Ruth and Alfred For Visdare

VisDare  # 14: Normalcy April 3, 2013 – Or in my case not so much. 150 words on the below…I know…. Oh dear!


150 words – phew!

Ruth and Alfred
went for a walk
Ruth took lead
whilst behind
Alfred squawked

The homely sort never
venturing off too far
especially in the city where
there were many cars

Alfred hadn’t been well of late
can you see his unfluffed chest
Ruth thought the fresh air
would do him good
this really was a test

How would Alfred like it
no green, no grains, no seeds
miles of hardened grey stuff
that really hurt his feet

But he trotted on amicably
doing as he was told
excitement in the city
and all that would unfold

For ducks are not the usual fare
that you put a lead upon
and he worried about
the passers by
what would they think or
stare for long

In the end it didn’t matter
he strutted out with pride
as Ruth and he walked the streets
….well he had nowhere to hide


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