The Dragon Loyalty Award

This morning I awoke to an Award “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award” – which made me giggle at first as this is what (politely of course) my nick-name was from my ex. 🙂

This Award was bestowed to me from Annetbell from In gratitude for nominating me, I list the Award ‘giver’ and also their nominees.

So thank you very much Annet, I hope that this post and my thank you will suffice, in place of accepting .  Annetbell’s post on this Award can be found >

So thank you again and to my readers if you haven’t popped in to any of the above, nows your chance 🙂

Gaffa Tape (Prose – from 3 words)

news, dragons, tides – these 3 words have been given to me to indulge my muse and I. They are from the delightful and extremely funny  –


what is new in your world
the question asked, whilst looking down upon
his ashen face
what say you hmmmm ~ you cannot speak
I know that seems unkind, your lips are sealed
and I be thought a dragon in your eyes

BUT I do not take kindly to the type
of man you are, the evilness you thought
that you could hide, I'm sorry that you are
buried with just your head exposed, but I'm glad
I'll see you panic in your final hours

so maybe when the tape is stripped
you'd be best to close your mouth
for the tides I see them coming in
I don't pray for a slow death