And then there was nothing..or was there


Tell yourself ‘do nothing’ but
You still are doing something
The act of being in nothingness
still holds your breath
within those seconds your chest
rises and falls

Escaping existence
collapsing into quiet
floating in your imagination

Minds don’t shut down
Your body can if given the chance
Eyes open or closed
thoughts continue to tumble
In the nothingness of you
not doing anything, you still ‘do’



Copyright jmtacken 14.7.14

Feathers (Prose)

Eagle silhouette in Kachemac Bay where many birds can be seen

Eagle swept

swoops ‘cross solid ground

flight amongst the branches

I walk a feathered path


Soaring weaving

distant clouds, apex reached

return  ~ begin again

golden sails in the wind


close enough to touch

wings wide

carry me over mountains

away, away a distant land


view the world from up above

soar eagle, I shall hold aureate

feathers, join your flight

©jmtacken 27th Jan 2014
A shout out to Brian Miller from DVerse & WaystationOne who guided me in this piece.