Famous Dinner Guests – What Question would I ask each of them?

Ahh ruleofstupid has requested that I answer the following:-

What question would I ask each of my dinner guests.

This is going back to my previous post of having a dinner party and who would I invite (the tongue in cheek) funny one not the serious one… hmm ok here then https://ramblingsfromamum.wordpress.com/2012/12/20/challenge-2-from-i-need-help  so if you haven’t been following (pardon the pun) you simply need to get a wriggle on and catch up.

1st guest – Dalai Lama – “So your Holiness, trip over your robes much?”

2nd guest – The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland – “Seriously dude, ever think of buying a wrist watch?”

3rd guest – Elvis – “You can tell me, how many times did Priscilla have to sew those pants?”

4th guest – Bette Davis – “So Betts, kept your hyperthyroidism under wraps for quite some time, didn’t you?”

5th guest – Jerry Lewis – “You can tell me, Dean didn’t really like ‘the drink’ did he?”

6th guest – HRH (Queen) – “If Di was able to come back, would you apologise?”

7th guest – Albert Einstein – “So ..what exactly is the equivalence of matter and energy, E = mc2 (and by implication, the ability of gravity to “bend” light), the existence of “rest energy”, and the basis of nuclear energy….really mean?”

8th guest – Sherlock Holmes – “How much do you have to pay for your Coke?”

9th guest – Julias Caesar – “Your kids, who were they again, there was Caesarion, Augustus, Tercia, Bigusdickus?

10th guest – Marilyn Monroe – “You glad now you put your knickers on when you stood over the subway grate?”

11th guest – Santa – “Have you thought about losing weight, those chimneys aren’t getting smaller you know?”

12th guest – Robert Burns (Scottish Poet) – “How pissed are you that your Can Ye Labour Lea tune was set to Auld Lang Syne?

13th guest – Pope Benedict XVI – “Bet you’re laughing all the way to the Vatican with your Twitters beating that Bieber fella?”

14th guest – Michelangelo – “Are you wishing you had invented the Cherry Picker now?”

and that folks is all





TV Shows…. how many have you really watched?

I live in Australia – for those that do not know that already and last night I was thinking of the TV shows that are my favourites and well they are mainly American and some English.

Now how does that work?  In my opinion (and it is only MY opinion) Australian TV shows have only come into ‘being there own’ possibly over the last 10 years. Of course this is subjective, what one likes another won’t, what one gets hooked on, another can take or leave.

When I was younger I watched:-

The 50’s –  

Comedy – Abbott & Costello Show, Red Skelton Show

Swoon Material – Adventures in Paradise (Captain ADAM TROY)

Just because I liked it – Crossroads, Ed Sullivan Show, I Love Lucy, LASSIE, MY FRIEND FLICKA, The Mickey Rooney Show, Red Skelton Show, Wonderful World Of Disney.

Obviously my testosterone was getting confused with my oestrogen levels – Bonanza, Circus Boy, Cisco Kid, Dennis The Menace, Leave it to Beaver, Rin Tin Tin, Robin Hood,  Sea Hunt, Zorro, Wagon Train

The 60’s

Comedy  – Days Of Lives, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Gilligans Island, Greenacres, The Munsters, Jerry Lewis Show.

Swoon Material – Dr. Kildare, Ben Casey (I see can see his dark hair), The Mod Squad, The Monkees ..yes Davy Jones,

Just because I liked it – Adams Family, The Munsters, Daktari, The Dean Martin Show, The Beverley Hillbillies, Bewitched, Daktari, General Hospital, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, Father of the Bride, The flying Nun, I Dream of Jeannie, Julia, Markus Welby, Mr. Ed, The Patti Duke Show, Petticoat Junction, That Girl, NATIONAL VELVET,Flipper, Brackens World,

Inward battle with testosterone – Daniel Boone, F Troop, High Chaparral, Lost in Space, The Man from Uncle..(ok I swooned over Illya), Laramie, Rawhide, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Outer Limits, The Virginian, My Favourite Martian.

The 70’s –

Comedy – Are you Being Served, Dean Martin, Fawlty Towers, Mork & Mindy, The Odd Couple.

Swoon Material – The Partridge Family…yes uh huh David Cassidy, Little House on The Prairie – double uh huh Michael Landon, Dallas..afraid so folks it was Bobby all the way!

Just because I liked it – Knots Landing, The Love Boat, Sonny & Cher, The Young & The Restless, The Parkinson Show, Charlie’s Angels.

Inward battle with testosterone – Starsky & Hutch.

The 80’s –

Comedy – The Cosby Show, Married with children

Swoon Material – Magnum P.I….yup ..sorry, Miami Vice..come on who didn’t like those rolled up sleeves??, Remington Steele (ladies I mean Pierce!)

Just because I liked it – Bold & The Beautiful, China Beach, Highway to Heaven, Moonlighting, St. Elsewhere, Thirty Something.

Hmm no Testosterone?

The 90’s – 

Comedy – Absolutely Fabulous, Bless This House, The Nanny,

Swoon Material – OMG…there isn’t any!

Just because I liked it – 7th Heaven, Party of Five, Picket Fences, Suddenly Susan

Inward Battle with Testosterone – The Sopranos

I can honestly say there weren’t many  TV shows that were Australian produced/directed that I had an obsession with. I can’t give you a reason why. We have brilliant actors/actresses, we have great story lines…but for some reason… perhaps American shows were not “like we had or lived” more reality that made me veer towards them…who knows. I am sure there are some that I missed out on and it’s a wonder I didn’t need glasses by the age of 12.

Now what are my favourites and yes for some I set a reminder in my phone?

Offspring….BEST AUSSIE TV SHOW produced!

Bondi Vet – if you can Google…oh my this Vet 🙂

Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice (Medical Theme going on here)

Brothers & Sisters (Though sadly not on anymore over here)

Drum role…. Housewifes of Beverley Hills, Housewives of NYC , Tabatha Takes Over & Ellen.

I don’t know what these shows say about me… my taste is varied perhaps or I was terribly bored as a child?

What are your favourites?

What are your MUST SEE’s?

Any wonder I have time to post, but the list has shortened somewhat as I have got older…thankfully.