Alright everyone line up alphabetically according to your height

Ah the wonderful folk at  dVerse  and Tony (who is tending the bar)  have asked us to write a ballad. Don’t ask me why – but I went to Irish mode with mine and was dancing like a Leprechaun (well writing) across the page and even sung the words with the accent. Come across to the Poet’s Pub and see what other ballads these brilliant folk have written. I hope this is worthy for my 610th post.




We’ve been asked to write a ballad
try to keep it true to form
yet I never think of meter’s
as that makes me all forlorn

as words I simply place on page
no metaphors and such
and if a ballad comes of this
I shall like it very much

so in a lilt I sing these words
that I place upon the page
and hope that they make common sense
to show I’m being brave

one day I’ll learn a trochee
rhythm, meters possibly more
but for now I write this ballad
as my head is growing sore

so sing with me in your own tune
and sing with me in glee
this ballad that I offer you
simply comes from me

©jmtacken Sept 2013


ahh to be sure to be sure… lol my hopeless Irish accent – thanks Audra (can’t stop laughing)