Friendships (Prose)


Let me wait
just a little more
my eyes see the clouds grow dark
my ears hear the thunder in the
sky, but I need to see my master
so no, I'll stay outside

The game of catch then throw
I would jump, listening to his happy laugh
as my mouth held tight the soggy ball
my jowls puffing in and out
my tail would wag, I'd bark for more
throw, dive in and swim to shore

My friend, my companion
he dived in to join our game
yet I didn't see him surface
am I to blame?
is he playing hide and seek
I can only hope, that it is so
three days ~ I've counted suns and moons
is he coming back?

So if it really is the same to you
I can only ask with eyes and paw
can I stay and wait for him
await for his return?
I need to have him pat me
to hear his loving voice once more
yelling out and laughing
"Yes go boy ~ Bogart ~ fetch the ball"

©jmtacken 26/11/2013

My weekend – sorry it’s long (drink and patience possibly required)

Where did my weekend go? Zip - disappeared, vanished.
Possibly because when you are busy it flies and the times when you are bored out of your brain (not that that can happen) the time drags.

Friday night we went to dinner Mr. S and I - just the local Chinese and we started with San Chow Bow (lettuce cups with mince and veg) followed by garlic prawns and cantonese beef and special fried rice (as let's face it, no chinese meal is complete without it).

Saturday hmm shopped for my penguins at the Deli for their small goods and then went shopping for nibbles (dang I didn't take a photo of my fantastic nibbly platter) which consisted of prawns, fresh salmon, cheeses, Kabana, dips, watercress, crackers and fetta stuffed baby bell peppers (tiny little red peppers that cost $32.99 a kg! - but so yum)

Two dogs arrived for dog sitting in the morning - 2 extremely obese dogs that I had previously minded 2 years ago. One a Staffy and one a bull-dog. The poor poppets, the bull-dog already has a hard time breathing due to her squashed in nose, but the weight this poor old girl had on her..well it got me angry, because in truth dear readers, this is abuse, just as much as my insane neighbours and how they treated their dog.

I took them for 3 walks each about 20 minutes each. They weren't dragging on the lead in fact the opposite, but when we returned home, the drink bowls were emptied, drooled and dribbled all over the kitchen floor and they sounded like steam trains. I 'gently' told the owner (when she phoned asking how they were) that she was pretty much killing them with kindness. Her reply "I know", said with such a who cares attitude (which shocked me as she seems quite lovely - though possibly a tad ignorant when it comes to 'how much should I feed and walk my pets).

We are due to mind them again in 2 weeks, it will be interesting to see if she cancels. I honestly feel like saying to her, let me have them for a month - Mumsy's boot camp and I shall have them fit again for you! They have chicken and steak for tea a normal portion, but she also gives them breakfast and treats throughout the day and they get walked for 30 mins each morning, but she clearly needs to exercise them more or put them on a stricter diet.

A friend of the owners came to pick them up this morning and he said "yes I have told them to stop feeding them, but I do the same with my dogs". I said why, his reply "well when do you know when they have had enough".

My jaw dropped readers, let me tell you.

Maltese Shitzus, he said that he leaves 2-3 bowls out of food ALL DAY, he also gives them treats, he even takes treats when he takes them out walking!! I simply don't understand, I said "you put one bowl of food down for each, if they haven't eaten it within half an hour, you remove the bowl". I got a dumfounded expression and a "Oh..really, but I feel so bad".

Anyway enough of that, Saturday night we tottered (well drove) to pick up the penguins as we were celebrating Fathers' Day (which technically for us down under is today 1st September) but we were doing the dinner at my brothers as he was working today…I am raving here aren't I? So anywho..the night went well, plenty of wine and food consumed. Speeches for Pop, more food :-( more wine :-) and I walked away with the button of my jeans undone because I ate..then had cake… oh dear mybad.

Today we went over to Mr. S's dads, as it was his first Father's Day since his wife passed (Rose). R.I.P Rose 29.6.2013. We had a BBQ lunch as it is the first day of Spring for us ( I am SOOOO excited) and the temperature was 25degC.

Today was also the day that us ladies (Mr. S's 3 daughters and Mr. S's sis-in-law and I) decided it was time to clear out Rose's wardrobes and cupboards etc. Armed with garbage bags, we all tackled different spots and it took us a good 3 hours to remove everything. What we didn't choose for ourselves, some now 'retro' clothes, make up etc, we have bagged for the Charities.

It was a little surreal, as if we robbing the grave as we held up items and then agreed to keep or to give away. The charity people will be very happy I am sure, as many clothes still had tags on. Rosy loved to shop though wheelchair bound, she had 2 wardrobes full of clothes and shoes and bags, many not even used.

So Rosy I thank you for letting us take your belongings the items that you loved - we shall put them all to good use.

On the way home we called in to see my Pop and mum again to officially wish him Happy Father's Day.

So that's why it went zip folks, before my very eyes, thank you if you actually read any of this. So now here comes the question which is a subtle way of saying you have to read to answer - or take the fast way and just scan down to this part - how was your weekend?

PLEASE HELP IVONNE – We only have 2 Weeks!!!

$80 raised $450.00 needed and 10 days before these munchkins pass from this earth

PLEASE any of my followers – can you help get these two (Gayle and Naomi) to Ivonne who is wanting to adopt them.

I have donated.
We can write blogs about relationships, be political , post photos, hell yes, we can write what we ate for breakfast and people take notice.
This Reblog is however one that I have taken notice of and perhaps you may also.
Ivonne Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates … is adopting these two beautiful girls (puppies).
She needs OUR HELP to do this – – I ask are you able to help?
I ask this of you, those that follow me, can you help to make this possible?
Please go her website and see the link to make a contribution and read about these girls that Ivonne is saving. She needs to cover the transport costs from Texas to California (within 2 weeks), she is struggling to do this on her own.
This is worthwhile, I re-blogged this not because of great poetry or of beautiful writing, this is in my eyes has far more meaning, this is about saving the lives of two puppies and she needs our assistance.
PLEASE  if you can let us show how united we are on WordPress and that all the writers here give a damn about our fellow ‘Bloggers’ in a situation such as this. I have also put this on my FB. Please leave a comment if you have been able to help her.
We are generous in our comments towards one another, let us also be generous in this.

Thank You!

Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey


These two little girls, Gayle (with the Cherry Eye) and her sister Naomi came across my Facebook feed.
They are ten week old puppies that were on the euthanasia list for Wed Feb 6,2013. Well, little Gayle looks just like my Topaz that passed away 7 years ago…….

And no one was stepping up to adopt them…I could not believe it…….10 week old puppies going to be put to sleep?

And so I stepped up. I said I would adopt them. They have been saved from death and they have a temporary foster at the moment. The problem is that the puppies are in Texas and I am in California. There is a transport going from Texas to Loa Angeles in three weeks. The rescue group has set up a donation fund for the girls to cover the cost of vetting and transportation.

But last time I checked…

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Our Sunday Drive

There was a photo of the main street (20 mins from home) that was taken in the 1800’s. The spot is called Belgrave.,_Victoria. The photo  (that no longer is on my post) and apologies for the clarity, was on a wall in a little cafe we go to for breakfast or brunch some weekends. It was a little difficult to actually stand on the bench seat to get a better shot without me being dragged away, hence the size and lack of close up.

This is how the street is now, (well it was)  ahh yes the empty can on the road says it all really…

The above left (can’t see it?) very hard to get shot is what Belgrave is renowned for – its steam train The Puffing Billy,  which shuttles, and puffs its way up the mountain full of people to Emerald Lake. Where everyone enjoys paddle boats and BBQ’s.

To your right (yep over there) is the inside of this little Cafe where the food servings are of enormous proportions.

This is the over-sized bacon & onion omelets Mr. S and I consumed (and yes there will be no dinner tonight!) Hmm believe me it was BIG.

It was a drive with incidence however, we were meandering up the winding hills seeking a destination (before we settled on Cafe above aptly named The Puffing Billy) when a dog ( a blue heeler cross ) started crossing the road. Without a word. Mr. S pulled over to the side and I jumped out. “Here boy/girl/whatever your name is”. “Now where’s your mum and dad”?

Luckily a neighbour came out from 3 doors up and said he is well looked after, but keeps escaping. The two of us then took 5 minutes trying to open the gate where “Denim” lived (thankfully he had a name tag with two mobile numbers), finally in the heat and flies buzzing round my head I let him in – no one was home. I checked around the side of the house, there was a bucket with water so I emptied and refilled. Locked the gate and we phoned the owners – no reply went to message bank.

Two minutes later about to get back in the car Denim was at my side again. “Grrr”, another neighbour was then called upon and asked if she had a rope, the only solution was to tie Houdini Denim in the yard. So that is what I did, made sure his water was there and went on our way an hour later. I got in the car smiling saying “Aren’t you glad I’m a dog lover”? Mr. S just nodded….

The owners finally phoned when we driving back to Belgrave saying thank you so much and asked us if we saw where he escapes from and that they have barricaded every spot they knew. Um no we didn’t, perhaps a little more investigation is required however….

Denim lives to enjoy another day and we were ablet to eat our somewhat late lunch.

Oh and this last pic (well it was) spotted in an art shop along the main street?  – This is for knocked over by a feather – Merby who is a Beatles nut 🙂

APOLOGIES to those who read and cannot get the gist for the lack of pics. I think I have solved the vanishing issues but sadly I have deleted them from my phone so I cannot re-enter 😦

Ode to Tarsha

This is a photo of our girl Tarsha. She would have been about 5 or 6 when this was taken.

EPSON scanner image

She was 16 years of age when her legs started to give way, when she lost control of her bodily functions.

When I had to make the most heart-breaking decision of my life – to end hers.

She was what you call a bitzer – a non descript, not a pure bred, but a cocker spaniel/blue heeler.

She crossed over the rainbow bridge 7 years ago this July.

She, like all fur-babies had their own personality – pedigree or not. Some may look at her and say ‘what an ugly dog…look at those ears’, she was not to know what she would look like, she just hoped that someone would take her into their home and love her. That is what we did – she didn’t have to be stunning, or a dog you could ‘pop’ into your handbag to have people say ‘Ohhh how cute”. She gave us unconditional love and laughter and joy.  If her water bowl was empty I would find her in the shower.. giving me the hint that she was thirsty. This is where Tarsha or ‘Tarshy-girl’ rests now and every time I see a rainbow I talk to her. This is also why I can’t own another dog for I cannot go through that pain again. This is why I mind dogs to enjoy them, to get to know their personalities, to give them lots of cuddles. They told me when your pet passes over their soul is with you for a while and you will know that they have returned to let you know they are …ok. When Tarsha was cremated and brought back home, without a lie, I felt something brush past my legs 3 times in two weeks… I know it was her.

EPSON scanner image

So to you my little girl I say this.

You are gone
not forgotten
the love you
gave us
to remain

you have crossed
the rainbow bridge
now, to run, be young
and play

you have left
our lives
will never be the same

thank you for the
treasured times
thank you for
your love
we miss you
after all this

we miss our little

What irritates me # 2

I decided to walk outside instead of pummelling the tread-mill. After all the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful 22deg here in Melbourne. This prompted Irritation # 2.

One of my pet-hates which irritates the B-jaysus out of me is this.

Riding your bicycle whilst exercising your dog. If I am about to offend any of my followers I apologise in advance.

  • You yell “Walkies” (let’s call him Bob) Bob rushes up, feet prancing, bottom swinging, smiling and tail wagging merrily at the word.
  • Bob’s body language comes to an abrupt halt when he sees you get the bike out.
  • Bob trots along beside you in the beginning whilst you sit on your comfy seat peddling merrily along.
  • Bob didn’t know you had eaten 3 slices of cheese-cake the night before and wanted to lose a few pounds.
  • Bob didn’t know that it was such a warm day outside.
  • Bob didn’t know you weren’t bothered to stop to let him rest.
  • Bob didn’t know that his exercise meant being dragged along for how many miles you wanted to do.
  • Bob didn’t know that walkies meant he wasn’t allowed to stop, to smell the grass, have a rest or pee on grass or a tree.
  • Bob didn’t know that he would get thirsty and tired.
  • Bob kept running, looking up to say please stop as his legs were tired and sore.
  • Bob did know that one of his pleasures in life is to please his master.
  • Bob kept going thinking he was making YOU happy.
  • Bob wishes he could speak.

You return with a very worn out and not very happy Bob.

You go and shower and have a cold drink.

Bob laps up water from his bowl whilst being spread eagled on the floor catching his breath.

Yes if Bob loves to run – PLEASE  let him run in a park so he may stop for a rest when he needs to or pee on a tree, or ride your bike without him.

PLEASE everyone use common sense especially if the weather is hot – if Bob must be exercised this way (and for the life of me I don’t see why it’s necessary) – give him a rest every few minutes.. in other words ‘Get Off Your Bike’.

Happy Bob – how all Bobs should be.


Drink Responsibly this Festive Season

1 glass of wine

2 glashes of Wine

4 Margarithas

1 Botthel of Tequila

For this…..

Google &

Could end up this…

Google &

While it’s always tempting to over-indulge during the holidays, don’t let YOUR picture end up on this holiday warning brochure I picked up at the Humane Society!!! Drink responsibly.

So what do you think? Here are my questions and answers.

is it just me – when you see someone walking a dog you get warm & fuzzy & smile

is it just me – when you see a parent with their child attached to a harness whilst out shopping you can’t help but pull a face

is it just me – when you see someone walk into the supermarket dressed in their P.J bottoms & wonder if they were too lazy to wear the whole ensemble?

is it just me – when you look at cocktail umbrellas & wonder what are they really for?

is it just me – when you never want to complain about your meal in a Restaurant for fear of what the Chef may do to it?

is it just me – or have you purchased something way too expensive & then had buyer’s remorse?

is it just me – or have you cried when a favourite TV show ended?

is it just me – or does it really frustrate you when someone puts the lid to tight on a drink in the fridge?

is it just me – or have you pressed the control on your remote over and over and over again even though you know the batteries are flat?

is it just me – or do you keep opening the fridge door in the off chance that something will miraculously appear that wasn’t there 2 minutes ago?

is it just me – or if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up the bit you have mowed over 20 times that you pick it up see what it is only to put it back on the floor and try again?

is it just me – when you see a smallish spider you try and act brave and grab it with a tissue, yet your heart is racing at a million beats per minute?

is it just me – or when you eat really spicy hot food (Vindaloo – as an example) you get a runny nose?

is it just me – that as a female we are told you shouldn’t cross your legs all the time so you uncross for 20 seconds only to cross them again?

is it just me – even though you have eaten an ample quantity of food that you just can’t help having just another little bit?

is it just me – when the loo paper roll must have the paper coming from the top of the roll and not from underneath?

is it just me – when you know you have convinced yourself that you are fine, after way too many drinks only to have reality slap in you in the face when you hit the night air?

is it just me – or you feel really quite sick when you have bitten into a piece of fruit to find half a grub hole left?

is it just me – or have you realised how silly you must look fanning a branch above your head so birds in season don’t swoop to peck you on the head?

and the piece de resistance

is it just me – when you remember to get something & when you get to the spot where it is you have forgotten what it was you wanted?

is it just me – or perhaps it’s you too?