Listen, understand, listen, you’re not listening


Paint me so I won’t burn
The ink will be the teflon
Covering my pores
I need to shield the words
The triggers that define me
That send me spiralling
In to a world too hard to bare
Cover me so I live, not
Misinterpreting what I hear
Your words are soft but scorch my soul
The sensitivity surging through me
You cannot know

I sob I’m here, without answers
I climb the walls with you
Together we slide back down
I cry the tears with you
We walk in puddles
Let there be days, weeks, years
When you will cope, learning to
Banish the pain of words
Even when they whisper

Copyright JMTacken 6.09.2014

I wrote this today, after K had another meltdown. Heartbreaking to hear my child, no matter what age sobbing on the end of the phone, hating her life. Knowing there isn’t a simple fix.
In support group, it was told that some Borderline’s cover there bodies in tattoos, as they are so sensitive to what is said and their environment, it feels like they are being burned, the tattoos protect them. K has just started getting a sleeve done…