My Saturday at home in Melbourne Australia

Firstly forgive moi, my muse made me rest a bit and I took a step back from writing the last few days. However (for better or worse) she has returned and I few things to share, but to save your sanity of having to read a post that is 4 pages long I shall post a few smaller ones.

It is Saturday the 25th. The time now is 4:37pm. Mr. S is having a ‘cat-nap’ upstairs on the couch after doing some reading. I was up early, (well 8am) as I had some ‘chores’ to do. One was a medical appointment the other a little bit of housework.

I have now finished two loads of  washing ( yay you I hear you cry) and have hung(unceremoniously draped) everything on the ‘clothes horse’ to dry, as it’s cold and damp outside and it will be days (if not weeks) okay possibly months, before the sun peeks through again. I hate the cold (think you may already be aware of this) and dislike my house looking like a ‘laundry’  with washing hanging everywhere, but it is what it is, so I shall stop my moaning.

This morning I had an Ultrasound on my throat, well thyroid, I get this checked every couple of years as apparently I have some ‘nodules’ (quite an unpleasant sounding word really). I have copied the below information if no one has heard of this condition. Am I worried? Yes I am a little, my first scan in 2010 was clear, I will know the results of this one next Tuesday.

Thyroid Nodules Overview
The main function of the thyroid gland in the neck is to make thyroid hormone, which is essential for normal growth and metabolism. Nodules are simply lumps which are either solid or fluid-filled. Autopsy studies have revealed that up to 50% of all adults die carrying at least one thyroid nodule. These people may or may not have been aware of the presence of their thyroid nodules.Thyroid nodules are found more commonly as people age. Most thyroid nodules are benign and not cancerous.Only 5% of all thyroid nodules will be discovered to be thyroid cancer.Finding cancer in a thyroid nodule is more likely in a person younger than age 30 or older than age 60 years.However, it is important to remember that only a small percentage of people with thyroid cancer die as a result of their thyroid cancer.

Now for something a little lighter…

Here is a pic of the office/study (I should have tied the papers up first) where I type my blogs and now and then stare out of the window for inspiration.

You can now picture me sitting here can’t you? You are excited by that aren’t you? Aren’t you?

2013-05-25 14.36.41

Where do you sit to blog? Does the room where you type (if you have a mains computer) give you inspiration? What do you stare at when your fingers aren’t hitting the keyboards and your muse let’s you rest for a moment?

Post a pic – or describe if you want to? *nods* would like to know, so then when I read your posts, I can visualise you there (in a non stalking way) that is.  🙂


Look out world I’ve leant how to use the Scanner! If only the photos would stay on the post & I could get the alignment right!!!

Ok so this is going to cause trouble because now that I have finally learnt (yes tech savvy I’m not) to operate my printer/fax/scanner thingy-ma-bob I probably have 2000 photos to share….oi!! stop running away and sit back down, I’m kidding…possibly…

Wedding Day Mum and Dad 1951-Melbourne


So even though I am wildly excited as I know you will be to show my thousands of photos… what ? I hear you’re not???? Hmmm maybe I should title the blogs “Another Photo” that way when you see it come up you can grab a glass of wine, read another blog, go do the dishes, walk the dog or switch the computer off… and I may even share some rather hideous photos of yours truly if you ask me nicely. 🙂 but of course you won’t see them if you switch your computer off now will you… ok enough rambling… BELOW LEFT IS MUM  & ON THE RIGHT IS DAD…’cos mum is wearing the dress…







Simply Hello

This is how I feel…. sad but true…. a fact of every day life. I haven’t posted for a while due to a new job and the brain draining of having to learn new things at my age. Which prompted this blog in so many directions (well at least 2). The strange thing is I read a post from and she had written a very similar blog as to what was invading my head space the last few days.

So to be as brief as possibly, for those of you that are interested. I think I may have over posted myself (vision of me in an envelope being shoved into a post box) but even as I write this I feel I will contradict… **Sighs** I started blogging as a release for my writing. I purchased Journals which sadly sit in a drawer in the coffee table. The blogging was/is my outlet for my thoughts…my incessant desire to write. How interesting are they (I mean really) to anyone but myself? Is it because I seek praise when writing? Do I long for comments about what I have written? Or am I reading too much into this? I can’t help but think is this an ‘ego’ situation?

I have made virtual friends (I hope) since starting this, I enjoy reading the blogs that I follow, and I do receive satisfaction from comments on pieces that I have written, but I think maybe “less is more”? Can anyone see what I am trying to say here? Have I been overly abundant with my posts? Even with that question I feel that I am asking followers or writers to say “No no Jenny you haven’t”…and please that is not why I asked it.

I’m at a round-a-bout…or more-so a T intersection do I turn left and slow down, or turn right and write the same as I was?

Or do I just say to hell with it, I shall write what I want when I want, if others read, like, follow so be it?

Does anyone else have this dilemma?

In closing because this was going to be brief (and when you’re a talker like I am it’s tough to pull the reins in) I’m tired, as I said, new job and my head is spinning trying to learn the new procedures, computer programs and what the job entails. I am my own worst enemy…I frustrate myself for not learning what is to be learnt in a matter of days since starting and it makes me disbelieve myself and what I am capable of.

I have probably bored every one by now so I shall end. What ever comments (if any) are made about this post I will be interested… though I am not writing it for anyone to respond.

I guess I am searching for the …shall I continue answer (knowing in my heart I love doing this and will continue even though my “stats” wont be high this day or the next) and I am doing it too please me as it is what I love doing. Now I have to think of ‘tags’ that will attract the readers…. and I question even that should it be so..

Is it wrong to be a little excited when you manage to change the look of your site?

Sad but true my followers.

I feel like I’m the Shepherd talking to his flock.

When in actual  fact I think I have 9 followers. Believe me that is just as exciting as having 9 million – I mean how would one reply to so many people when they post a comment about what you have written – you would have to spend your life sitting at the computer.

As I have mainly written and not ‘prettied’  up my site, for me to actually sit here & randomly (as my previous blog fact is that what it is called?) Display Name/User Name I sadly have no clue about half the things I do on here. Should I though? Does it make any difference in the grand scheme of things? I was “random ramblings from a mum”, &  then because of some  word press glitch my replies came back as random ramblings from a muny. I ask you what is a muny? Apart from being portrayed as the village idiot who couldn’t spell, I now have abbreviated, but I digress, fluffy clouds now surround my words & actual categories & links to my posts & the like are on the side of the page – makes it a tad more interesting (I hope) to those that venture into my site.

So when you open up your email (my followers) & read this fairly nonsensical post all I ask is that you wont tut-tut or shake your head as it is fairly much ‘a do’ about nothing, & for that I apologise. 🙂

10 days and no has not come to an end

I realised that yes it has been 10 days since I last ‘posted’.

I don’t have a fan club of avid followers like some of my fellow Blog Stars, nor several hundred that hit the ‘like’ button, and I wonder at times why did I start blogging? 

Did I start because I wanted the attention for my literary snippets?  Or did I simply want the  ‘like’ button hit?

I must admit when I received the first notification that someone had actually read my post I got the tingles. What? You mean someone actually sat at their computer/IPad/Laptop and read something that I had written? Someone whom I had not set eyes upon, had actually done this?

Of course after that, the posts came thick and fast -there must be others out there that would enjoy what I do (almost hyperventilating).

I ask myself though do mine have any significance? Should I have beautiful photos attached? Should it be written about quests that I have accomplished or those that are yet to be? What constitutes a worthwhile blog?  

I haven’t ‘posted’ for 10 days because I’m in the throes of writing a novel, and it’s a juggling act with coming home tired from working every day, to either ‘veg’ out, write a post, do my on line course, or continue my novel. Most nights I’m to tired to do anything. Sadly that leaves the week-end, but then there is OMG  social activities with friends and family or mundane activities such as housework that gets in the way!

But never fear people who have  previously ‘liked’ me before,  I hope  in the not too distant future you shall be able to hit that ‘like’ button once more ….when I find the energy.

**My Memoir – The Empty Nest A Mother’s Hidden Grief is now available through Amazon and Lulu (J M Kadane)**