A list of Blog Sites from ‘In the Net’ – Let’s support one another shall we.

Lynette over at  ‘In the Net’ see her here …..   http://lynettedartycross.com  recently received a Liebster Award and a Shine On Award, she does not accept Awards (her words not mine) 🙂 but she likes to put forward other sites that she follows. She happened to mention my site in her list, so in appreciation for her doing that I have listed below some of the other sites that she visits.  If you haven’t seen any of the below, pop over and have a look for you may come across, someone very special.

1. After Narcissistic Abuse

2. Broken but Stronger

3. Dree Speaks Freely

4. Every Day Red Flags

5. Paula’s Pontifications

6. I Won’t Take It

7. Jana and the Stone

8. Kinky Little Girl

9. Lexicon Lover

10. Life Begins at 45


1. Brunch for Every Meal

2. Sunday Night Blog

3. Inga Photography

4. View from in Here

5. One Hot Mess(age)

6. Lady Blue Rose

7. Pondering Spawned

8. My Emotional Vampire

9. Subhan Zein

10. Being a Beautiful Mess

11. George Flores

12. Paro Express

Here are my suggestions  – these are GREAT blogs! Some I’ve suggested before and some I haven’t:

1. Ramblings from a Mum – one of my favourite blog buddies!

2. One Old Sage – another of my favourite blog buddies!

3. Dust and Soul – a thought-provoking,  eclectic blog.

4. Teeny Bikini – outrageously funny and warm. I so look forward to her posts!

5. Jenny Pellett – a funny, witty, engaging blog.

6. Luiana Njo – a very talented photographer and cook.

7. Frances Antoinette – she says that she can’t write, but she’s completely wrong!

8. Lori – Lori has gone back to school! Take a look at her adventures.

9. Rarasaur – an amazing writer.

10. Zen Doe – fabulous photography and writing.

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