Writing Maniac

Can it truly be?

I purchased some journals to start a day by day diary, then I started blogging. Now I’m in the throes of writing a novel.

Is there such a thing as being an over-writer (term non existent I know) bare with me.

I don’t feel right unless I write.. yes I know that’s not funny. It’s such an over whelming feeling though, one that keeps me from nestling into slumber for 8 hours a night. One that wakes me at 3am with rampant thoughts and ideas running through my little head of “Does that sound right, should I use another word, is that even feasible?”

Sad but true fellow bloggers the urge to (clatter on a keyboard) as opposed to pen to paper is daunting.

Not to mention settling down to said keyboard full of thoughts and notions only to get ‘stuck’. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the famous writers block. 

It’s akin to your mind having a stutter the words want to come out but for some unknown reason they simply can’t.

You walk away, you recompose yourself, you inhale and exhale several times, to no avail. Why won’t the words come out you chastise yourself. They were there a minute ago. Frustration envelopes and you say tomorrow… I’ll try again tomorrow.


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