Tonight it’s mumsy the rambler not mumsy the poet

Please don’t all breathe a sigh of relief.  Okay you can if you want too. I haven’t rambled for a while so I thought before I get stuck into writing prose (continuing probably into the wee small hours of the morning – as yes I am no longer in the work force) I thought I would just ramble.

Those who wish to delete, watch TV or totter off to the kitchen to make a tuna sandwich feel free for here is your window of opportunity before you get enamoured with my babbling.

So what do I have to tell you (what’s more what would you be interested in)?

Last weekend I attended the Funeral Celebrant Course (Sat and Sun).

Oh my viewers it is a tad more involved than what I first thought. Nonetheless I apparently now have the Certificate verifying that I did the training and I am a Funeral Celebrant (I can see you all lining up..well possibly not) besides it may get a bit expensive with overseas commutes though… kidding I won’t charge that much.

I won’t bore you with all the details as I know how long posts can put you to sleep. I have a couple of assignments to do, which I started this afternoon. Then well, it’s in my court – to get business cards made and go and promote myself.  Feel free to ask any questions (if you can think of any) and I shall answer them (if I can think of the answers).

As I said I’m no longer am in the work force – scary, daunting, watching pennies, trying to perhaps get something part-time until I get my self established.

What else?

Hmm this morning I had the absolute delightful pleasure of meeting face to face a real blogger from WordPress. I know gasp horror, hard to believe that the people we converse with on a daily basis are actually living and breathing human beings.  This lovely lady is from  Sarah Ann Hall and her equally delightful hubby (we shall just call him Mr X).  Please visit her if you aren’t already – she is a very talented young writer.

They are over here visiting relatives and as Sarah and I got to chat a little I suggested meeting up for a coffee.  They are younger (sigh) than I, but that did not halt the conversation, though I think I possibly bored the pants off Mr. X , as when I am comfortable with people (yes even on a first meeting) I babble like a baboon. They now have my entire life history whether they wanted it or not. So when you get back home again Sarah and get back on WP – I thank you for the lovely time we had and it was special meeting with you both and I once again apologise for chattering so.

The other part of my day was opening my emails to see a blog about….can you guess…yes ME!!!  So utterly unexpected (the cheque’s in the mail BH) and so thoughtful from the delightful Scottish lad as I call him Shaun.

His blog and post on moi if I may be so bold is below. Please go visit him if you don’t already, regardless of me being mentioned.

He pulled from the archives 3 pieces I had written that he had enjoyed and it made me smile to read them again. So I would like to publicly thank Shaun for doing this for me, an unselfish and quite an ‘oh my’ moment. 🙂

So that is my rambling, hopefully you haven’t nodded off – I thank you so much for reading.


K – daughter #2 is still on top of the leader board for the Liptember Women’s Mental Health Campaign. I wish to thank those who have already donated to this worthy cause.

Please forgive me, but I shall post the links on each posts for those that would still like to contribute.

Liptember Foundation
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB: 062 000
Acc no: 1390 1111

We’re thrilled to have you on board and very impressed with your position on the leader board so early 😉

If your sponsors donate directly to the charity from overseas please use the details above , they can make a direct donation via bank deposit and notify us by email so we can issue them a receipt. We would then credit these donations to your profile.

Give me a shout out if you have supported her so she can write a few words to you.