Oh look it’s another chat post

Again it's babble time, seem to be doing more of these, but lets face it, it gives you a break from the poetry doesn't it. Today Saturday morning, I drove to the hairdressers to cover my sparkly bits - (yes unfortunately I have a few) and needed a trim and some foils (okay men foils are just that - colour put on our hair then wrapped in aluminium foil, yes we do look  Alien, but that's how we roll.

I walked in, the little bell rang above the door and I sat down, grabbed a mag with pictures of the overly skinny models and celebs that are showing off their bones lately.

My hairdresser Fiona, looked at me. "Hi Jen". "Hi Fe". She then walked to the counter, checked her appointment book and said "Erm Jen you're not booked in today". I grabbed my card out and said "It's got the 31st on here"? (insert puzzled look). She (insert a puzzled look back) said "Jen today is the 1st".

It's akin to a wave coming into the shore line, they just keep coming looking very similar to the last one, that's how my days are being at home every day now. Yes... I have a date on my MAC that stares at me daily, but do I pay attention - obviously not. Did I pick up a newspaper this morning - again obviously not.

She said if you want to hang around, she would still do my hair. My appointment was for 9.30. I got there at 9.15. I left at 1.30. Before getting my hair done, I made myself useful and swept the floors for her and made cups of tea and coffee for the other ladies.

Then it was back home with two of our dear friends helping us out with our new floating floor boards we are we have finally put down. I shall post a before and after tomorrow, if I can (especially for Bec) 🙂

The house (hallway, kitchen, eating area and family room) look so different and I am thrilled with the results. 8 hours today, cutting dowel, staining it, gluing it, nailing it…but it's done (sigh of relief). The only incident was after we had eaten our Chinese Take Away delivered for tea, Mr. S walked into the family room and said "Erm guys, looks like we have hidden a vent". So yes the 'boys' put the floor boards over one of the heating vents in the floor…. now we have to try and figure out where it was, to cut the opening again. You can see my face right now, can't you?

42C tomorrow here in sunny Australia, Mr. S is off to play golf and I visit the hardware store to get nick nacks to finish off the woodwork, stay warm people.


Is it all in the Title?

What makes an excellent Post, one that people will read?

What draws in the unsuspecting reader, perhaps it’s simply the Tags we use?

Is it what people are interested in at that particular moment in their life?

Or do they intentionally explore their computers for links, words to a subject or a topic that they are curious about?

I admire Leslie and her Bucket List site, so many viewers watching and reading in awe of her travels and lust for the adventurous life-style.

My life style is not that adventurous, my Posts are as my name random ramblings from a mum, letters making words put on a page that are thoughts, amalgamated with the incessant babbling that goes through my head at any given moment.

Am I a prolific writer? Maybe. According to when I started blogging and how many I have written.

It amazes me to see who reads what. Some posts are left dangling, whereas others have had quite a few ‘likes’.

Which brings me to the ‘like’ button, is it hit because they have genuinely enjoyed my dribble, or they are just being kind?

Even this post for instance, it really hasn’t accomplished much, it hasn’t set the world on fire by its content, it’s just words.

Maybe as my title suggests, it’s all about the title is this the draw card?

None the wiser, I write because I enjoy, I wish to express and I shall continue to do so. If my ‘like’ button is pressed I am pleased and for those that have stopped by and read my ramblings whom I haven’t acknowledged – I thank you.