I’m sure if I stared hard enough
passed Klein pin stripes
and ironed shirt
buttons peeled, the tie removed
a part – minute
infinitesimal in fact
gives a damn, some remorse
you were a cat on heat
you strayed


insignificant mumblings
spilled from a soiled mouth
that has been plunged
by her tongue
spitting out apologies
her lips not sweet as mine
gullible me
you hoped


in your chest
chambers, ventricles
the muscle
pumping blood maintains
a continuous beat
allows you to draw breath
together with wetted
lungs, yet your
emotions had run dry
for us


was there a forever after
as we walked hand in hand
‘I love you’ thrown my way
to satiate my insecurity
but you required more
lust over love, afternoon delights
of tasting
a different skin – a different salt
tired of the old – in with the new


take your pathetic and your
meaningless excuses
of a night
where booze imprisoned
your thoughts of me
unrealistic expectations
what you thought you needed
as you rode high on this harlot
of your dreams
it was only the once…?




Purely Fiction!


Empty chairs surround the table
you’re ‘working late’ again
excuses, meetings, apologies
weak as piss
to my ears

Will you change?
you son of a bitch

You are somewhere else
physically you’re here
I stare at you contemptuously
whilst you slumber with a grin

The broken record that you play
time and time again
I hold  here only for the spoils
you bring

Who is she?
this woman that brings your lies
spit her name,

Do you see my face
when you’re screwing her?
do you see my smile?

Your bullshit – no longer required
take your arrogance
grab it now and be happy

with the bitch


Written from my dark side – thankfully not from personal experience.

ramblingsfromamum 8.1.2013