Such a fool you are (Prose – Part 1)


throw it my way
the curve ball ~ the unexpected
uncertainty as it leaves your hand
unsure which direction it will take
precariously balanced as if chance governs
a number on the dice rolled across the green
will luck come my way, or do you feel the
lucky one

yet the numbers will not seal your fate
my mouth will
you haven’t heard my phone calls
hand covering the receiver with whispers
that aren’t heard, oblivious to my late night yoga
hell ~ all the classes were running late
how misled are you

so give it your best shot, I itch for the
moment you release me
so I can give you details that shall
make your blood run cold

©jmtacken 19/11/2013

PS – If anyone can tell me how to get the bottom right hand photo of my mug off – please do – I didn’t expect to have this 2nd one pop up!!

3 feathers

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awkward silence
perhaps a bad connection, I tap the phone
a stammer returns..
a paper cut
"I'm in town, thought we could catch up...tonight?"
you could hear a 

feather drop

"Is that wise?"
answered with doubt - curiosity
"We've both moved on, it's been 3 years
lighten the tone I hear myself
...heard you got hitched?"
news faster than the speed
of light
"Yeah...yeah I did"

2 feathers

"Surely no harm..old friends right?"
I heard the smile
"At the Hotel...our old Hotel ... say 6?"
anticipating yes... no
my hand clutches the cell
"I should be okay...see you there"
stomach knots
I hit end call
a light kiss on the cheek
I smell familiar scents
as we sit, knees close able to touch
"You look great"
"We do"
edgy laugh
"To you"
glasses raised simultaneously
like we never parted
never moved on
never met anyone new
the lost jig-saw pieces
another drink, seductive lips
wrapped around the rim
and another
knees again..but electricity
this time
shuffling feet across the carpet
I watch it pour
vodka drink of choice
merry-go-round time
no words just glances
no actions .. only the language
of our bodies
"So you're happy"?
"Hmm" was the reply
a so-so kinda answer
I reach out covering your fingers
that strum nervously on the bar
"I ...ah...booked a room.. for old times sake?"
pupils enlarge
pulse beats
"No regrets... pretend nothing happened?"
a wink
as we walk upstairs
holding sweaty palms
"No regrets at all"
as we enter the room
the familiar decore of
yester-years love
that was blinded by
afternoon lust
before we moved on
and life changed
and routine set
like a dark cloud
as I undid his belt
hands trembling

3 feathers

kissing his throat
how could I pretend....

shall I tell you a story….


“Come away with me”.

Tatiana whispered the words out loud,  printed in capitals on the very first page.

Her sister had packed the book into her suitcase before she and Robert had left for the christening, insisting that she should not read it, till she was alone.

Robert was in such a great mood all afternoon and during the ‘after celebration party’ never let Tatiana’s glass run dry, even insisting on making her a cocktail on their return back to the cabin. Light headed, she had stumbled giggling, to the suitcase to retrieve the book and headed to the pier, not bothering to change clothes, the effects of the alcohol fuelled her curiosity about what her sister had given her to read.

She popped on her sunglasses and held the book high to escape the suns glare that now and then filtered through the clouds of the fresh autumn afternoon.

The comforting red woollen coat lay beneath her. The wooden pier warming and crackling as it breathed in the suns heat.

Her arm dangled and at times her fingertips disturbed the stillness of the lake, causing ripples on the surface.

Turning the page she continued to read, though her eyelids were growing heavy.

Even if she only got to the bottom of this page, she thought, she could close her eyes, enjoying the peacefulness and silence of the lake.

“The love that I have for you, like no other, soon, soon we will be together for ever and always”.

As her twin, the water below mirrored her reflection.

Tatiana struggled to keep her eyes open, her body felt heavy, something strange was happening.

A pain slashed across the inside of her chest as she recognised her sister’s hand writing.

“Have you enjoyed the read my dear Tatiana?”,  were the last words to pass her eyes before her last breath was inhaled.



Critique welcome.         This is my contribution for Picture it & write

Was it my fault? Prose.


Transparent solitary tear drop falls
meandering down an opaque cheek
before another grows and spills on
a course not identical yet a twin

Lips moist against the tear that flows
eyes blink a little shake of head
try to dispel the ache the pain
sobs so strong but body weak

Capturing moments of happiness
swirled between weight of pain
steely knife penetrates the heart
my actions callow I did this

Trusted not your love of me
emerald eyes tainted vision
accusations taunting
closed ears to fake apologies

As the vinyl circles
scratched with needle music sour
your lyrics droned
none of them with meaning only rhythm

Cadence of untrusting words
delusional what you screamed
yet lipstick collars marked your trail
of where I had not been

How could I feel the guilty one
casting fault upon myself
whilst knowing that you shared
your love your heart with someone else


This is a piece I had been working on over at 20 lines a day, a challenge for April that meant us working on the one piece of prose or poetry for the entire month until we were satisfied with it. I am not sure if I am, but I am putting it out there regardless.

MAG 158 Challenge Temptation



Temptation led me to your door, a husband & child I left at home
I forgive myself … to want so much more

you enticed me
your eyes cast a spell
you tempted me with… your voice

should I feel guilt, or be ashamed?  hell no… I only have myself to blame for

resistance to you…futile
I took the vows…I’ve paid my dues, am I wrong…my crazed obsession for you

my child will always
be my side….you say that you accept this
there is nothing else I hide

I ran through pouring rain…. to you, to collapse into your arms

exhaustion leaves my body weak, I want, I lust… I ask
strip the clothes that cling….watch me naked

warm me with your body heat
I’m yours… I give you…. me …. now and every tomorrow,  I have granted
I have to leave behind my life…but take my child

to start anew, for all I want in a cruel universe

is a life to share
with you

For The Mag    Another fabulous photo and challenge.magpie-tales-statue-stamp-185

Alfred Dorn Sonnet – An Affair

The Alfred Dorn sonnet originated in a Formalist publication contest. Each year the Formalist runs a sonnet contest where the applicants make up their own form of sonnet. The sonnet form is named after the winning applicant, and in this case Alfred Dorn was the winner and the sonnet he devised named after him. The Alfred Dorn sonnet is different than most sonnets, in that it has an Italian sestet and a Sicilian sestet linked by a couplet. Both sestets share common rhyme set by the first line. The rhyme scheme is as follows; a. b. c. a. b. c. … d. d. … a. e. a. e. a. e. ~~~

A dalliance I believe is what we had
brief and unvarnished meaning
temptation that led me astray
I was happy, yet miserably sad
was it real or was I dreaming
your love scheduled your time, your way

I was your mistress, your bit on the side
My love, my emotions impossible to hide

Still I was drawn I cannot deny
who did you want, that was my plea
did you know how often I would cry
the dreams the hopes, did you even see
would our love blossom or would it die 
would you love only her or love only me


I am attempting different forms of poetry – bare with me….If I am incorrect with this … Please let me know..