so how do I feel at 11pm Monday night?


fried flipped eggs
not so sunny side
RattliNg & a Roooooolling
thrown dice across the felt
it goes again
rope twisting tight
pillow scrunched
punched and tossed
night after night after night
covers up and
covers down
cover head
sleep in tablets
exhale ~ inhale
worked the once
three little pigs
huffing puffing
every breath
moody ~ edgy ~ snappy me
sorry no sorry
apologies apologies
soap powder spills
swear words screamed
tumble dryer
dripping tap
ruminating brain
need some air
wired tightrope
engine stuck in gear

Breath (Prose)


whilst we waste our
the meal ordered took too long
someone takes their
cut down ~ bloodied holes that pierced
the skin or sliced with steel paper thin
he refused to carry weapons
his crime? wrong place ~ wrong time

on a cold and stony road she
lies gasping for her final breath
hit by one who drank ~ who swore he
didn’t see her car, she wore no safety belt

alone in an empty lane ~ forgotten old
feeble, slouched on cold brick walls
his organs failing from abuse
his begging plea no longer heard

he’s old he hears them whisper
~ had a good innings, he hears them say
as he lies on starch white sheets
his maker to carry him away

and someone is breathing their
on crackly sheets, fluorescent lights
mother breathing ~ child’s head crowned
silent moments, body held, gasp of air
cries of joy, as her baby enters the world

the trip to hospital so far away
traffic bad, anxious, panting, blowing air
can’t wait, it’s now, it’s coming now
the car not quite a manger but ~ matters how?

toiling hard under summer sun
no doctors on this round
she squats and helps deliver
her new son upon the ground

by an empty lane alone she grabs
her tummy, pain is real, she’s scared
she’s young, as water pools around her feet
crouches screaming till her baby breathes

so with every breath you take
try not to use it too complain
for breath AS LIFE ~ A PRECIOUS thing
a commodity we shouldn’t waste

©jmtacken October 3 2013

Lost Love (Re-posted from 20 lines a day)

Do you lie frozen under the covers

Cannot move to face the day

Is your body frozen in a moment

Seek shelter to keep your tears at bay


Do you dare not breathe to hard for that will make you think

Motionless, still you lie, for you fear your soul will sink


Do you lie frozen & find solitude with covers pulled up high

Breathing like a waveless lake in submission with your heart

Not responding to your surrounds or life

You have aches and unseen wounds for being apart


Longing your thoughts a simple adieu

Slowly waiting to gain control so you can be …you


Scared of what will happen next

Unsure of the tomorrow

Love been lost, you’re uncontrolled

Your body limp, your mind perplexed


Why has he left, does he also ache

You look at the ring…your love..your insignificant keepsake


Breathe in and out again sweet one

For you will gain your control

The covers can go down again

And you will soon again be whole