It’s not what you say but how you say it


many more
flow with velvet smoothness
cut like razor blades
speech deciphered
by the listener
you say so much
you lie so well
have me
wherever you choose
one day torn to shreds
next day forgotten
how much do I believe
how much should I
cry for help
or manipulation
crying wolf
should I’d ignore
how much should I trust
what is said
how it’s said
can easily be confused
to the one that hears

Copyright JMTacken 12.1.2015

Blindfolded (Prose)


rose red cuts the colour of
your porcelain self
a heart that openly loves
accepting of another
disregarding truth

careful ~

thorns can scratch
or pierce
blood will flow
drain you
do not succumb

lacerated love

the fantasy is culled
reality can wound
things are not
what they seem

©jmtacken Nov 2013

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Such a fool you are (Prose – Part 1)


throw it my way
the curve ball ~ the unexpected
uncertainty as it leaves your hand
unsure which direction it will take
precariously balanced as if chance governs
a number on the dice rolled across the green
will luck come my way, or do you feel the
lucky one

yet the numbers will not seal your fate
my mouth will
you haven’t heard my phone calls
hand covering the receiver with whispers
that aren’t heard, oblivious to my late night yoga
hell ~ all the classes were running late
how misled are you

so give it your best shot, I itch for the
moment you release me
so I can give you details that shall
make your blood run cold

©jmtacken 19/11/2013

PS – If anyone can tell me how to get the bottom right hand photo of my mug off – please do – I didn’t expect to have this 2nd one pop up!!

devil in waiting – prose

you seduce me
beyond the door
your voice
I pace~ step back and forth
enter at own risk
the sign on the front gate

will you bite

you the libertine
words amplified into hearts
of girls who blush and giggle
but I take you otherwise
you beckoned me

come hither

I walked the stairs
door 666
have I misjudged
your dominance overwhelms
I battle to withdraw

you weaved your web

the spider waiting for its prey
you call my name~ mesmerised
open the door you said
seductive tone
don’t be afraid
I will not bite

unless you want me to