Happy Birthday to my youngest -13th December 1986

Happy Birthday to my daughter (this be daughter 2)

We’ve had our fights our ups and downs

But would I trade you?



Happy 26th my darling daughter

You are really quite unique

I struggle at times to understand

And some times you make me shriek


But you have brought me happiness

From the moment I gave you birth

Your laughter and your quirkiness

Tells me of your worth


So on this day I wish you well

Success and love to you

I’m grateful you’re my ‘little’ girl

Even what we have gone through!


Your laughter is intoxicating

Your mimicry second to none

Your dancing unbelievable

You’re such a special one


So Hip Hip Hooray today my love

May your future be bright & fulfilling

You have so much to look forward to

Just open that door and be willing



My little girl eating chocolate – just like her mum

Daughter # 2 on the left at her sisters Wedding

Daughter # 2 on the left at her Sisters Wedding

and again my girl