Feel Free to Delete This Post

Rambly…simply Rambling…delete if you wish.
I have no challenges, no photo or word prompts…nadda…zilch…tonight/this morning at 1:09am Saturday morning 23rd of March 2013 I sit in my study, I contemplate the events of ..yesterday.
Totally boring and un-news worthy to those that follow me. No poetry, no words of love or inspiration, no deep and meaningful of world events (not that I have EVER written this) or lost loves or heart ache. Yet I write …to share…cathartic, words to get off my chest for the world to see, that I alone, only feel.
I didn’t conform
my voice was heard
they did not wish
to hear it
stand alone
like the empty
bottle of vodka
that sits beside me
thrown away
like trash
can I be
time to write more
than what I have
to bore the pants
off everyone
forgive me for I will
I need this
to give me back my
Dear Followers,
I wrote this tonight, because today at 4.30pm I was shall I say politely ‘fired’ from my job. We have a 3 months probation period over here and in that time the employer can cease your position without much or any justification as to why. I spoke up in the 2.5 months of being there. I job that I was given from my girlfriend putting my name forth. There was bullying, ignoring and I wasn’t part of the ‘cult’ demographic, I would not reform. Yay me,  you may say for standing up for myself, unfortunately this is where it has got me. Speaking up, saying it wasn’t right, to be treated like this. I was told in my last meeting with the Manager this afternoon, that I am an extremely hard and conscientious worker….however it seems that meant very little if I wasn’t going to abide by their ‘ways’ (my words not theirs).  Yes I am out of work and Mr. S is my rock, but what hurts the most is my girlfriend of 6 years who works there…has not contacted me since I left this afternoon.
Rambly has pledged to be honest and upfront about her feelings and her journey.. this is what I do now. So I ask for your forgiveness for I will have a lot of time on my hands in the next few weeks…months whilst I try and seek employment and I shall be more prolific in my writing – to heal myself. PLEASE feel free to delete the email notifications or if you so wish to un-follow, I will not think badly of you for doing so. I need to do this for me and I apologise in advance if I irritate the ‘crap’ of you. This is not my intent.
Yours Rambly