What are you afraid of?

Is it? (Arachnophobia

Courtesy Google & Australian Museum website..The Australian Huntsman Spider.

or this? (Ophidiophobia)

Courtesy Google & Museum Victoria website. An Australian snake.

or this? ( Lepidopterophobia)

Courtesy Google & Cairns.com.au. An Australian Butterfly.

or this? (Entomophobia)

Courtesy Google & Reptile Pages. An Australian Bug.

or this (Crocodyliphobia)

Courtesy Google & Brainz. Australian Crocodile









hmmm some of Australia‘s finest….


What is your Phobia…could be something so innocent as Coulrophobia?

Courtesy Google & NY Daily News.com









Do share with me what send shivers down your spine, how you cope (or don’t). What is YOUR Phobia & how do you deal with it?