Visdare 19: Inspect Curiosity and a child’s innocence


What’s your name?
You are a big fish
Do you have a mummy and daddy?
Did they leave you here?
Why are lying down?
Do you have friends?
You have blood on you lip is it sore?
Can’t you talk?
My name is Addy
I have a brother
I like your colours
Do you want to be my friend?
We could go and get some ice cream?
Do you like ice cream?
I like chocolate the best then umm strawberry
I could ask mummy to get you some?
How many friends do you have?
My mummy and daddy eat fish but I wouldn’t eat you
You look so sad
I can be your friend if you want me too?



150 words – or less

Another great Visual Dare  photo prompt from Angela at Anonymous Legacy. Hop over and try throwing your line in.