Who chooses



The power of the skull from distant lands
it’s effluvium beckons me, I know not why
mandible held against my lips, I inhale
it’s death into my soul, my once pure thoughts
now anomalous, suspended in the attic hollow
where reasoning once resided, I stand on stone
in wild winds, lightning sutures blotted skies
can I recant the voodoo which enslaves me
my mind blank my body weary, the meaning unknown of why
I was chosen to wield the blood stained shears
that grew from straw, held high above my head
I shout unto the universe
“Release me from this darkened hell”
“I am not stopping you” I hear it whisper in return

©jmtacken 25/3/2014
Straw-effluvium-suspension-anomalous-attic-recant-suture shears-voodoo-whisper
10 words used for the below in the prompt for http://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/wordle-1/