You gave me life (Prose)


everything once was

clear, concise, a barren path

no rocks to climb

no battering waves

cocooned perhaps

veiled against the harsh realities

sheltered within your arms

the upbringing of me

your life, beside me

mine beside yours

my love unblemished

two who showed and shared

never wavering sunrise to sunset

asking for nothing, supporting

from the cradle till the age I am

the veil lifted, the tasks at hand

now more evident

and I shall try, I shall be those rocks

those waves for you

to climb, to ride upon

let me clear your path again

give me strength to give you

the years that you gave me

for you are paramount

my existence your role reversed

I am here, for what you need

whatever it takes


for as long as it takes


©jmtacken Oct 6 2013

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I shall tend to your feet Pop

The other week-end I gave my Pop (dad) a pedicure. At almost 86, he has trouble bending down to tend to his feet.

I slowly removed his sandals and sat beside him on a small stool. He was worried that I would hurt my back by sitting this way….

Yours nails I cut carefully
and removed old skin
then massaged cream gently
along each of your feet

You thanked me for what you called a
‘laborious task’, to me it gave
me joy
to help see to the feet of my
father who was once a
little boy

As I massaged the cream
into your skin
I thought of where
your feet had been

These feet that were bare and told to stand in snow in a European Winter.
These feet that walked to the timber pile to chop wood for your step – father, the fire you were not allowed to be warmed by.

These feet that had to walk up the staircase where you were told to eat your meal, alone,  whilst the rest of the family ate downstairs in comfort at the table.

These feet that gave you the strength to escape from Czechoslavakia during the War, to cross mountains, hide on trains, trudge through forests, swim through rivers and nearly have your life ended twice by a gun held at you by the KGB.

These feet that brought you to Australia, to start a new life, to build a house for a family that you knew you would one day have, though you had no carpentry skills.

These feet that ran and played shuttlecock with us, the times that we went camping.

These feet that walked next to me on the day that I was wed.

These feet now older
that hold your struggling
legs and body
these feet are not a ‘laborious chore’
to me, my father

These feet have travelled many miles
through great adversity
saw you start a business
accomplish many things
I shall tend to your feet

as I love you
I shall tend again, again
and again


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