ONE POST 3 AWARDS – 3 sets of nominations

There I think I have covered it in the Title.


Firstly Ivonne from  ivonnemontijo  – Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate….Ivonne’s Journey has given me an Honourable Mention amongst others of course, a Super Sweet Blogger Award , as I do not actually accept in the sense of answering all the questions and nominating my choices. I repost the nominations that she has listed on my page so that others may have a chance to see these sites. So thank you Ivonne for being such a darling (Congrats on your Award) and I hope that by me reposting is also showing you my appreciation.

honorable mentions:

Secondly Eunice from  nutsforteasure  nominated me for the 2012 Blog Of The Year.

Again as gratification for the Award I  have re-posted her other nominations,  so that others may have a chance to see these sites. So thank you Eunice for being the kind and lovely person you are (Congrats on your Award) and I hope that by me reposting is showing you my appreciation. Ps: – SHE HAS A CAST OF THOUSANDS!








Last but by all means not least is my new friend in the Blog-Is-Phere.
The 3rd Award Blogger of Year 2012 was kindly given to me by (Kitt) who gave me the nomination, after receiving it from her friend Viveka. Thank you Kitt for my nomination and Congrats to you for receiving the Award also.
Here are her nominations and why –
Jennifer from Quirk’n It – who finds such lovely images from behind her lens.

Amadiex from The Closet Artist – who is finally finding ways to make time for her art work in the midst of her busy job at the hospital. (Ya’ll know how I feel about people who follow their dreams…)

Benjamin from Evolutions Of Art – A wonderful artist suffering from new onset Parkinson’s and with an appreciation for beautiful music.

Olivia OBryon – An awesome teacher with interesting stories…including one that proves…bad boys always have a plan.

Ramblings From A Mum – A new friend who made me realize…there are so many more gadgets that my house could use…

Organised Clutter – Whose idea of a “Literary Fantasy Dinner Party” still has me thinking about who’d be on my guest list…

Cowboys And Crossbones – Who really knows how to party…and is in Nashville, a place I’d love to visit sometime.

Sydney Aaliyah – One of the first people I met on here who also shows that the art of giving is not dead.

So to you 3 beautifully, talented and strong women I thank you for what you have done and please, my readers when you get a chance take a peek at those listed… I certainly shall 🙂

Ramblings – Flattered and Humbled