Majestic Magic For The Dark Queen Writerly Bridal Shower

The Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower (or #DFQWBS)
Anna Meade is getting married to Michael Thomas Loy Jr and a group of writers, have been pulled together to contribute a flash fiction, with a marriage theme consisting of either or all of the following –   Proposal; Hen/Bachelorette Party; Stag/Bachelor Party; Ceremony; Honeymoon.  These stories will then be compiled in an eBook that will be presented to them as a wedding gift.
How cute is that!  Kindly asked if I could submit an entry for the lovely and talented Anna Meade better known perhaps as the Dark Fairy Queen who writes the Yearning for Wonderland blog.   Below is my entry.
Majestic Magic

Her hands trembled, as she sat gazing at her reflection in the mirror.

Her make-up being applied by the Nymph Arethusa, who painstakingly worked to achieve the right balance, for she had never ‘worked’ on a Dark Fairy Queen before. What if the eye liner was too heavy, the mascara clogged, the lipstick too deep or too pale, her cheeks not presenting the glow of the blushing bride, would she be cast off into the land of Lipps?

She need not have been concerned, for the result was truly magical, Anna looked breathtaking. She turned her head to the left, then right, admiring, she liked what she saw and graciously smiled to Arethusa, who nervously curtsied in return.

The time for dressing, Anna walked into her room unzipping the protective cover of the gown that she would don. Her bridesmaids, giggled and rose from their chairs to accompany their Queen.

Arms raised to the heavens the gown was carefully placed, as to not spoil her ‘do’. Lowered, the many satin buttons that cascaded like a waterfall down her back were slowly fastened.

Veil and head piece placed, white satin shoes, something old, something new, she held her bouquet of Freesias, Heather Flower and Queen Anne’s Lace. She was ready to be wed.

She knew within the hour she would have the man of her dreams, her King.

Her ‘chariot’ arrived, the bridesmaids quickly gathered her train and helped her to be seated, her legs were jittery and the white lace hanky, given to her by her mother was tightly being wound around her fingers, continuously. Her ‘girls’ who sat opposite, felt their Queen’s nervous energy and promptly opened the bottle of pre-mixed Fairy Belle Cocktail.

Laughter soon enveloped the carriage, their Queen was now relaxed.

Anna alighted from the chariot with alacrity, albeit slightly giddy from the consumption of too many Fairy Belle’s.

She paused, breathed deeply, regained her composure and entered.

Her parents looked in awe upon their ‘little’ girl, whom they adored, she had grown into a bewitching young woman, their baby, their Anna. Her father linked her arm and with glistened tears he whispered “I love you Anna, how beautiful you look”.

To her King, towards the man of her dreams, she walked, steadied by her fathers gentle arm.

Fairy dust sprinkled from above, anointing her, it glowed and sparkled as it fell upon her skin. The Fairies were blessing this union, this was a sign.

The stars in her eyes blended with moist tears, as she grew closer. Michael’s hands nervously wringing together, she gave him a reassuring smile.

“Who gives this woman?”

“I do”, her father hesitantly replied.

Anna slowly let go of her fathers arm, the man that she had loved for ever, the man that encouraged and taught her right from wrong, he gently smiled as he felt her arm release.  She kissed his cheek and whispered “I love you Dad, I will always be your little girl”, then she reached for Michael’s hand.

They said I do and exchanged rings, they tenderly kissed and held each other tight giggling “I love you – I love you more”.

Michael swooped Anna in his arms, kissing her ear, he carried her towards the Reception area in the Courtyard, the relief from months of planning was almost at an end.

The speeches were made, the toasts given, the glasses clinked, the food served and heartily consumed.

Let the PARTY begin!

The Goblin and Elf band began to play.

From the forest, the fairies tip-toed in, the congealed blood trickling from the corners of their mouths.

Anna looked… her invitations were accepted, she cast a smile and a wink in their direction, showing how pleased she was at their arrival.

POW – Fireworks lit up the darkened sky, radiant bursts of gold, red and green, showered the starry night.

The Queen and her King walked majestically to the centre of the dance floor. Their spirits high, their smiles engaging.

“DANCE” Anna and Michael laughed and commanded.

Dance they did, the fairies, the wizards, goblins and elves, all linked arms pointed toes and bowed.

Towards the woods, in the distance, Anna saw the burst of flames and smiled at their ride home.


Author – Jenny Tacken
eBook – Yes

To Anna and Michael – An Irish Toast – Here’s to the wings of love, may they never molt a feather, till your little shoes and his big boots are under the bed together.

No room for whimps Friday Fictioneers



“Rochelle, we shouldn’t be here, what if they come home?”
“Ted, stop panicking, you’re such a wimp”.
“They left the lamps on, it’s daylight outside, who does that, please?”
Rochelle studied the contents of the kitchen, running her fingers over the bench, the empty jars and gazed out of the window.
This would be her house someday, when she grew up and married Ted.
Pimply skinned and 13,  Ted was oblivious to her agenda.
“Please, he pleaded, can we just go, it’s freaking me out”.
Rochelle paused staring at the lamps.
Perhaps I need to marry someone willing to take risks.
OK already”.

104 words (oops)

For:      friday-fictioneers


Trifextra Challenge Week 60   We are giving you three words and asking that you add another 33 to them to make a complete 36-word response.  You may use the words in any order you choose.

Our three words are:


Pure rebellion
I stand
against the

body soaked

relentless rain
I weep

         tears meld
hit the ground

reflection of yesterdays

time does not stand still

           I scream
be courageous
fight on

This is for Trifecta

Picture11-1-1I am in a slightly dark place at the moment hence the above

Trifecta Week Sixty Five Challenge Exhaust


Exhaustion comes to mind
when I lay my body down to rest
words invade my head from one challenge
to the next
I wonder why I do it
push my mind to the extreme
it’s not for comments, likes or such
it just comes from my within
I exhaust all possibilities
gathering my thoughts
I cannot stop this madness
to put my entry onto sites
I revel in the madness
and I push myself it’s true
so forgive me when I write
it’s what I have to do
you must know by now it’s who I am
I shall exhaust myself
for the love of writing
I can I will I can


For – Picture11-1-1

Planes to take you away

The Picture which has also vanished was of an Airplane – My apologies for this continually happening.

Challenge from Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)
Make every word count. A Challenge from

Passports in hand
Excitement abounds
to chill and enjoy
far away lands

Drive to the Airport
park in long term
gather dust till
our return

Sit in our seats
order a drink
smile at each other
relax do not think

Our itinerary planned
we have dreamed of this
day engines start up
we’re on our way

Ears pop chew a mint
watch clouds down below
watch a movie simply
go with the flow

Hours it takes sleep
we’ve had none
the holiday we’ve longed for
has just begun

Land in a country
that we’ve never seen
experiences and memories
this is what is our dream

3 nuts and a squirrel Challenge – My entry

Words were

Theme – Sensual /Romance

Challenges originally set by – Whimsy Mimsy and johnnycrabcakes (and we await the next one)

Her skirt pulled up only slightly
the river cold, icy
toes dipped in rippling waters
cooled off on a summer day

She hitched only to her knees
never beyond, taut modesty
a gentleman would not approve
a lady acting inappropriately

Stepping across mossy stones
showing more now than her knees
blushing from her own allure
wary of feet, unsure

She bent to sip the water
the taste strange like salt
made an unfamiliar tongue
yet she wiped her lips decorously

Eyes looking both directions
she cares not of her dress
cupping hands of water
she holds them to her breast

Drops that trickle slowly
feeling wayward without shame
delighting in the pleasure
unknowingly lighting flames

The afternoon is closing
skies darken in her wee nook
tip-toes across mossy stones
back on land, returning to her book

Few pages are but read
chill in the air now bites
gathering her belongings
pleasured, home to end the night

Though this is my entry – I wouldn’t feel comfortable with myself if I didn’t give credit to

RoS – ruleofstupid

Susan Daniels and Stephen Kellogg along with RoS have been so supportive, giving of their time, their advise, their critiques on what I write. I am truly thankful for their encouragement since I began my Poetic Journey.

ramblingsfromamum 30.12.2012

I need Help!!!

Normally – not at a loss for words I have found myself in the position of having shall I say quite some time on my hands.

Therefore I am putting a challenge  a request to any of my followers aren’t I special whom I am privileged to have.

Even if you don’t follow why not but you have an request?

I need would like any of you all of you to let me write something ramble incessantly  about anything of your choosing, try and keep it relatively clean as my daughters little ones may be watching.

Be it poetry, prose or simply a topic that you want my  opinion/knowledge  my slant on. Give me a word… a line… a story…

Seriously you would be doing my a huge favour to help me use my brain relieve my boredom.

Anything …hmmm almost anything – please let me know in your comments and I shall try when I get around to it my utmost to deliver.

The CHALLENGE is out there. I think you know my obsession to waffle on write.

I dread look forward to your suggestions with excitement and anticipation.

Please help me get through my days.

Sincerely yours