Sitting at my back door

I asked Brian Miller from WaystationOne and also dVerse for some inspiration after writing and editing a Eulogy.

His words were – go sit on the porch with a cuppa…close your eyes and listen…when you think you have heard it—listen some more then write it…smiles

So I went outside and closed my eyes and listened..and listened and sat for hmmm 3 minutes and wrote this…probably should have stayed longer (but I was cold)


Soft wind meanders through trees
at my back gate and birds cluck
~ similar to ducks
but not
joined with the odd crow or dove
a dog in the distance barks
for the homecoming of his master
‘Boing’ a basketball next door
bounces ‘cross the pavement
Six birds I hear, different shapes
different sizes
competing with the clunk of tin
from neighbours in their yard
bees~ and there are bees murmuring
amongst the chipped wood
seeking flowers on the branches
and a fly ~
wouldn’t be Australia ~ without a fly


Thanks Brian 😉 my 666th post.