it’s L8..O gawd its 1am
clunk slow…ly the key-boAred
Daphne sits next 2 me
the flower frm the garden
not a purrrring cat or person
I dont have cats…I dont have dogs
I mind dogs tho… r u excited
(hmmm then u must get out more)
IF u r

I type & watch an ant…. little tiny
crawlin back black on an envelope
& wonder where he’s been..visiting
perhaps, a L8 nite snack – out with
the lads – rampANT

as time ticks /click – no
noise juz numerals on the monitor
fold ova ea other & my eye-lids
beckon me 2 sleep
my nonsense has got the better of

I look at my ph upon the desk
how do u speak in text?