Tommy and Faye (Conclusion)

as the sun drew down
Tommy waited
longing to catch a glimpse
stubbing his twentieth cigarette
into the ground

Perhaps she’s not working
he told himself, why the hell didn’t he call
afraid of rejection, his own pain
when previous girls broke his heart

Her auburn hair
her ocean blue eyes
the paper napkin, her number

She’s moved on, he took too long
he chastised himself, sitting
alone, remembering
her voice, her smile

Days passed, he smoked too much
glancing at the wire door
hoping, longing to see her face
the reaction to the sign

she never emerged
he cursed himself
for his own stupidity
a love lost

Regretting wasted seconds
thinking of his own pain
memories of hurt, he wanted a change
lacked confidence

Days turned to weeks
even tried calling
hearing her voice on the message
the voice soft and sweet

I’m sorry I can’t take your call
right now, please leave a message
which I’ll return

but it never came
he knew his chance lost
Tommy and Faye the sign on the pole
remained through the seasons

till it crumbled and fell

©jm tacken Feb 2014

Some of my readers asked for a conclusion to the story I wrote yesterday. Thank you to Brian from  for his nudges once again.

This didn’t post for some reason, before the post I just wrote.