Drawn to you

I am drawn to you
like my bed when I am weary
from the day

I am drawn
like choc-o-late

I am drawn
like fresh brewed coffee
in the morning

I am drawn
like juicy strawberries

I am drawn
like cuddling a puppy
soft and fluffy coat

I am drawn
like walking in the forest

I am drawn
like red plumb cherries
juice running down my chin

I am drawn
like watching the ocean

I am drawn
like seeing a baby smile
and gaze with curiosity as I hold

I am drawn
like having a massage


I am sure you have the picture


drops translucent touch my tongue
pop on taste buds flavour
naught but swallow for the feel

rain on palms open wide
runs between my fingers
like soft melted chocolate

tears from the sky fall
blending with mine transparent
is it I who cries or the sky



a prompt from Miriam E  3 lines 4-5 words each line – how rain makes me feel –  Thank you!

ramblingsfromamum    2.1.2013

See if you can understand this little challenge that was given to me

I’m always up for dare ( well not usually) but I was given a little challenge of sorts from the lovely Paula depressionexists.com  you have to see the previous post total random rambling to understand what I’m doing though..otherwise it won’t make any sense at all…Good Luck.

I have no clue what this post will be about…hmm just thought of something..straight from the top of my head.. I shall make it brief (famous last words from me I know).










Do you know how difficult it is not to hit that space-bar?????

Good grief 😉 challenge done