it. Some young idiot kids, who think nothing better than throwing a live match into an open dry paddock. The other day when we had 42C a total fire ban day, some numbskulls were lighting fire-works…err hello wtf?

The haze is also next door, I don’t know if I have told you about my neighbours, the neighbours from hell… this is one reason we want to move. When I first moved here, the screaming matches that we had to endure were… not pleasant. I have put up with them since 1998. They have two children… early twenties now I guess. When they were little, I had to call the Police as they were screaming so badly that their kids went and sat outside on the pavement to get away.

The daughter has a little girl now and does not live at home. The mother, well what can I say, she screams and starts arguments at the drop of a hat.

As I sit here, the three of them are going at it again, the daughter and mum and dad, though dad tries to maintain some sort of peace, the mother, she’s uncontrollable.

My issue is their daughter with her little one, it’s difficult to sit and hear the baby cry (I think she’s under two years of age) because she is in the middle of her mother having a screaming session with her mother.

This child has no hope of a ‘normal’ upbringing. She hears the swear words bandied about as if it’s “Can you pass the salt please”. How will this child grow up, what is she learning from these ‘people’ to be in the middle of this, my heart goes out to her. It’s cruel, it’s nonsense and the problem is the parents and the mother cannot see what it will do to her.

I could go on and on, my boredom would lead me to tell you my entire life story at this point, but I shall save you all from that.

Till next chat time – it’s over and out from moi.

Is that a gun in your pocket?

Today hmm how shall I describe my day?

For the next 2 weeks or possibly more I am working at Mr. S’ work, well not at his work,  but for his employer. I have worked there once before, inside the office, this position however is calling on customers and taking their orders for the products Mr. S’s company sells.

You will all understand why I will not and cannot mention the company when I tell you about my 2nd visit. Let us just say I am calling on various Supermarkets.

First one went fine, small shop, not a big order. I went up and down the aisles, checking what stock they had of ours and if they needed to bump up their stock.

Second shop…this is where… well okay the only way to say this is to well..say it.

I walked in and asked for “whathisface”, “whatshisface” was not there, so another young man, possibly late 20’s at that,  came to my assistance.

I had a clipboard and order sheet and catalogue in hand. He had his copy of the catalogue in his hand.

The first aisle we walked up and down, he being polite,  asking me how my Christmas was and New Year, to which I told him, I ate too much. His reply polite “You don’t look as if you have to worry about anything”. I also advised him I was just relieving staff, until a new Rep was appointed. His reply “They don’t need a new Rep, you can just come here”.

How sweet, okay not here really for social chit chat, anyhow, he had to look up on the top of the shelves to check some boxes out of stock, so he went to retrieve a ladder from the back store-room.

Back he walked ladder by his side and well it was a case of “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you pleased to see me”. I swear I don’t normally look down to that department, but it was more than obvious!! *Nods* and since we don’t tote guns over here, then I could only assume, he was VERY pleased to see me.

I averted my eyes from the obvious, he went up the ladder, came down the ladder. We walked to the next aisle, and for the sake of a name let’s call it – “Jeffrey” followed (for gawds sake man, can’t you train it?)

“Jeffrey” continued saying a high and mighty HELLO to me up and down the aisles, but the most disconcerting and evasive was each stop at each product we had to check, “Jeffrey’s owner” stood right up close and personal and made sure “Jeffrey” was touching my leg. (Thankfully I had pants on).

Now what do I do in these circumstances? The mother side of me just wanted to slap “Jeffrey” back down into place and say really…you think this is professional? The other part of me said I am helping out the company, I can’t do anything to jeopardise future relationships with the customer.

So “Jeffrey” and his owner continued to follow me, stand behind me, to the side of me, nudging at every given opportunity, which there were many!   Ewww gross I know.

I think the owner of “Jeffrey” was perhaps a little…. well to put it as politely as I can, a sandwich short of a loaf in some aspects, as when his “Jeffrey” was touching me, he kept looking down as if to see my reaction, waiting for me to get either a) excited b) be disgusted.

I was neither, I carried on as if nothing was happening and believe me it wasn’t easy.
Thankfully after a very long hour of this, I shook his hand at the door and said thank you for the order and left.

How would you have handled this situation?

I would be interested to know.

Mr. S is understandably mortified, so are the owners of the business, I mean to say on my first day to be confronted by Jeffrey. The owners will be contacted and a meeting will be set up. I hate to think this guys job is on the line….but…..

This is how I felt with my “Jeffrey” encounter
(yes I chortled at the pic I chose & psychologically I’m okay and the wine is already opened!)

Who are you my child? (MLM Prompt)

Raising children
The hardships, the joys, the anger, the love
teaching the ‘little people’ how to become the best that they can be
instilling all the ‘bits and pieces’ that were taught to me
in this different world, this different way of living
sometimes the battles reign supreme, with the pieces not quite fitting
yet, all a mother wants and needs, is simple and not complicated
happiness, being true, settling into a life pattern


Their path will be rocky, as was mine, stepping over pebbles
leaping over boulders, experiencing heartache, learning what’s expected
finding love and believing in themselves.
It’s not an easy task for them pursuing dreams, for sometimes dreams
are just that and nothing will come of them.
Perhaps expectations run too high. “Why can’t you be like this or that”?
“What makes you tick, what is your passion?” dreams are simply not enough.
How easy it would be, for them to find their path, how easy it would be for me
to say enough…is enough.


Yet I’m bad at teaching lessons, I know this to be fact.
I can’t see my child face consequences.
This is a failure, for the lessons can’t be taught, this is my unavoidable pain
that I’ve brought upon myself.

Raising children is not easy, the road is fraught with danger.
Finding love is what you wish for them, to love themselves and others.
Pursuing dreams is a wish, but is it a reality?

I cannot find you
our roads have crossed too often
find yourself, be happy

©jmtacken Jan 5th 2014


For Mind Love Misery’s prompt this week, we have many choices..choices I’m not good with, so I have incorporated 3 of them in one. I wrote this without really thinking, the old S.O.C just typed and whatever sprang upon the page – so be it, for good or for bad, this is my entry to the prompt.


The prompts were:-

Some examples of unavoidable pain which you are absolutely free to use
Taking up exercise
Medical procedures
Rescue efforts (ever hurled yourself in the path of a moving object to save someone?)
Job interviews
Raising children
Finding love
Pursuing dreams

ech no other title just ech

I started writing some poetry – using different forms, this afternoon, but alas my brain was not wanting to go along for the ride, so the feeble attempt sits in my drafts folder.

I think I am slowly going out of my mind here with boredom – I know the signs, in fact you all probably know my signs by now, from past experiences.  I have been here before. When out of work, late last year, all was rosy in the first few weeks, though not physically going anywhere, it was like being on holiday.  I only wish my mind would  drift me onto a sandy beach with palm trees and a Mojito in hand, sadly it is not wanting too, nor are my finances.

It just held me captive staring at the computer for the longest time,  knowing that I could be writing something of substance, to while away the hours of my boredom, but in the end I couldn’t even manage that.

I looked up at the ceiling and silently screamed,  for it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and all I could muster was to mow the lawns (again). For the first time that I can remember I went and lay on the couch and I think I fell asleep for 20 minutes. That is not like me, I never have naps.

I woke, watched 3 episodes of Breaking Bad with Mr. S and have walked back into my study.  Sorry for the doom and gloomy contents of this post – just in a weird mood right now…but tomorrow is another day.

when the concrete cracks underfoot
my body sinks as does my mind
it vanishes in to the crevice from
the last day till the now and I
lose that in-between, the time
that spun now drags like hauling
heavy bags of clay
get to the end, so I can begin
get to the end, so I can start
get to the end, to stop myself
from slithering

they sell ‘what’ at the market??

I am giving my little poetic brain a rest for now..probably will emerge later on tomorrow.

For this little post however I want to tell you the disturbing sight Mr. S and I saw this afternoon.

No,  it wasn’t both of us naked readers, please get that visual out of your heads.

We went to the local market near us, primarily to purchase some printer ink for Pop and some fruit. I did get somewhat distracted by the honey covered almonds and macadamias and yes I bought a small packet.. as they are were simply delish!

We strolled up and down the aisles (it’s like one very large open undercover garage) surveying the crap articles for sale.  My goodness such an array of …. and…. can’t really describe the fake jewellery, the illegally downloaded DVD’s and CD’s… where are those pirates when you need them? Oh they don’t actually send pirates  😦  pity Mr. Depp just sprang to mind racing across the foreshore hmmmm, sorry where was I.

Oh yes,  the disturbing articles on display in a very large stand, surrounded by a plastic shield were knives (I am so sorry I did not take a photo to share),  but I shall be writing to our local paper tomorrow to get an explanation!

We aren’t talking your apple paring knife, or your fish scaling knife or even your swiss army (must have in case  get lost in the wilderness knife). We are talking weapons, weapons that dads and their young sons were ogling over.  Weapons that teenage boys were pointing at and excitedly saying “Crap look at that one!”

PEOPLE Really…Seriously? How on earth can these be on display and sold?  Do we not have enough violence to deal with in our little suburban lives without thinking that Mr. “I want to sell you a new electricity plan”, who comes knocking on our doors, doesn’t pull out one of these instruments of death.

We don’t have wild animals roaming for the need to protect ourselves from them. Our kangaroos are very rarely seen in suburbia. What on earth and more so how on earth are people allowed to sell these in a Sunday market along side your fruit and veg?

It baffles me and disgusts me and certainly gives the wrong message to the “let’s go strolling round the market and see if we can buy a kick-arse machete this afternoon?!”

That’s it – I am done, but I shall be writing our local paper and ask W..T…


Over and out







Rant and raves from grumpy rambly

time for a rant & raves – which I swore I wouldn’t really do..so I must be ‘in a mood’ tonight.

  • Political correctness…. I like many other Australians I am sure, are becoming increasingly fed up and irritated with lack of ‘ freedom of speech’ that we once had. Currently there are a couple of uproars in the media about ‘the wrong word/s’ being spoken. One by a 13 year old girl at a football match, who yelled out ‘Ape’ to an Aboriginal football player. She has been accused of racism. Is it just me or is this getting ridiculous?  This is what was said of her from the player – “Racism has a face. It’s a 13-year-old girl.”  This is her reply “I didn’t mean it in a racist way and I’m sorry to the club and the AFL.”  Would I be called racist if I called a caucasian person an ape if I thought he was playing football badly? No I wouldn’t.  Yell it out to an Indigenous person and all hell breaks lose.  Are we all becoming a touch to ‘sensitive’?
  • We over here are slowly but surely being turned into a nation where we cannot think for ourselves, nor are we able to speak our mind for fear of upsetting others, where we are being indoctrinated daily on how in our every day lives to ‘tow’ the line.
  • There was also mention of banning the singing of Christmas Carols in Australian schools as it was not acceptable to other religious beliefs. Children in some schools have been banned from running or doing cartwheels for they may injure themselves…sorry don’t all children injure themselves at some point? Have these playground activities, all of a sudden become extremely dangerous? I heard on the radio last week that they are wanting some sports groups for children to stop scoring as encourages too much competition between the kids….seriously? Friendly competitiveness no longer allowed.
  • We have some medicines that are costing some families $30,000 per year out of pocket whilst we have our Politicians giving themselves hefty pay rises.
  • I am a smoker (though I have cut down tremendously – so please don’t yell at me). The Government is quite happy to pocket the revenue from the sale of tobacco, yet chastises those who smoke. They continually increase the cost of cigarettes, show the most deplorable advertisements to try and dissuade people from smoking, is aware that it causes emphysema, cancer, strokes, blindness (as are those that smoke by the way). They have banned smoking inside Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, you cannot smoke within 4 meters of an entrance to a building or in an area where there is a roof. All of these measures by the way I am in total agreement with. They are now contemplating banning smoking in all outdoor areas, ie maybe we can only have a cigarette in our own homes or perhaps the back yard shed or garage. We all know how bad it is, the decision to give up would be so much easier, if they simply stopped manufacturing the damn things! But no, we know that will not happen because the good old Government is pardon the pun ‘making a killing’ by still letting companies produce them.
  • There are millions given in foreign aid, when we have homeless people in Australia, when we need new Hospitals, new roads and infrastructure. We allow boat people to flood into our country illegally and find employment, when they cannot speak english and have no skills, which in turn takes away jobs for Australians that have been born and raised here, or those that have migrated legally through the proper channels and who can contribute to the country.

I just think we have it all a little screwed up and it’s not going to get any better. I shall finish my ranting and raving before I get started on our legal system or lack there of over here. Australia was known as the “Lucky Country” at this juncture I’m no too sure.

Discipline Yes or No?

For the record. This post is purely my thoughts and opinion, I am not dictating what you as a parent should or shouldn’t do.

Great minds seem to think alike – mine being one 🙂 the other Mer over at Knocked Over by a feather.

See her link here on the subject I write about. I had this in my draft folder last week and didn’t post, then I read the below, which reminded me to finish it and finally post.


Back in my school days (yes many moons ago) I,  along with many of my stirring little brat class mates, were now and then introduced to this delightful fellow images-1

“JENNIFER………..” would be sternly roared across the room (and you knew you were in trouble when they used your full name).  I would then rise from chair and rather sheepishly walk to the front of the class red face from pure embarrassment (or sometimes giggling trying to hide my fear) to hold out my slightly shaking hand out for my impending punishment.

How many smacks I would receive would depend on the severity of the ‘crime’ that I had committed. Talking was usually the one that did the trick, ok not just a word or two, but a full on conversation, where I didn’t pay attention to anything that was being said. I knew I was in the wrong, so I took it like a man…I mean girl. I think the most every received was 6 in one ‘lesson’. If  my crime was more severe I would be dragged to the Principal’s office for his/her lecture (and a phone call to mum and dad) this occurred more when I was a young rebellious know it all (hard to believe I know) but I had my rat-bag moments whilst at school.

In my family life, my two brothers and I would on the odd occasion get the ‘strap’ from dad. One of my brothers (RIP), was subjected to more of these punishments than my elder brother and I. Sometimes…well I managed to convince dad that I was his little girl and battered my eye-lids which led to a reprieve, but not always.

People now label this as ‘child abuse’.  In fact there is pretty much a LABEL for everything these days. Teachers are actually teaching the children this, to the point where even mine in their later years at school would say “You can’t touch me, or I can report you to the Police”. Those who do not follow the ‘smack rule’ look upon you as the devil incarnate if you dare ‘smack’ your child on the bum when they are screaming the supermarket down for the lolly (sweet) that you have told them for the hundredth time they cannot have.  I have witnessed as I am sure most have, of the frantic, frustrated mother, standing there watching her child throw a tantrum on the floor of a supermarket, not knowing what to do or to handle the situation. There are parents who honestly do not know what to do. “Shall I smack – what if I am caught”? “Shall I walk off , pretend I’m not being effected and let everyone else deal with the screaming?”

I KNOW there is a HUGE difference between giving your child a ‘smack’ on the bum or hand to full scale intent to do continual physical (and therefore possible mental damage). However parents are afraid to ‘smack’ over here. Parents are made to feel like monsters or criminals for disciplining their child how they see fit and as mentioned they can be reported if they are seen doing so, now sorry,  but what a load of cods!

Do we not have rights as parents to administer discipline to our own children anymore? Have the ‘do-gooders’  (for want of better description) of the world completely taken over? Why do we have the problem with youth of today?

Two different opinions are mainly given.

  1. They were ‘abused’ as a child (this excuse is forever given in our judical system) and now they are so mentally scarred that they have to release their anger onto the world in the way of grafitti, theft, fighting or yes even murder.
  2. They weren’t disciplined enough when they were little and now feel because they were able to get away with everything in their younger years, they have the ‘right’ to get away with what they want to now, in whatever form they choose.

I understand there are parents that actually feel physically sick if they smack their child

“Why did I do it, only to make myself feel better?”

“They didn’t mean it, they are only young, they didn’t know any better”.

“They are going to hate me now”.

“What does smacking prove?”

What does it do? What may it do? It may very well be the message that your child needs to hear (or feel) from time to time, for an action that they have done for which you don’t agree with.  Those and there are sadly numerous who smack for the hell of it, are out of control and I do not advocate that this is correct, in any form or fashion. However a tap on the bum or back of the legs or a smack on the hand – surely us as a society can see that this is not going to damage our child and furthermore whose child is it?

Perhaps being dealt with in this manner could in fact stop the youth of today ‘doing as they please’ for they know that punishment will ensue. Too many of our younger generation believe they have a right to commit a crime, or hurt others and why, because they weren’t given any form of discipline when they were growing up. I didn’t get punished for being bad then – I won’t now. Some may use the excuse that they were born that way or that they grew up in an abusive relationship – there is a BIG difference between ABUSE and a smack on the bum people! It has just been given the same LABEL.

The naughty corner could be used, silence as your child stands staring into a corner for every 1 minute of their age, if this works for you I am pleased.

However I have seen little ones put through this (Mr. S’s grandchildren) they come out and apologise and within 5 minutes they are back acting out in the same way.

So wouldn’t a smack on the bum, that causes an ‘ouch’ remain with them longer (and by that I do not mean mentally scarred for life, but purely the ouch factor)?  Showing them that for every wrong action there is a consequence and that consequence is not pleasant? Or is it better to let them ‘perform’ because they are only ‘little’ and as they grow they will learn right from wrong?  So when does that happen, at what age?

Perhaps I am ‘old school’ with all the literature written and new age ideas that have come to the fore since I raised my girls the way of handling situations has seemingly changed, because hell knows, no children were born or raised prior to these new findings!!

I for one, gave both my girls a smack when required, I certainly experinced them. Have I turned out any worse for it? NO I don’t think I have. I do not have nightmares, or suffer any mental illness for being reprimanded for playing up. I certainly did not look to a life of crime because I thought I wouldn’t be punished and therefore could do as I pleased. Seriously folks, let us not get so tied up with others preaching/dictating how we should raise our children!

I learnt lessons as I was growing up and too often in our society this does not happen.

I haven’t done a ‘Rambly’ for some time, it was overdue. Any comments or thoughts – fire away!

Morning Blight

oh child please
stop crying
coffee spilt
toast burnt
can’t you wear
odd socks to school?
have you looked
under your bed?
I know they are your
but you have a few to choose
I plead… how about a different kind?
you shake your head you pout
I sigh…
yes stop your sniffling sweety
mummy will try to find
there really are OTHERS
that we can find to
I give mutterings
through clenched
this day’s not over

crying dog
PLEASE stop whining
I’ll get your
breakfast soon
don’t give me guilts
with puppy dog eyes
as I race
from room to room
for a SOCK!!
where can it be?
what about these?
no darling YOU’RE
right of course
there NOT the same
oh give me strength
I tell myself
am I the one
to blame

DAMN murmurs from
the other half
echo from the room
what’s YOUR
problem hun I ask?
trying hard not too
sorry what
geez stop your grizzling
NO I didn’t iron
any shirts
but are you
that incompetent
YOU can’t iron them
I’m on a mission
here can you lend
a hand
no sorry what YOU’RE
running late…no time
…as IF I do
can I chuck a temper
tanti and yell and
scream at YOU!

heaven help me
I hear footsteps
of teenage daughter
thumping down
the stairs
slamming door to room
you’re so not wearing
THAT in public
sweet product of my womb
fingers clenched
I whisper …
don’t mess with me today
I’M not letting you
wear that dress
with half your rear
end on display

husband DEAR
the dog’s in need of
the child
is screaming for
her SOCK
your daughter… well
see what she wears
can YOU see what
she looks like
oh…you haven’t time
to reprimand
then guess it’s ME
who’ll have the

morning juggle
hormone inflamed
teenage girl
un-ironed shirt a
missing sock
and the starving
whimpering dog
rush and pandemonium
I run
frantically to
the day has sadly just begun

…this is MY catastrophe

In light of the ‘real’ catastrophes around the world, I thought I would try and lighten it a little with my definition.

FOR  THE PUB   http://dversepoets.com

The day in the life of a broken record

Dear Readers,
Firstly how are you all? I hope you are all in good health.
I am experiencing (hopefully just for tonight – sorry this morning as the clock has just struck 1:09am) a brain freeze, is it a Seasonal thing as one of my readers mentioned? As the clouds swagger across the dulled skies, striking out the sun and making the earth dark and gloomy, is this how my writing will be? I think it shall.
For those that read me regularly I do enjoy my dark side in my writing and I feel that this will become more prevalent as our winter slowly but surely descends upon us. Of course all of you can hit delete if you do not wish to be burdened with my macabre dribble.
I said I would write about my day, however I am sure it will bore the pants off the majority of you or leave you in a comatose state with no will to live.

I woke up (surprise surprise)

I showered (no not a surprise I shower every morning)

I got dressed (yes I don’t do naked well at my age)

I wrote out a complaint form (for those who know me a little more intimately you will know what this is about..possibly)

I went on to my site (yes, something due to being out of work, I do all day every day and half the night)

I answered my readers (as in line with my Blog Etiquette post)

I read other posts and commented (as per my Blog Etiquette post)

I tried to cover the way I felt inside (pointless)

I wasn’t able to (the masks we use)

I met a girlfriend for lunch (at a Japanese Rest)

I did most of the talking (all right whinging about my circumstances right now)

I ate (whilst whinging)

I had a glass of wine (whilst whinging)

I came back home and felt miserable for yes (whinging)

I sent her a text apologising (she replied don’t be silly little one keep smiling)

I am not me at the moment (physically yes though I need to lose 2 and a bit kgs) mentally not me

I am a little stressed and anxious, but above all frustrated (mainly frustrated and bored – hence prolific writing)

I am angry at losing a girlfriend of 6 years, angry that she hasn’t contacted me (no pissed off to be honest)

I think at my age, yes for those that don’t know how old I am 58 in July (so technically still 57) making friends is difficult, ones who you know you can trust, have your back, be supportive

I think I have learnt (at my age) true friends you can count on your fingers, the others as they say are acquaintances

I digress

I went back on line and tried in vain to write a post for Trifecta (I did anyway and I’m not happy about it)

I had brain breeze (in fact in part I still do)

I want a job – I want to be my own boss (I want to write for a living..ah yes dream on)

I want to stop being frustrated and bored at home and also happy with what I write (prays tomorrow is better)

I wanted to stick to my Blog Etiquette which I haven’t (and wrote a very long post – apologies)
So my dear readers, this was me and my day, exciting huh?

Sincerely Yours

(who promises sooner, rather than later to stop moaning and going on like a broken record)


PS: I do not know how to stop people putting comments( I tried – I failed), PLEASE I did not write this for comments or to have my readers feeling sorry for me. This was not my intent,  this was me getting things off my chest and rambling on (oh and I shall get the post done tomorrow about that name change thing hopefully)