Chat time once again – how lucky are you!

Oh dear not another one, I hear you say. (It’s only 349 words)

Yes, I’m afraid it is, but I am trying to save you. I see you cringe and I am thankful that you comment, even if only to be polite, I truly am, so this is my 2nd and last for the day (stop hooraying) which isn’t bad considering some days I have written 7. So breathe everyone, this won’t take long.

It is 11:36pm Wednesday night as I write, the fan above me circulating a bit of air on this warm evening. We are in for a week of high temperatures again, another mini heat-wave to melt us, while most of you poor buggars are freezing 😦 (Yes the older you get the more weather talk you come out with)

Today I had the Service and wouldn’t you know it one of the Bosses who employs me, was on duty.
Perhaps it was he and the pressure of knowing he was right there behind me listening, possibly taking notes (ok so he wasn’t taking notes) that made me stumble again on a few words. I hate when I do this, I know I’m only human and others possibly don’t pick up on it, but it frustrates me nonetheless.

The Service was shorter than what I am used to. The residents from the Centre joined the Assembly, walking in with their walkers. They were so very sweet. The deceased’s brother sat in the front row crying all the time. My heart went out to him.

After the Service it was the Balloon Ceremony, 50 coloured helium balloons let into the sky after I recited a small poem. I started waving as if to say goodbye to the deceased and the residents started waving calling his name.

At the burial, the brother who was difficult to understand came up to me and said – I miss him & I’m going to go home and have a beer for me and 2 for him.

I just gave him a big Aussie hug.

See I told you it wouldn’t be too painful.