running on empty (Prose)

A breeze snake weaves
between leafy branches
I sit despondent
~ flies buzz
leaves rustle against pavers

other worlds are cold iced
sun that lightens a dreary day
does not this time
~ birds sing, dogs in distance bark

tired of sympathy calling
jaded as the dry weeds in garden bed
calling to be plucked
I have no strength

pieces taken from me ~ bit by bit
I am not whole but crumbling
foundations breaking
spread to thin like
butter across a slice of bread

©jmtacken Jan 2014

I must apologise for not catching up on those I follow, reading and commenting. I am trying, but if I miss out on some of your posts, I hope you will understand.
I am slightly drained of late, hopefully soon I will return. For now, I need to write
to get out what is in my head.