Lost Words

Mind is cluttered, cannot think, stress of the day
had a drink
want to write, want to think, nothing
nothing comes naturally

normally words spring, picture water from a fountain
now however
nothing comes, as if I climb a mountain
push myself I always will
ask for prompts or thoughts to thrill

maybe I should rest this mind, lay it down
let it rest
for scattered words upon a page
won’t surely be my best
for nothing now comes to me, as naturally as it would
yet I demand more of me, possibly more than what I should

my need to write is nothing knew
I am prolific, of that I have been told
I write one or several every day, this is me
this is who I am, this is… my mould

I’m accustomed to writing in this way
though it’s hard at times to push my mind
I apologise to myself and you for the words
I cannot find

I know that you are watching
and writing what I post
and I have a guilty complex
when I can’t provide that want
my boundaries are endless

no fence can stop my words
though times do come when there
are none

to a ‘writer’ that’s absurd

or at least for me it’s so
I cannot stop, I have to write
I truly can’t let go.

Ode to the Poets I have met – yes that means YOU

Words to the
left of me
words to the


beneath, behind in front of
everywhere in sight

Prompts or ‘check this out guys’
challenges or nay
words will not escape this head
in the night or in the day

Never had this urge before
quite like I have now
word upon word they follow me
don’t know why or even how

Notepad, pen I carry
in case a word does strike
sentences, paragraphs resonate
another line will come tonight

I should be tending to my chores
but no no no they wait
dust collecting on the floors
so much is on my plate

So serve me up instead I ask
a dinner full of talent
let my words inside me grow
to a poetical savant

I’ve met so many ‘artists’
I’m in awe of how they write
words bounce off in minutes
do they suffer sleepless nights?

or does this ‘stuff’ come easy
they just feel and then they soar
whilst me I’m still just learning
and I crave the need for more

No there won’t be any fortunes made
with words I scroll on here
I do it for myself, this quest
so let me make that clear

What have you Poets done to me??
I started this to ‘ramble’
words more words and poetry
my life, is now
Word Scrambled

Dedicated to these brilliant people who have turned me into a complete mental case lover of words and their meaning and in no particular order:-


Susan L Daniels

Stephen Kellogg’s Blog

A Prayer Like Gravity





knocked over by a feather




Blue Girl Poems

Another Wandering Soul

If I have left anyone out, I humbly apologise – kick my butt and tell me and of course you will be listed.

2 additions – my butt was indiscreetly kicked 🙂


My choice

If I could not speak how would I express
      I love you thank you or please
I’m sorry forgive me unless
      I write
If I could not speak my voice had been removed
     how would you know my thoughts
read my lips or watch them move
      I can write
If I could not speak my words could not be spoken
      the barrier would still exist
but conversation never broken
      I would write
If I could not speak my skill to shape sounds through voice
      should ever disappear
and I was afforded a single choice
      I shall write

ramblingsfromamum 29.12.2012

190th post