Picture it and Write – 2nd version Blind Sight

I have taken the challenge up once more (my paragraph in Italic) after being inspired by the photo and paragraph below from


My fingertips reflect the world back to me. What I cannot see, I feel, smell, taste, and hear. I feel shadows as I reach for the sun and smell the coming weather on the wind. I’ve never felt deprived of sight even though I’m blind, but sometimes my fingers have a mind of their own. At first, I felt nothing. There would be periods of my day missing; people actually accused me of drawing. At first I didn’t believe them, now I’m awake when I draw. Despite feeling shoved to the back while something else controls my movement, there’s a wave of serenity that keeps me calm. Am I crazy, or just weak? Everyone else has their magic under control.

She allows my hands to move, gesturing languid movements across the page, as if skimming finger tips over tranquil water. My eyes are open, staring to the distance, yet darkness is all that I am able to see. I ask though what is darkness,  if I have never witnessed light? She awakens the part of me that has slept since birth, encourages me, whispers that I can. I take hold of the charcoal, I draw. Am I the only one who shares with another? Those that cannot see the one that lives within, surely in their own way are also blind. For she talks to me and I answer gathering strength and together we face the coming weather on the wind.

I have not read this story – Blind Sight this is just my take, continuing from the paragraph read.