Razor Blades (Prose)


I walk blades of glass
trying not to bleed

I walk gingerly
one day to the next

it tears at me
the line I tread

between what’s real
what’s not

screams as I am
on my knees

I cannot find my way
to help those who I love

to those who are in pain

together we walk
‘cross glass blades

©jmtacken 19 Feb 2014

Photo Credit: Enterkey

Sheer Wonder ~ of You (Prose)

protected cocooned

within soft fluid

I held you

dreaming dreams floating

circling in the space

you held your own

to do with as you pleased

attached only by umbilical

gravity unknown

no centre universe

attracting you to earth

content to linger

till your time came

my hand held across my belly

felt you squirm and roll

punch and kick

watching as my skin popped

a visible sign of you

and there you were

through pain and squirming

of my own

bringing you to the world

saying my first hello

cradling you in my arms

kissing every inch of you

I will protect you

I  can’t cocoon you

I would give my life to save yours

my sheer wonder

my girl/s

©jmtacken Jan 26th 2014


Daughter # 2 Kayla

EPSON scanner image

Daughter # 1 Beck and her husband Eug

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Writing anything on – Sheer Wonder

I have felt Motherhood (just a bit of nostalgia)

I had that inner and outer glow when a life grew inside me and felt small fists and kicks from tiny feet
I watched as my stomach jumped with an internal cricket beneath its skin
I cried at movies when there was no need and laughed for the same reason
I read books about to how to raise your kids, only to heed my inner voice
I dressed in clothes that had to stretch and donned unflattering 'tent's'
I wish now for T-Shirts that showed the world, I was to become a mum
I cringed with cramps from over-doing
I sulked at the sight of wine, that had to wait for another day, or the cigarette I couldn't have
I smiled at hands that wanted to feel the life within
I thought of names, only to decide after they were born, as the decision was at our first meeting
I felt the nurses as they probed to assess dilation
I squinted at fluorescent lights that shone brightly on my bared body in the room, without humiliation
I felt the pain as it hammered through me, time and time again and wondering if it would cease
I shuddered as I felt the needle in my back
I winced being told one more push, feeling the sweat trickle off my brow and hoped that this would end
I remember hearing a babies cry
I remember my tears letting go as she was given to me to hold ~ my cricket
I do remember becoming a mother for the first time
and I remember ~ as if it was only yesterday

©jmtacken Nov 2013