As the moon is my witness

My contribution on the photo below. * Mature Content.


Scant rays filtered off the moon puncturing the charcoaled night.
Her body lay frigid, unyielding.
Crawling insects that penetrated the cold and darkened soil emerged to invade her lifeless form.
Who would search these desolate woods to find her?
Who could have saved her from the torment, the painful and terrifying hours she spent fighting off her assailant – her killer?
What’s more who would care?
She begged for her life.
Ropes tightly bound her feet, congealed blood stained her ankles and heels.
Her body exposed bar the remnants of her shredded cotton dress knotted tightly around her throat.
Both arms and legs bruised, black and swollen from the brutal blows inflicted upon her porcelain skin.
Blackened eyes, her pupils dilated now stared lifelessly into the night.
Her face scored with lacerations, the backdrop to the red rivers that made pathways from her hairline to her neck. Her mouth wide open, filled with dirt, as her last screams for help echoed through the woods, only to be finally silenced.
Who would know?
She was a loner.
What’s more who would care?




I apologise if this is too graphic, I started with two young lovers and I edited and wasn’t happy with what I wrote. I cannot say I am ‘happy’ as one cannot write of death in this manner and be ‘smiling’, but my dark side emerged tonight and this was the result.

Critique of any kind welcome.

Shades of inner hell

Rebecca Clare Smith’s Journal       Today’s Prompt! 
The following may be used as a sentence in your story OR provide a basis for it:- “miles to go before I sleep”    150 words.


Jacqueline’s struggle for peaceful nights continued.

Incoherent mornings stumbling over carpet fibres, disorientated.
Why was this happening?  She vaguely remembered the events of last night,

gathering the crumpled blankets around her, pounding her pillow to lay her weary head,  when she heard again the scream from within her.  The unexplainable

 presence, male voice, gravelly and offensive.
Her body raised, tossed about like a paper sailing boat on the sea, she had no control.
Arms flailing like a windmill, her mouth taut, opened wide emitting no sounds.

A nightmare? The guttural voice taunted, abused.

She felt unclean, touched.

This was real. How long would she suffer and why did he want her?

Her body and mind invaded, Jacqueline was exhausted, defeated and prayed for an end. Angrily she yelled to her intruder “I have miles to go before I sleep, I compel you, leave me or grant me eternal rest”.




Do we strive to conquer our doubts, what do we need as individuals to make us feel worthy?

Do we rely on our talent, our jobs, our relationships, our friends, our family? Do these ‘things’ make us impregnable to hurt or injustice or questioning ourselves?

Step back, ponder for a moment, if we need too?

Can’t we simply be content or are there ‘pieces’ we feel the need to trounce to accomplish happiness and fulfilment.

Standing on a mountain, hands raised to the skies like a ‘Rocky’ Movie, surely we long for something… but do we have an answer as to what and when, if ever, will we be sate?

For: –
Five Sentence Fiction


Visits in the dark Visdare-6-emerging


150 words – or less.
Post entry to your blog and “link in” using the link tool below.
Some of you will love this, others of you not so much – but really. There’s so much scope for imagination here. I’ve already got something like this in one of my WIPs – but what about you? Who is this lady, where is she going, what is she leaving?

Visits in the dark I am painted lips dark illuminated by the glow of the lamp that I hold I visit when you slumber, step through frame to another time, a time when we were one I’m the ghost of your past the girl that you once loved I wear these clothes and gloves for you reminiscent of another era when I thought our love was true I step into your world watch you yet I retreat with haste for the lamp is only a guide for my footsteps Not a guide back to your heart, I return to my place through the passage of time the light being my saviour, my guide to find who I am without you

3 nuts and a Squirrel Challenge Prompt

I was  chatting on Susan Daniels Poetry site when she kindly invited me to take part in a Three Nuts and a Squirrel challenge that Whimsy Mimsy started and I joined in on aprayerlikegravity site.

Confused yet? The below should explain, if you are interested in taking a peek.

Basically the challenge was : – So our little joke has become a pass along challenge prompt – entitled “Three nuts and a squirrel”. Johnny has provided the next one – here – – with the words truck, safe (the object), and crust. Theme: Romantic or sensuous. :) So the idea: Make a poem on the stated theme (the Squirrel) and include the three words (I think nouns work best) or ideas based on them (the Nuts). 

Now I’m not that savvy about ping-backs, link to’s and the like so forgive me if I have stuffed -up!

Please post the results or links to them, in the comments below.

I now put out the challenge (heaven help me)

Three words. One theme.  Limitless possibilities….

My 3 words are –





Whoever wants to be first as I’m still brainstorming (not that there is much to storm)