I am yours to Infect

Ahh Trifecta here we go again. Week 69.
Sadly I do not get the prompts arghhh! yes frustrating, I have tried to get them emailed but it doesn’t work, so I rely on seeing others post and then I jump in to join these extremely talented ‘artists’ who put forth their submissions. For they are artists those who write…in my humble opinion anyway. I have not read any others. So here I go again and good luck to everyone.
This prompt is to use the definition below. The word is INFECT.3a : contaminate, corrupt <the inflated writing that infects such stories>    b : to work upon or seize upon so as to induce sympathy, belief, or support <trying to infect their salespeople with their enthusiasm>

You have the ability to corrupt
should I be wary?
the control
the influence

Drawn in by you
mesmerised did you know
this is how I feel
my mind races

No one else
to blame
no one but myself
I continue just for you

I attempt
creme de la creme
I wish

The front
the middle or
back of the line
I shall persist

You infect me 
and I hang on
your words

I care not  for sleep
partaking in your
tis’ part of me… who I am

contaminate and bring
out the best of me
I dare you
entice, allure with a single word

Make me believe
that what I write
is worthy
for I am enthused


For t….t…. Trifecta – Picture11-1-1

Circle of Life


Peer over the top       ~     if you are willing
cast downward glances
into your world
are your thoughts           ~        earthed
a level playing field
or is the ground
too far away
question life
momentary giddiness
look down
is                     your glass
half empty

FOR  VisDare 11: Whorl

Studio 30 – Haiku Body Want

Introducing a new site that I have joined,  so please come on over and take a peek.
2 Prompts given by Studio 30  Trickle Down or Taboo.

I have done some Haiku verses ( 3 lines – 1st line 5 syllables, 2nd line 7, 3rd line 5) incorporating both words… oh yes aren’t I the ‘smarty-pants’  (insert Aussie humour)


Drips trickle down skin
seductive wetness breath fast
senses lust alive

taboo or not want
sipping lips drinking of mouths
your skin against mine

soft hands caressing
eyes staring to mine holding
captured in your spell

forgetting lost time
fold your limbs around my limbs
pleasure and desires

grasp grip squeeze bite
animalistic penchant
sweat heat lips engage

tongues lick salty skin
trickles down loves aftermath
sated sleepy peace

Want and Wishing

Inspired from a comment on irish katie by wilddesirechats

Below is wilddesirechats comment. I thank you for allowing me to use your words.
Wanting is a natural thing. It’s called ‘heart’s desires’. And you should never stop wanting for something, because then the flame will burn out.

This is from those words.

Want, as natural as breath itself
the longing for life’s wishes
not materialistic but for other
heart desires

Want, should never be forgotten
or left alone like the last
single flower in bloom
but opened and expressed

Want, to dream or believe we
can do, open minds and seek
our goal is to surely run along the path
not walk, encourage our dreams

Want, family, friendships, happiness
to carry love in our hearts
health in our bodies
and peace in our mind

Want, like smouldering embers
in the fire needs to be
sustained for if we relinquish it
like the flame it will slowly die

Want, like flowers have thirst
like fires need flame
or food for our hunger
needs to be quenched

Want, if we let it die, what do we have left
no eagerness to branch out with minds
slowly, like the flower, parts of us
like petals would fall away

float to the ground unnoticed