Cry of the Indian



Can I take you on a journey?

we, insignificant specks upon the scorching sands

watch the bald eagle, ascend

the mighty, capturing the wind in his wings

as he soars towards the drifting clouds


the drums resound across softened dunes

and the darkened night is broken

by the burst of peach that breaks the morning light


feathered wild grass against the dusted rocks

dancing with the breath that circles from above

release our animal spirit to the depth of watery caverns

quenching thirsts from waterfalls

as eagles soar

hear them cry

the cry of ancestors

across the plains, who hold dream catchers

in their hand

let the desert winds softly blow

lifting  grains of past to future

as cries grow louder, arms held high

towards the sun

cherishing the earth

and the drum beats slow, rhythmically

the chanting heard, the spirits felt

the world is calm, for some

as the giant eagle soars


Native American Indian – Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart.


I am sorry for not keeping up with posts and commenting, it’s been a tough week ūüė¶

©jmtacken 16.5.2014