To those that suffer pain

For Shaun from

and for all of those who experience pain as part of their every day life.

Days of darkness silent stares
transfixed on rain
through foggy window
wondering if there

shall be a brighter tomorrow
a time without….the need for pills
a brighter year ahead
less painful than the last

thoughts of why
this happens… what brought
suffering to you, I have no explanation
no words of comfort can be sought

but let me say these words
as a friend to a fellow friend
maintain courage..keep up the fight
you will not break…. but only bend

 gather strength from people everywhere
that …. one day your pain will cease
and there will be another chapter
and in that you will find peace

Trifextra Week Fifty-Seven The door will not be opened

the weekend challenge – we’re asking for exactly thirty-three words written in first person narrative

I cannot open
your door or enter
how can I
I crumble
my heart thumps
hands shake
remembering you
not breathing

I love you

I mourn you

Forgive me


Fiction piece written for:-


And about

I am so very fortunate to have not experienced a loss so tragic as this, a loss of a new born, though I know of families who have. I write this for the Challenge but to also bring awareness to this cruel and puzzling syndrome. If this is out of the rules or posting the picture,  I apologise and happy to bow out of the challenge.