The Raven


when the raven calls at night
on the precipice of dreams and nightmares
do you succumb
relinquishing to darkness, one by one your foot steps
not adhering to the craggy ground
as you fall ever deeper into your singular mind

searching for an ending
tumbling ever forward, no ability to secure sanity
that once prevailed, clinging to the present
no doors for your escape
guessing what is real and what is not
overpowering bad considerations, scream loud
not to be defeated

bloodied scratching fingernails, asylum arms
grasping from all sides convincing you you're safe
"come with me", they whisper echoing in your ears
would it ever be ~ where is your sanctuary
are lines defined, the misinterpreted voices that you hear
cast fears aside, do not fall into the cavity

when the raven calls

©jmtacken Dec 2013

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Nature Kills (Prose)


Nature Versus Man

Boats battling treacherous seas
wheels held within blistered hands
Tornados lash fury against the homes
windows, doors battened down
Droughts parch sunburnt lips
cries for water, to quench the thirst

Fires eating up their path
trapping those that can’t escape
Tsunamis rise like devils hands
consuming all ~ the aftermath
Earthquakes split the ground in two
lives fall through the open cracks

Avalanche gains momentum
suffocating those who ski
Volcano gases, lava erupts
burning all that lie beneath
With all that nature does provide

….man still insists on killing man…

©jmtacken Dec 2013

For Mind Love Misery’s Prompt this week – The Outline – You can take that to mean man versus his own nature or man versus the wild. While this prompt could easily illicit a serious intellectual/emotional discussion about man’s destruction of the environment and the need for conservation I believe it could also lend itself to comedy. Have you ever had an interaction with a wild animal? Ever been camping? Hiking? Skinny dipping in what you assumed to be a private lake? As always I leave the interpretation of the prompt to your imagination.

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It takes two


One looked in anger, back-bones scaled

The other, staring curiously, questioning

her indignation and yells

Thoughts the same but not

The intricacies of one mind that

battles within itself

that answers right and wrong

The demon that sits upon one shoulder

versus the angel in the heart

crossroads ~ no escape

Shuffling as the crab

decisions never made

The outer us who bear no signs of

inner conflict, forever covered

with our masks



©jmtacken 10th November 2013


Prompt 29: Rorshach Test over at

What do you see hmmm?