Time for My Weekend That Was. (Pull up a chair)

What a few days it has been, I have been absent all weekend until now.
Pop wasn’t well on Thursday, I won’t go into the details…but put it this way – he needs a proper diet and to move around more than he is doing at present. He also fell out of bed 😦 2nd fall in 9 days. I spent Friday with them, giving him juices to drink and trying to get him better for the Saturday (yesterday) and his youngest Grandson’s Wedding.

Friday night we had plans in place, they were booked for the hairdressers (early 7.30am) god awful hour to be up, but they are early risers. We, Mr. S and I were to pick them up at 2.45 Saturday to drive them to the Wedding.

Later that night it all turned sour, we cancelled the taxi for the hairdressers. I tucked Pop into bed, putting a hot water bottle on his tummy, putting a wheat pack on his back to help his discomfort. I told him I would trim his hair if he was able to go and also blow wave mums (last minute strategies in place). I sat down along side him on the bed and he said “what would I do without you, but I am so over living like this”. I told him, he isn’t going anywhere yet and to work to gain his strength back.

Saturday morning and the phone call came saying he’s not any better and they couldn’t go 😦

Mr. S and I drove up to the Winery, a little windy but the sun was shining. My nephew Shaun standing nervously in the gazebo waiting for his bride to appear. The bridesmaids walked down and then Emma his gorgeous bride. I watched my young nephew, put his hand to his chest and mouth WOW. Yes, I started with the tears then. She looked stunning (as all brides do). They exchanged vows, they placed the rings, their photos were taken. We were asked for the family shot, with heals sinking into the lawn we smiled and tried to balance.

We then went stood on the decking overlooking the beautiful Winery and had canapes and champers. I could go on and on about the night how perfect everything was, but I would possible bore you all to tears even further.

I phoned mum and Pop throughout the night to see how they were.

The next door neighbour answered the phone, then got mum, who then couldn’t explain and put Pop on the phone…. he had another fall in the shower. She tried to lift him up but couldn’t. The neighbours couldn’t as they have bad backs, so they called the SES…. now for those who don’t know the SES this stands for State Emergency Services… they help out in storms etc removing fallen trees and the like. I DO NOT KNOW why they called them and not the Ambulance.

Poor Pop was then lifted out of the shower with some device onto a stretcher, they then called the Ambo’s and back he went to the Hospital. They did the battery of tests as last time and nothing showing as to why he fell. I was in tears outside at the venue, as I spoke to him, friends and daughters came to my aid. They were wonderful.

Today I went over there at 7.45am…got to sleep at 1am…. I am so tired right now. He has no injuries apart from his pride a little from being ‘hoisted like a tree trunk’ as he put it from the shower stark naked.

So there was so much happiness mixed with sadness yesterday. We (my brother and I ) have instigated talks about more care being required … tis a good thing.

2 other things upset me yesterday – I have a beautiful marquee set gold diamond ring, I had it enlarged a few weeks ago to fit another finger and wore it out once 2 weeks ago. I went to put it on yesterday and…no diamond. I cried, I bought this for myself as a 40th birthday present. I don’t know if it’s possible that the jeweller did something to the claws that held the diamond, but I am visiting him tomorrow to ask.

The other thing… both my girls looked amazing at the Wedding and mum didn’t take a photo 😦 Hopefully when we get a copy of the group shot I shall be able to put up. So disappointed, but I guess it’s not like they aren’t going to ever ‘dress-up’ ever again.


How my day was yesterday

It is almost 9pm Friday night. I haven’t posted or written anything for 2 days. To some this could be a blessing, to me just feels strange.  Perhaps the below may explain.

Yesterday I picked up mum and dad and took them out for lunch at a friends of theirs, a man of 89 years of age George (Czech) and his wife Dawn (Australian).  She cooked a typical Czech meal, which with the mere mention of Roast Pork, I could see Pop salivating as this is his favourite meal.

It was a terrible day weather wise, blustery 100km winds, rain, hail and yes we are in Spring, but Melbourne can throw us 4 seasons in one day and as much as we hate it, we are use to it.

We sat down to home made chicken soup, followed by Roast Port and Crackle, Red pickled hot cabbage, sauerkraut with caraway seeds and bacon and bread dumplings and gravy. I tucked the napkin into dads jumper as his hands still shake and he has the tendency to spill, which embarrasses him.  George has bad legs like dad and hobbled around with the help of walker. Dad used his walking stick to stretch his legs half way through lunch.

It brought me joy and equally sadness, listening to the 4 of them relieve the parties and the BBQ’s and speak of all they were able to do when they were young and what they can’t do now.  George and Pop spoke now and then in Czech (I think some of them possibly risque jokes) which was funny in itself as they tried to keep the punch lines from ‘us girls’.

We spent 4 hours there and then we had to leave, as I had to do their shopping for them. They both sat in the car whilst I raced around the supermarket like a mad woman, as I didn’t want to leave them to long.

I drove them home, unloaded all their shopping, made sure they were settled and headed for home.

Placing my shopping bags down in the kitchen, the phone rang.

Mum was on the phone, crying, saying dad was taking the bins out and had fallen.

I raced back into the car with Mr. S who had just walked in the door from work 5 minutes earlier.

As we were driving the 7 minutes it takes to get to their place I could hear an Ambulance, I said I hope that isn’t for Pop. Mr. S could not hear it.

I drove into their driveway like a woman possessed (pretty much the same woman who did the shopping) and saw about 3 or 4 cars pulled up outside on the street and about 8 or so people standing around.

My heart was going 1000 beats per minute. Dad was lying on the nature strip, he had suffered a dizzy spell and passed out, dragging the bins with him. His glasses cut the bridge of his nose.

All I could hear from his neighbour was “Here she is”.

I bent down to Pop and kissed his forehead, saying “Don’t do this to me’ trying to hold my tears followed by “I can’t leave you alone for one second can I”? (smiling).

One passer by a young man and his girlfriend had rung the Ambulance and asked mum who was in a state of confusion, to bring blankets and a pillow as it was cold and Pop was shaking due to shock setting in.

Within seconds the Ambulance had pulled up – the one I had heard off in the distance.

I sat with him, stroking his forehead in the Ambulance, whilst mum went with Mr. S.

They ran a battery of tests, CT Scan, X Rays, Blood tests, though the poor thing had to have 4 attempts made on him, before they could find a decent vein.   All the tests came back fine.  I want to say thank you to our Ambulance Drivers who work tirelessly, who showed nothing but compassion and care and understanding for a man they did not know.

We were in the Hospital for 5 or so hours, before we could take him home. He couldn’t walk well after lying down for so long, so we had the wheel chair to help him to the car. When we got home, the wheelchair was needed again. Inside cosy and warm and exhausted, I undressed him and put him in his pyjamas, gave him some pain killers and put him into bed.

And this is how he was in the Hospital, without his glasses, with his cheek starting to swell and his cut and swollen nose.  Still managing a smile. My darling Pop, who scared the living daylights out of me.  My darling Pop who will have unfortunately a black and blue face next weekend for his grandsons wedding….  Ah Pop… I love you so very much.

2013-09-26 20.57.30

Sorry, I have turned off comments as I wrote this for me – because.. well I needed to.

Car Saga continues

Apologies, yours truly is in a little bit of a writing frenzy it seems (once again). So sorry for so many Posts and filling up your In-Box! Delete if you don’t wish to hear about my daughters Car Saga.



Just an update on Daughter # 2’s car.

Still impounded, Mr. S phoned and spoke to the ‘gentlemen’ today, we are lodging a formal complaint with Consumer Affairs now. We are told legally the 2 contracts (the hire car agreement and her car being fixed) are 2 separate issues and she is entitled to have her car back.

Then we are seeking legal advice from a solicitor. He (the not so very nice Manager) sent us the quote for the 5 minute repair (according to the other Panel Beaters she saw) and it amounts to $2,600.00. This company are scammers which is unfortunate for they are a family business that has been established well over 40 years.  Now we wait for the paper-work to be filled in, for even though he accepts a payment plan, he will NOT release the car till that is paid in full ($1,500). Very handy to have a Panel company who also runs their own Insurance company isn’t it……

Meanwhile yes good old Mum will be driving her into work before I head onto mine..ah the joys! 🙂




Accident prone – mainly the right side of my body it seems. What about you?

Accidents – let me see yes I had one this morning, walking around the house bare footed as another hot day in Oz.     Courtesy Google & obsidianportal.com

 Courtesy Google & obsidianportal.com

My right foot smashes into the bottom of the steps. It was sore granted, I did say a few expletives, then it seemed to feel better, in fact I took minded dog Peta for her walk, I weeded the back yard ferociously and then I started to mow. Mr. S is on a Golf weekend so I thought hmm the sun is out may as well continue. I finished the back then got 1/4 into the front only to have my ‘cafoofer valve’ give way on me  (my terminology for running out of steam) which is VERY unusual for moi.

Now it wasn’t the foot that stopped me , oh noooo it was the fact that silly me (points stern finger at myself) did not consume any water the entire time I was slaving in the garden. So I think a bit of heat stroke got to me. Such a sad and sorry sight I was stretched out on the couch grabbing breath and drinking gallons of water.

Anyway where was I, oh yeah the foot.. so after I had hydrated myself (no people not with wine this time) and had a shower, the foot was aching more than earlier. To the point now dear readers I can’t put weight properly on it. So maybe…possibly I have broken a little toe (the one on the end that you really don’t need anyhow) and have it bandaged. Daughter said “Um Doctor Mum”  reply “No they can’t do anything if it’s broken anyway”(be forever the martyr)…

This led me to this post.

How many accidents have you had?  Are you accident prone? What’s the weirdest accident you have had?

I can recall 3 others, though technically one wasn’t an accident, ok it was I guess.

  • I must have stood on a small screw outside at one stage, but I never felt it. I don’t want to gross anyone out but for months I was completely unaware until one day (for reasons even unknown to me) I looked very hard at the underneath of my foot (not something I’m prone to do a regular basis mind). I dug a little as I noticed something dark…you guessed it after not to be much digging I pulled out this screw, albeit small but the little thing had been nestled in the ball of my foot for some time without me feeling or knowing it was there.
  • The 2nd incident was again involving my foot and my right one – seems I’m accident prone with this side of my body. I was outside and my partner at the time was cutting off planks of wood. Yep barefoot again, I stood on a nail. Off to the doctors this time for a Tetanus injection (which was painless). However I had to step, place, step, place with crutches as the nail even though I had been injected against bodily harm had infected my foot somewhat and it swelled underneath. The mere act of trying to place it on the ground was agonising.
  • The 3rd and last incident was when I was young – I can’t remember how young but I climbed a fence when I was living at home and fell, head first folks onto a concrete path on the other side.

And that possibly explains why I am like I am to this very day.

Courtesy Google& justjoyaweightwarrior.blogspot.com.au

Courtesy Google& justjoyaweightwarrior.blogspot.com.au