Two worlds collide

Patterns are seen through my eyes
through yours, yet yours are different
They cascade like waterfalls, without
the kaleidoscope of colours
weaving through transparent drops

From darkness yours emerge, places that I
know not of, I do not feel your fear
I witness, the anger, bitterness
you who predicate you have drunk
from the poison liquid of my womb

Torn between these worlds
One I knew so well, now do not
Your world so black at times
To you I am the cause
do I know you any more?

The disdain of me or others
when your world closes in
Shall I blame you?
When the waterfall plunges to the
murky abyss, not a clear and soothing pool

Let the particles of the day fall
across my eyelids, when they finally
close tonight, so I may forget the day
To rest, cast off events, the
biting tongues, hatred glares

Let me find solace, in dreams that
may await, until a new morning
spreads it’s golden wings across
my window and hope a new
day brings us peace

copyright JMTacken 26.5.14



you are trapped within
this wrought iron cage
not gilded, movements
stalking animal
wary, cautious
cannot turn
can I buy the key
does anyone have the key
unlock the padlock
let you find the light
return to who I knew

the torrent of your thoughts
twisting within your head
calm to manic – seconds
I don’t know if I can
my arms not long enough
to reach – placate
management not decisive
I run out of strength

the wheels rolled
your anger matched
journey we traveled
too much to bare
I stopped the car
returning home you
angry as before
where do I find the key
or give you strength
to bend the bars

copyright JMTacken 15.4.2014

Who chooses



The power of the skull from distant lands
it’s effluvium beckons me, I know not why
mandible held against my lips, I inhale
it’s death into my soul, my once pure thoughts
now anomalous, suspended in the attic hollow
where reasoning once resided, I stand on stone
in wild winds, lightning sutures blotted skies
can I recant the voodoo which enslaves me
my mind blank my body weary, the meaning unknown of why
I was chosen to wield the blood stained shears
that grew from straw, held high above my head
I shout unto the universe
“Release me from this darkened hell”
“I am not stopping you” I hear it whisper in return

©jmtacken 25/3/2014
Straw-effluvium-suspension-anomalous-attic-recant-suture shears-voodoo-whisper
10 words used for the below in the prompt for

Can’t you see me (Prose)


what was your journey
did you pirouette ‘cross mirrors
glass unyielding
drift on gondolas
floating rivers of satin


or was your world defined
by fear
each breath inhaled
hope disintegrated
the days you woke
a burden upon


you reached
but no one grabbed
you cried
but tears weren’t heard
a journey leading no where
in silence
held yourself in you
as no one understood


your fragility hidden
you held no signs
lost my way, I am weak
can’t you help
can’t you tell
the battle fought


did your self esteem
waft in vapours
from the coffee cup you held
early morning air suffocating
the days that you felt strong
trying to fit, the jigsaw puzzle in
your mind


let me help you pirouette
once more in life
dance across this stage of so called
for it is all around us
it is not you

©jmtacken 23rd Feb 2014  – Fiction

Photo Credit:Falln-Stock    Shared with Mind Love Misery’s Prompt Prompt 44 Immobilizing Paronoia

Infection (Prose)


It’s infectious
with troubled pasts
can’t explain or talk it out
the need to expel demons
carried on backs, or those that are
buried deep within hearts
It’s infectious
the mountain is there
that needs to be climbed
a pillow that’s held tight to a chest
a drink that is swallowed, they try to forget
abandoning yesterday’s in place of tomorrow’s
casting aside pain, forgetting past sorrow
It’s infectious
the need to jump fences
run free through the fields
survive what has happened, the need to feel real
to unlock the doors, to open their minds
regain their confidence, leaving darkness behind
words are around you, the answers in sight
write out your feelings…please just write
©jmtacken 2014

The Raven


when the raven calls at night
on the precipice of dreams and nightmares
do you succumb
relinquishing to darkness, one by one your foot steps
not adhering to the craggy ground
as you fall ever deeper into your singular mind

searching for an ending
tumbling ever forward, no ability to secure sanity
that once prevailed, clinging to the present
no doors for your escape
guessing what is real and what is not
overpowering bad considerations, scream loud
not to be defeated

bloodied scratching fingernails, asylum arms
grasping from all sides convincing you you're safe
"come with me", they whisper echoing in your ears
would it ever be ~ where is your sanctuary
are lines defined, the misinterpreted voices that you hear
cast fears aside, do not fall into the cavity

when the raven calls

©jmtacken Dec 2013

Photo Credit Pin Dark Forest Night Image on Pinterest

Screw You (Prose- Fiction)


you thwart every move
callous words dislodge from
soured lips, the taste of lemon
would be sweeter

my life, whose life ~ you have
taken on the role of judge
and jury, please do not
think me ignorant

the see-saw, the tennis match
both have lost their amusement
crossing my identity off your list
placing my character on hold

I won’t be chained by ridicule
under obnoxious taunts
bury me now within your mind
for I walk unshackled ~ to be who I am

©jmtacken Nov 2013       Did a piece called Deadlock – you can view this here   A few ( well Michael and I) were intrigued by this and though it is not a prompt as such, I have written a version which I am linking to her site.  Please read her work, if you don’t already – she has quite an amazing talent.

Photo Credit

Liptember – Awareness for mental health issues for women *HELP*

PLEASE RE- BLOG   Shaun from has kindly and generously written a blog for Liptember to help Kayla raise funds for the fight against Mental Illness. He has donated recently, as have a few of my readers. Please read and if you can donate (for those that haven’t already) we would be most grateful. Thank You!    We now have a Pay Pal address for those who have had difficulty donating – thank you.      

PAY PAL EMAIL ADDRESS IS :-   Please put in the description Liptember on behalf of Kayla.  THANK YOU!


This is my comment on Shaun’s post.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and Kayla’s for doing this HELP Blog for Mental illness, as you have written quite rightly, it is an invisible disease.
These young girls who suffer need help with funding to try and find reasoning/cures as to why they are afflicted. So many suffer and answers need to be found in order to help them. The only solution at present is to go on medication to relieve the symptoms of depression or anxiety. I as a mother, Kayla’s mother do not want my daughter on medication. All mothers and fathers assume that because their child is born physically healthy that nothing will effect them mentally. I did not know when she was born healthy, that later on in her young adult life she would then suffer from these conditions, she is 27 years old.

I ask, your readers if they are able to donate to help fight this to try and find an answer.

Please remember to put that it is on behalf of Kayla.

If you require a tax receipt, please email the Liptember Foundation and request one. If the direct link to Kayla does not work, please forward to the banking details that are above.

Thank you Shaun so very much for spreading the word in trying to help not only my daughter, but for millions of girls, young women and adults all over the world.

PS: Could I please ask if you donate to also let Shaun or I know as Kayla would very much like to thank you all in a post and your links to your site will be included in the thank you.

For the Liptember Foundation

For those that have been kind enough to donate to the Liptember cause (see link below) that Kayla (my daughter) is raising monies for, please see the details below. As yet they do not have a link on line for overseas donations 😦 I know it’s messy this way, so I understand if it’s put in the ‘all too hard basket”.

Liptember Foundation
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB: 062 000
Acc no: 1390 1111

We’re thrilled to have you on board and very impressed with your position on the leader board so early 😉

If your sponsors donate directly to the charity and receive a receipt, they can make a direct donation via bank deposit and notify us by email so we can issue them a receipt. We would then credit these donations to your profile.
Hi All,

I have registered for Liptember – Please sponsor me or donate to the cause! Please go to the attached link- thank you SO MUCH!!!
Liptember is committed to raising funds and awareness for gender specific mental health issues for women.
Through a fun, fresh and engaging campaign, Liptember encourages women to openly communicate and familiarise themselves with gender specific mental health issues.
Please share and join to help raise money and awareness for Women’s Mental Health.
The rules are simple. A month is all it takes. Women participating in Liptember must wear the lipstick throughout September at work and when out and about.
Go to the web page: to see full details.

Please let me know if you have contributed – “We” thank you so very much for your kind support.

Let me escape the dark within myself – Fiction

Pic – courtesy  Jeffrey Smith

tell me are your dreams
darkness disturbing
restless whisperings
invading your head
bellowing clouds
fighting in the storm
that will not let
you rest

do you want to scream

are you lost like ships at sea
embattled for war
against thoughts that
toss and turn
and those that tear
away at you
voices entombed like
castle walls
your world

can no one hear you

have you walked those steps
seeking help
but silently
believing the door will
never open
no one will ever answer
or show you the way

does no one care

do you wish for the beacon
to guide your journey back
to finding yourself
out of the dark
out of the grey
to trust
to feel
to live
to love


For Contributor –