Am I anything


Must I die so I am noticed
my voice inaudible, falling
silent on bustling streets
between steps and open mouths

those that live cast shadows
on walls at close of day
bricks of sunburnt orange
their mortar doesn’t crumble

longing to be heard, for
recognition in your world
for I am weak without

I drift, staring back
at those who cast a rose into
darkness, now I haunt your
dreams, for you to realise
I existed

©jmtacken 3/4/2014


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Fiction – Not related to me having a small break, I shall be busy again for a few days, working on assessments, but had to write.

Can I  just say thank you to all of you for leaving  such lovely comments on my Muse on Vacation post. That was three days ago, seems like 3 weeks. Appreciate your kindness  and caring.