Why is that Men like Sport so much? My 1st Challenge for writing.

Ladies and Gentleman I beseech you – I gave out the challenge for my followers to give me something to write about – anything, everything as yes I have a few weeks at home where even my rambly, rattly brain will possibly run out of ideas. I would need mmmm possibly 5 ideas from each of you – that should keep me going.

I so prefer writing to housework or thinking what the hell do I cook for dinner so please feel free to add to the list.

This topic is from http://www.depressionexists.wordpress.com (aka Paula).

Stands straight, shoulders relaxed, concentrates on diaphragm , grasps the microphone and clears throat.

Men – love or hate ’em

Can’t live with them – can’t live without them. (or so we are told) hmm this is NOT the topic..ok moving on

Sports – a testosterone thing

Men bond by doing – women bond by sharing (known fact)

Men want to get out there – amongst it (whatever that IT is) Women want to chat and drink Champagne

It’s about competition and tribal

It’s the rah rah rah thumping of the chest (King Kong)

It’s Brave Heart in a Basketball match

It’s George Custer playing Football

Its man in his cave going forth with others to kill and hunt (yes that was a sport..ok and perhaps survival)

It’s the sheer pleasure of sitting back with his mates, having a drink, yelling obscenities without being told to shush

It’s the joy of yelling at the Umpire whether you be at home or at the game

It’s the thrill of listening to those who barrack for the opposite team and thinking you morons

It’s camaraderie just you and your mate sharing, enjoying, getting frustrated

It’s them having a beer and a bucket full of potato chips and relaxing and not having to think of anything else but the match

It’s so many things to a male.. some love sport – some can live without it – but it’s their little pleasure, whereas ours is shopping, socialising…dare I say blogging?

As long as it doesn’t consume their every minute

As long as they are willing and prepared to spend some quality time with us

As long as they don’t talk to US about it (as clearly we aren’t interested)

Who knows they could be so engrossed in the game when you lean over and ask for the credit card they will just hand it to you – no questions asked

So that my friend is my take on your question 🙂

I thank you


Don’t know how he got in here