The tock has clicked the fire works have almost hit the ground

It’s 2013!… over here…no  not up there…down under!

For once and only once (as we know I do babble on a tad) since starting my Blog Life on July 29th 2012, this post will be tiny but HUGE in what I wish to say to each and every one of YOU.

Thank YOU… all of you…every like..every comment…every critique…every bit of guidance..support and kindness. YOU have made me laugh..made me cry…made me sit back in awe of your talents ..and yes sadly sometimes have made me cringe (just a weeny bit mind).

I have loved every part of being part of YOU and your works and I am sure I shall continue to do so.

If I didn’t have YOU I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t bother, I would simply watch TV… (so YOU) have saved me. YOU have made Mr. S a Blog Widower but he’s ok with that.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of YOU – the blogging community who have been there with me and for me.

I wish you and yours an extremely happy, healthy, writing addictive 2013.

May there always be lead in your pencil… or a keyboard or notepad at the ready for all of YOU.

We have fireworks starting (coz well we are ahead of most of YOU) and yes it’s a quiet one for ramblings/rambly/mumsy but I don’t mind because I could share some of it with YOU.

Be kind to your friends, reach out and help when you can – as that is what YOU have done for me and for that I am eternally grateful.